Saturday, March 14, 2009

A great Saturday, and there’s a lot of it left!

Notre Dame logo Today is turning out to be a most excellent day. It's sunny, a little warmer (although still far from balmy), and tonight I'm going to my first-ever hockey game! Notre Dame is playing Nebraska-Omaha in a best-of-three series for the playoffs. ND is ranked #2 in the nation in hockey, so this should be a fun game for my first time out. Although I've never followed hockey (even though I lived in North Dakota for five to North Dakotans is like basketball to Hoosiers), I know enough about it so that I won't be entirely in the dark. Three periods, penalty shots, and so forth and so on...should be a good time! And I dedicate my good time at the hockey game to Donna of D's Design's who had surgery this week. Most of you know that Donna loves her Sabres! I'll be thinking of you, Donna, and sending good hockey vibes your way!

Ken and I just had a little discussion about moving. This was based on our friend Joann's comment about how Levi is going to be sorry he didn't marry Bristol, because he'll be left out when Sarah Palin becomes President in 2013. Ken said, "If that happens, I'm moving to Canada." I said, "I'll be right behind you. But how about Australia instead? It's warmer. I bet we'd have a lot of fun in Australia. Or maybe they'll have Mexico fixed by then, and we can move there." So thanks for the laugh, Joann! [grin]

Oh, before I forget, a few of you expressed concern about our neighbor. I had mentioned that it almost seems like he's watching for me when I go out to get the mail. I was just joking, because although it happened several times, I think it's just a coincidence. He's harmless, just a good ol' boy who likes to chat and sometimes even gossip a bit. He knows Ken and has talked to him quite a bit, and usually asks after him and his job. He knows quite a bit about the area and about our house--he knew the people who built it--and he's the one who told us about the iron bed frame out it the woods where a log cabin used to stand. (I thought I had a picture of it on this computer, but I don't. It's neat--it has a 12-inch diameter tree growing up through it.) So no worries about Dave the Neighbor, mates. He's not a bad guy!

And...I had an email this morning that made my day. Check this out:

Hi Beth,

Yeah - I'm real sorry too that we did not get the chance to meet up in person in Chicago, I was in the Smart Bar of The Metro for about an hour after the gig yakking away to whoever wanted to chat & I did look out for you!! Never mind, at least you enjoyed our 1st American Massacre by the sound of your email & MySpace comments. If you send me your mail address & t-shirt size I'll mail you a Godfathers t-shirt & a signed 'Hit By Hit' to make up for it - how's that for service?

Thanks always for your support - without people like you to play to we're nothing!!!

Best wishes to you & yours,

Peter Coyne.

I'm telling you, these guys are just the best. They don't just give lip service about how much they appreciate their fans. They really do. I thought that was so cool and so sweet of him. I'll have Ken take a picture of me in my T-shirt when I get it! A signed copy of the re-released "Hit By Hit." Oh boy oh boy oh boy! I'm as happy as a little rock 'n roll girl!

Godfathers Polaroid


  1. I used to have a neighbor like Dave. Man, she was a talker. LOL

    Moving to Mexico. mmm - tacos.

  2. Beth -

    I think this will be what finally does my poor father in.

    First, I told him I was a Democrat. He is a staunchly conservative Republican).

    Then I told him I was gay. He actually handled that one better than the Democrat thing.

    But what if he finds out I'm associating with a Fighting Irish-person?!?!?!? We are both proud Penn State Nittany Lions, and I think this news will be what gets me kicked out of the family for good... :)

    Sorry, Dad.


  3. Costa Rica is my families planned destination once civil war breaks out, or someone like Palin takes over, or who knows what else. It's a fine little place you two should look into.
    Have fun at the hockey game, I love them, although I'm one of those people who enjoys when a good fight breaks out~~

  4. LOL ... I guess I am rooting for the UN-O squad ... last year, they came to East Lansing and beat a good State team.

    Like the 'Dieter' reference! Somewhere, Mike Myers is smiling!

  5. Oye- if Palin become President I'm not sure any place in the world would be safe! She's got enough stupid to circle the globe 2 or three times, "doncha know!"

  6. Go Irish, it has been a long time since I have been to a Hockey game (Wings in Detroit). Looking forward to it.

    Glad you got the Godfather e-mail :o)

  7. Go Irish.... I'd move to Canada in case of a potential Palin presidency.... I have a neighbor like yours.... Cool about the note from the Godfather... Even cooler about the bedframe in the woods.... There, in a nutshell, are my comments for the evening. :-)

  8. Very cool Godfathers update!


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