Sunday, April 12, 2009

A good day so far!

Yogi Bear I hope everyone is having a lovely Easter! I have a ham cooking away in the crock pot, and it's starting to smell good in here.

It's a picnic ham, or as Yogi Bear would say, "Hey BooBoo, it's a pickanick ham!" I don't have a pickanick basket in which to put my pickanick ham, though. This is probably verging on trivia that you don't really need or want to know, but I learned that a picnic ham is not a true ham. It's a faux ham, if you will. “Oh-oh yes, I’m the great pretender…oo-oo, oo-oo…pretending that I am a ham!” (Think that will be going through your head for a while? You’re welcome.) True hams come from the hind legs, and picnic hams come from the shoulder. They're smoked so that they taste like true ham. I got this one on sale a while back, and it smells good, so I think my faux ham will taste just dandy.

I'm watching golf, and although I don't think Tiger can pull this one out, I got to watch him sink an eagle putt, so that was cool! In general, his putting is off this Masters, though. I'm sure someone is going to be spending lots of time on the putting green in the coming weeks!

I've also been watching the little band of turkeys in the back yard. They've been hanging out in the yard all day, and it cracks me up. A couple of the hens took a dirt bath in the driveway; and a pair of toms have been strutting all over the yard. For a while, a third tom was chasing two of the hens through the trees. They've been very vocal, too, with lots of loud calls and an occasional good gobble. They seem to be very comfortable in our yard lately, so I hope they'll bring their babies around when they have them. They're so cute!

I was thrilled when I turned on CNN briefly while I was folding laundry, and heard that Captain Phillips has been rescued! He is safe and sound aboard a U.S. Navy ship. What I'm hearing initially is that he jumped overboard, and Navy SEALS got into a firefight with the pirates, killing three of them, and of course, rescued the Captain. Isn't that great? This is good news on the level of Captain Sullenberger landing his plane safely. I'm sure his family will always remember this Easter!

I'm getting back into my book, so I'm off to read while I wait for Ken to get home. Have a superb evening!


  1. Since I was raised Jewish and am a vegetarian, ham is definitely not on my radar screen. I was, however, thrilled to see Captain Phillips has been rescued! That is seriously good news.

    I just read your post from yesterday. In a perfect world, Randall Terry would move to an island with Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, "W" and Cheney. They could switch off nights sleeping with AC (although, no one is really sure she is a "she") and spend their days roasting marshmallows in the shapes of Ghandi, Obama, John Lennon, and MLK. Ah, Conservative Nirvana! Speaking of annoying conservatives, did you see the pic of one of your favorite gal-pals on my blog today? I thought of you when I added her.;-)

    Also, that chocolate bunny pic is one of the funniest things I've ever seen!!!

  2. Hi Beth,
    Hmmm ... faux Ham sort of reminds me of the time President Bush was photographed with a faux (plastic) turkey feeding the troops on Thanksgiving in Iraq (shortly before he declared "mission accomplished"). Remember that one? The succulent, golden brown turkey he was offering the troops on a platter turned out to be a plastic prop. Anyhow, Happy Easter ... don't go eating any Plastic Hams!

  3. when i think of faux ham i think of one molded out of tofu.....if they call tofu turkey tofurkey, i wonder if they would call tofu ham tofam????

    enjoy your indoor pickanick!

  4. I remember when I came home from my stint in the service, I would walk around the streets with anyone in ear shot, and proudly announce, that I could stand here, you could stand 1/4 mile away, I could reasonably expect to drop you with a shot.

    How much more so, for those whose sole purpose is to be able to do that, in ANY evironment, with life or death on the line? I was chatting up AKA, and discussing how it should be handled, esp. with the French going in, losing a hostage but otherwise recovering their vessel.

    For me, it was about 'sending a message'. That the good Captain was still up for the effort (he tried to escape) let me know that he was game for anything.

    People underestimate how much 'better' our soldiers are than everyone elses. You can talk about whoever you want, but when it comes down to it, there simply aren't any better than the men in our volunteer services.

    Don't think that it won't be known to the other pirate gangs, what they can expect when they seize a US flagged ship!

  5. Faux ham???? being Jewish I wouldn't have knowned. Funny how you learn something new every day. We heard the good news about Captain Phillips just as we were leaving for service. Great news for his family.
    Have a wonderful rest of the evening.
    Hugs, Laini

  6. That's good news indeed! Your faux ham sounds great! Oh, I would have loved to watch the turkeys with you. I have been watching the birds at my feeders today!

  7. Jeez, first I have to work, then miss the Masters, and now fake ham. How traumatic :o)

    Missed you today, but we are more than half way through.

  8. Daddy Ginger used to ALWAYS do a very bad Yogi Bear immitation around Easter, as Momma Ginger always made "pickanic" hams.. she said they were a better value because there was no bone. And I think she like the fact that it always made us kids laugh for Daddy to say "Sugarbush , is that a pickanic ham?"

  9. HEY what the hell was that that just made me jump out of my skin since evidently my speakers were turned up really load and the "NUTWOOD JUNCTION" something (I was mid heart attack) screamed out.............
    Anyway, I hope you had a wonderful Easter and the ham was as good as you described, less the bears......

  10. I never realized the difference in the hams. No one in my house will eat ham except me. So, I only get it if someone else cooks some for a family dinner - like today at Easter dinner. My SIL also made fried chicken for those who didn't like ham.

    Wasn't that such wonderful news about Captain Phillips! Whew, sweet relief. GO NAVY!


  11. I hope your picnic ham was very good. We had ham also (not sure if it was picnic or not!) and it was very good! I watched some of the masters too,the shoot out at the end was great. Hope you had a wonderful day. Linda

  12. Thanks for the info on the ham! I never knew. We had ham, too, now I have a nice bone to make some split pea soup! And I only had 1 peep!

  13. We had ham steaks. What part does that come from? I am a farm girl but once that pig is not moving I don't know one end from the other. Haver a good day. Lucy

  14. I have never cooked a ham in my crock pot. Did you add water or what? I bet it did make your house smell good. My brother & sister in law had brunch...omelets, 3 pounds of bacon, waffles, strawberries, whip cream ~ the whole brunch thing. It was wunnerful ! Linda in cold, windy & rainy Washington


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