Sunday, March 22, 2009

I have a present for our President

Open mouth insert foot Yes, it was a bonehead thing to say.

No, I don't dispute that he said it.

Yes, I'm sure he will make amends somehow. (I suspect the special needs guy who is a bowling phenomenon may show up at the White House before too long.)

Yes, Palin has a special needs child. To me, that makes it almost worse that she is using this to keep herself in the spotlight, but that's just my opinion, and I can also see the flipside of that. I honestly just don't like the woman, and pretty much anything she says or does is going to irritate me. I can't be any more honest than that! In the interest of fairness, though, I did not include the misinformation that was going around for a while, which said that she reduced spending in Alaska for special needs kids. That was disproven and is not true.

As for the cell phone thing, I suppose I'll get one for emergencies. The moment I decide not to have one is when I'll have a tire blow out or something! Doesn't it make you wonder at what point a cell became a necessity? I lived about 30 years of my life without one, and managed to survive. I think I'd survive without one now, but that scenario of being stuck at the side of the road and having to walk somewhere, or rely on a Good Samaritan to help me rather than decapitate me, is what will cause me to get one. I guess this is a case where technology has led to better safety, so I'll reluctantly get another phone.

Off to do Kitty Care at Casa Shane! I'm taking care of his cats while he's visiting his Dad in Arizona. Hope everyone is enjoying their day!


  1. We have a cell phone and I do not know how to use it. Joe carries cause he has learned to call home or 911 if he has heart problems. Of course Obama did not think when he used the phrase he did but I think Palin should not be so outraged. The way that and she would hold him all of 3 minutes during campaign then baby was passed around. I have said from day one how can she be a good parent to that adorable child and still be a public servant WHILE he is so small.

  2. Hi Beth, Just saw your mug, and thought whats going on here...Beth changing sides !! Thought I must be seeing things !!!
    We heard his comment over here as well. But you know what, I think the politically correct brigade is going far to far....
    As for the Palin woman...well I'm with you on that score.
    Over here we call the cell phones our Mobiles..I have one but only for an emergecy. But everyone I know has one and I mean everyone..we can't go anywhere without the blasted things ringing out some stupid tones !
    The thought of being able to use them on flights now is enough to make m ehink twice aout flying !!
    Much Love Sybil xx

  3. I can't stand Palin! She still manages to emerge on the TV Screen whenever possible.

    When I was trying to cut down my monthly expenses, my children pleaded with me to KEEP my cell phone because a woman alone on the roads, it is a safety feature for sure!

    Well, what Obama said was not appropriate especially coming out of the mouth of such an intellegent man but I knew it was not said in malice.

    I know I say a lot of things and if I were on national TV, I would be trashed! LOL I adore Obama and I guess he has to learn he can't joke around anymore about certain topics because he is President and everyone is listening and ready to attack his EVERY WORD.

    Hugs, Rose

  4. With the Mobile why not get a pay as you go, they are woth having as a just in case.


  5. I didn't like what the president said, either, but for Sarah Palin to use it to step back into the spotlight, well, that's just as undignified.
    She's using her special needs child for the goal of public approval.
    Sorry, Sarah, that dog just won't hunt.

    Figured I'd use a hunting metaphor when talking about the Palinator.

  6. Not sure who I am more sick of, the Octoplet Woman or Palin, they both make me gag.

  7. Oh, I'm soooo glad that you are going to get another cell. That really worried think we did make it all those years without one though.

  8. Hi Beth,
    I'm with Ken on this one. It's almost a toss-up between who is more irritating: Sarah Palin or the Octomom. Meanwhile, as for the cell phone, I'm all for keeping one at least for emergencies!

  9. My cell phone pretty much stays in my car, for emergencies, and I've been known to forget, for days, to check incoming messages. But I definitely feel safer when it's by my side. For actual talking, I prefer the size of my old- fashioned home phone. It just feels better.

  10. 'Dropping Anchor' ... way cool song!

    I can't give Pres. Obama a pass on the comment. It was in poor taste. As far as what Pres. Bush would say, I think it is different for someone who is more capable to misspeak than someone like 'W'.

  11. The cell phone thing is beyond me but....since we do have the technology now it would be foolish to be on the road without one. When I'm planning to go somewhere alone I use a cheap "Go Phone" or throw away phone and just buy a few minutes. Glad you clarified your position of BO's remark.
    Hugs, Joyce

  12. I find it amazing how willing folks are to give Mr. Obama a way out on his vocal gaffe. WHATEVER! In today's politically correct world, it's just not acceptable to slip as a public figure in a public forum.
    I'm still more troubled by his politics, however, so I can get past his trying to be funny with Leno.
    As far as cell phones go, Kendra having hers with her following the drunk driving accident got help to her and the idiot in the other car faster than anything else would have. We (as her parents) were aware of her accident within 15 minutes thanks to cell phones and a really good boyfriend. My vote goes to cell phones. :)

  13. That's the ONLY reason I have one. Have I mentioned I hate talking on the phone? ;) And, well, I can't stand Palin, no doubt about it.


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