Tuesday, March 24, 2009

And the Silver Squirrel goes to….

Silver Squirrel Award As promised, there's a new award in town (she said, as she hitched up her britches).

It's the Silver Squirrel, and anytime I reference something trivial and/or obscure and ask if someone gets the reference, the Silver Squirrel will go to the person with the first comment or email that provides the origin. I love it when people get my weird references, and it tickles me to no end when others share my love for trivia. Whoever gets the Silver Squirrel can feel free to post the award on their blog, or can just enjoy it for the silliness it is. However, I reserve the exclusive rights to bestowing the award...accept no imitations!

There are two recipients already! The first is retroactive by a couple of days, and is the whole reason I thought of doing this. Laurel of Thoughts From a Route 66 Business Owner knew about the Plaster Casters, and that's some way cool rock 'n roll trivia. Laurel, I am very impressed with your perverse knowledge!

The second goes to Bob of I Should Be Laughing for getting the "I'm comin', Elizabeth!" reference. Classic "Sanford and Son." I was never a huge fan of that show, but I still love that phrase, as well as “You big dummeh!”

I suppose I should point out that many of my trivia references date me...and if you know what I'm talking about, they will probably date you, too! But don't be shy. It's all in fun. Oh, and we really do have a silver squirrel, the little guy in the picture. He’s a nutcracker. [insert joke here]


  1. I am thrilled and honored to receive the first Silver Squirrel, and I will attempt to continue to be worthy of the presitgious award. I wish to thank the following for this honor: my warped mind, my surprisingly good memory (considering I'm no spring chicken), and my vapid life, which allows me the time to reminisce about slimy plaster and engorged body parts.

  2. What an honor it is to receive such a prestigious award.
    I'd like to thank my Dad, who has been telling me for years that my head was full of superfluous data.
    Now Daddy, I have the award to prove it!

  3. I think that it is cool to recognize someone for picking up on the little things that make you 'unique'. From cool quotes to pop references, it bridges the gap between us.

    The degrees of seperation between us isn't as great as we would think they are, doncha know?

  4. I love your squirrel nutcracker Beth. This is a fun thing to do. Leave it to you to think of it.
    Hugs, Joyce

  5. I'm coming, Elizabeth. THAT is something that can reduce me to tears just thinking about it. He was such an amazing guy, with exact timing and tone, always made things look so natural. I'd have watched him in anything, and I am NOT a TV person.

    The squirrel looks sort of hedonistic and S & M.

  6. I have been hung up with a locked computer so just now getting around to the blogs. The little squirrel is cute. Never seen a silver one but I have heard there are real silver squirrels.

  7. Beth:

    I hope your day is well, and your week is kind.
    I love quotes and trivia and awards are nice too.
    I came up with couple ideas, but am not sure.
    My mind kept telling me it had to do with a certain book?

    Now I must go run some errands, or my nuts will the ones cracked! :)


  8. I don't know about silver squirrels, but I know there are white ones. I once went to Olney, Illinois to see the white squirrels there, and although we saw NONE, everyone in town assured us there were a ton of them in the town park. Hmm.... Anyway, they can be read about here: http://www.ci.olney.il.us/Visitors/WhiteSquirrel.htm

  9. My daughter and I play bar Trivia, which has been preempted by Basketball. The winning team gets a free beer T shirt. People wonder how I know all that stuff, somehow it gets stuck in my Temporal Lobe.

  10. Your gift to me put to a great use besides the one or two nuts he has cracked :o) Love the award and the picture.

  11. Interesting! What fun to see if we can remember...yikes, that might be a problem!

  12. Cool idea Beth! I love it!!!

  13. I positively hunger for one of these awards! I'm going to have to be on my toes and make sure I keep up with your entries, now, aren't I?


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