Tuesday, April 14, 2009


According to the site that is selling this T-shirt,

There are two Rushes that rule the airwaves. One is a friendly force for good that sings epic allegories with awesome drum solos. The other spews hate and vitriol daily on hundreds of stations across America.

Unfortunately, the good Rush's influence has diminished since their heyday in the late 1970s and early 1980s, while the bad Rush continues to grow in power and reach. It's time to reverse the trend -- up with Lee, Lifeson and Peart, and down with Limbaugh!

Without further ado, here is Good Rush Bad Rush!

Good Rush Bad Rush


  1. It's too bad that we have to compare Rush with Rush, when clearly, Rush is better than Rush.

  2. I started reading before I looked at the photo and was thinking: "she's gone stark raving mad" because I was thinking you were saying there was a good side to Limbaugh! Then I looked at the picture and swore "I gotta stop reading blogs before I have my coffee!"

  3. '2112' ... that was the album that had me stop listening to r & b/hip hop as a primary form of music, and started to listen to what was then simply 'rock' to me at the time.

    ELO, Planet Patrol, those were the bands that I really started to dig. Not to mention my Mom's 'brit pop' stuff ...

    When I heard '2112', it was like I was listening to a new form of music ... I guess I was. I stayed a Rush fan, and still is.

    Glanced at your labels ... 'a**hat'? That is a funny one. I may have to share with you one of my 'deathless phrases' that I would drop on people!

  4. At first I thought Rush played in a band?? But then I realized it was Rush and Rush! Quite clever of you to make the comparison!

  5. We saw the good Rush (again!) about two years ago. Holy Mary Mother of God can those guys still rock! I refuse to put their genius anywhere near the category of Fat-Ass Limbaugh. What a freak.

  6. I can not stand the bad Rush nor can I take much more of Lou Dobbs. He runs President Obama down more than I care to listen to. He is hot on guns and I won't offer an opinion but I definately have a strong one. Lucy

  7. Great entry! Great comparison!

    Hugs, Rose

  8. I never got into Rush, good or bad. Something about being Kosher, I think.

  9. Hi Beth,
    Rush (on the left) and Tush (on the right) is more like it!

  10. my mom follows the word of Bad Rush as if he was Jesus himself. Gag me.

  11. I saw today that Bad Rush is threatening to move out of New York because of new taxes. The Governor stated that he should have thought of that sooner. That cracked me up :o)

  12. Love this! Absolutely true!


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