Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Still looking

We're off in a few moments to take a look at an apartment. We passed by it on Sunday, and it's a lovely complex right on the river, with a park right there, nice landscaping, etc. Now that we know that an apartment is acceptable to them, I think that's probably what we'll end up with. A couple of appointments for tomorrow evening, too. One place we wanted to look at has already been removed from Craigslist...it was a little more than they wanted to spend, but it looked like such a cool place! A place I would want to live, but then this isn't about me...it's about finding them a nice, safe place with little maintenance. Maybe I'll have a good report when we get back.

And...we're back!

The good news is I think we've found them a place. The big question is...can we sell them on it? If I were on my own, it's a place I'd like to live. Nice brick buildings, they have ground floor units available so no stairs, there is a park and a river walk across the road, the landscaping is pretty with several large trees, there is a nature walk as part of the grounds (the manager we talked to said that there are lots of birds there...we saw a mallard couple as we were walking along), there is a pool and a fitness room (I doubt if they'd use the fitness room, but I'm thinking Ken's Mom would enjoy the pool), there don't seem to be a lot of kids there, there's a smallish patio where they can grill out, they would swap out the complex appliances for theirs, and it's not far from shopping areas, but far enough that they wouldn't have to deal with any crazy shopping traffic. (The manager is going to take some pictures and send them to me, so I can share as soon as I get them.)

Ken and I were talking on the way home, and we agree that it really is the type of place where they need to be. The thing is, they'll need a paradigm shift and have to think about downsizing a bit. Do they really need a third bedroom with a leather couch they rarely use? Can the desk in that third bedroom be in the living room or kitchen? Could they get by with one bathroom? Ken and I do. (There are two options: 2 BR/2 BA and 2 BR/1 BA.) We have more places to look at tomorrow, and we can keep looking for another week or so (the manager said that if it looked like someone were ready to rent one of the available units, she would call and tell us so we could make a quick decision), but this sure seems like a nice place.

Ken is on the phone with his Mom right now. Yikes! Uh oh...he's shaking his head.

A case of H1N1 influenza right here, in a college student at Notre Dame. She is fine, and I maintain hope that this has become a milder strain that will join the general mix in the fall.


  1. Sounds like a great place. Let us know for sure what his Mom said.

    Oh NO! A case of swine flu there.... this is soooooo scary!

    have a good evening

  2. Yeah, now I'm a little more concerned after hearing about the ND student. Particularly since they don't yet know where she got it.

  3. I am in a 'conspiracy thinking' so I won't bother with concerns regarding the swine flu.

    Man, each entry you have made about your inlaws, I am sooo there on. I hope they are ready for the move both physically and emotionally. It is going to be a big change.

    I think that living in an apartment will add to their quality of life. Just my opinion. Not having to worry about upkeep will give them more time to enjoy one another and see their favourite daughter in law and son!!

  4. Our couple in Scotland are reportedly doing fine and are fully compus mentos (like compus mentis, but for an irrational fear of diet coke) ;)

    The question is how to handle the 10,000 or so Brits who are now joining the exodus. Does common sense dictate that before rejoining the population at large, they should be screened for the virus and isolated if positive? I presume that legally they can be detained for 28 days under the anti-terrorism laws, given that their release could be regarded as posing unnecessary risk to the wider population. Hmmm...

    I hope Ken's mum will at least consider the place and look at pictures! :) I can imagine that any suggestion with the words "downsize" and "apartment" will likely cause some initial resistance.

  5. Hi Beth,
    That place sounds great ... I hope your in-laws go for it!

  6. Head shaking no...not a good sign. Back to the drawing board??

  7. Ken shaking his head????
    Moving is a big step....downsizing hurts at the beginning then afterwards you realize it is less to clean but less storage space.

    I know......I've been there.

    Decisions, Decisions.........I'm sure the right place will pop up and your inlaws will know it the minute they walk in the apartment and it feels like home.

    Good luck to your inlaws.

    Hugs, Rose

  8. Seeing the place in person will tell them more than talk and pictures. Maybe they'll just see it and fall in love with it. It's very difficult searching for something as important as living quarters for someone other than yourself.

  9. oh i am reading backwards....is this apt complex still in the running? i hope so....and they'll accept the cat? I would love to downsize my life already and i am only 40...but 2 bathrooms sure is a lifesaver at times!


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