Monday, June 22, 2009

Shame on me

I'm so bad...I still haven't edited pictures from our Detroit trip! I'm going to stop mentioning it and stop feeling so guilty and just get to it as soon as I can. I'll post them ASAP, but today was tied up with shopping for our cookout on Wednesday and starting to put things together. The cucumbers are soaking in salt water at the moment, so I'm stepping away to make a quick entry. When I was at the grocery store, I found T-bones on sale, so guess what we're having for dinner tonight? That's right, chicken! I'm being silly--we'll have T-bones, baked potatoes, and a wedge of lettuce with blue cheese dressing. One of our favorite combos!

Award Bow Hey, I got an award! A very big thank you to Lucy of What is Left of a Whole New Life for passing along the Bow Award, which she received from a nice gentleman from Greece. She had very kind things to say, including that she never knows what she'll find here when she stops by to read. I like that, because I don't like to be "defined," or put into any particular category. As with most awards, if I read you, feel free to snag this for yourself for a job well done. [curtseying] Thank you, Lucy!

One of the things that tickled me the most when talking to Mark was when we first met and stopped for breakfast. As we were getting to know each other over eggs and toast, Mark said something about how it was really interesting to meet us in person because in our blogs, he said, "Ken, you're so laid back, and you [he looked at me] are..." and he started laughing. I said, "Not?" It was so funny, and I looked at Ken and said, "I think I'm laid back, too...except when I get fired up about something!" I told Ken later that I really think I am a very laid back person, and it's just a few paragraphs out of my day that I might get fired up. Ken said, "But that's what everyone reads of you, so that's how they see you." Point well taken, and I want to reassure everyone that I don't bite, and I really am a pussycat. Except when I get fired up about something. Haha! The vast majority of my day is spent being cool as a cucumber (despite today's hot and humid weather), friendly, smiling, calm and relaxed. I’m chill, baby.

I stayed up a little while last night after Ken went to bed, and as I was sitting here, I heard a thump in the basement. A moment later, Sheeba came up from the basement with a mouse in his mouth! A good-sized field mouse, too, not one of the little gray ones. As soon as I looked at him and said, "Good boy!" he turned and went back downstairs. He did this four or five more times, apparently just showing off and/or enjoying his sport with the mouse. He finally made his way over to one of Ken's shoes and dropped Mousie into it. I'm not sure why, but that's what he does--whenever he catches a mouse, he drops it into one of Ken's shoes. I was able to pick up the shoe, take it outside, and dump Mousie out into the yard. I suppose he just found a way back into the house, but maybe he'll remember his trauma and stay away. Sheeba got lots of praise and a couple of treats. He really is a great mouser. I hate to see any animal hurt, but he rarely kills them, just drops them off for us to take care of and in exchange for treats. Who knows? Maybe he thinks he's giving us a treat!

I finally updated my Shelfari widget over there on the sidebar. That was overdue! I've made an effort to really get back into reading lately--I still keep up with magazines and Net content, but I've missed reading actual books. I'm trying to remedy that, and I've enjoyed it very much. I think I'm going to read one more from our shelf here at Nutwood, the latest Dean Koontz, then get back into the book club list. I’m still behind!

Off to the kitchen...the cukes are calling! O Danny Boy….


  1. Kitty brought you a gift, how sweet!!

  2. Hi Beth,
    If you're cool as a cucumber, does that mean you're soaking in salt water, too? I'm curious about the new Dean Koontz book. I've been reading one of his earlier books, Strangers, which I think was recently re-released in paperback.

  3. I have always thought that is why a good mouser does that ... showing his respect and by praising him, he keeps on being a good mouser!!

    You both are a really great pair, and definitely a role model for me!! Thanks for coming and sharing so much with me!! Me & the SFC will be looking forward to returning the favour, to be sure!!

  4. Yes dear,

    You are always as cool as a cucumber, except when you are fired up, which only happens once or twice, or trice, or ..... per day :o)

    Just kidding, Nutwood is the Zen of Laid Back :o)

  5. I picture you laid back in humor... in all your pics, you have a big smile, and your postings almost always contain humor, even the serious ones.... so I would find it hard to think of you as always riled up!! Occasionally, maybe... but I see more the fun side of you.

  6. Have fun in the D? I am going there Saturday with Detroit Jack my new blogger! We are going to see The Gories and the Oblivions (?) He is so much fun and knows everything about Punk Rock. (Not moi) I am taking a Motor city blog camera crew and Jack is writing the post for 4 blogs to release. Next time you come let me know and we'll come to meet you, me and the maestro.

    Thanks for all your help on my blogs!

  7. I just finished My sister's keeper. Omigod, I can't count how many times I was just bawling. It was a great book, just extremely sad. I'm certain that the movie won't do it justice.

  8. I always get the "laidback" comment, too, but then Carlos will ask me what I ranted about on the blog, and it reminds me of how I can be.
    Then be laidback.
    Rant some more.

  9. You and Ken are indeed both cool as the proverbial cucumber! Things that I'm sure many others would be left snarling about, you guys clear with a stride and a wry smile.

    Much to be admired. And I do, very much! :)

    Glad to hear you had a great time in Michigan, and that you were able to connect with friends! BUT.. we NEEEEEEED pictures!! :p xx

  10. I like how you get fired up about being accused of not being laid back! LOL


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