Thursday, June 25, 2009

One hot party (and I don’t mean the GOP)

Unfortunately, it was way too hot to sit outside for today's cookout. I asked the folks to step outside and see how it felt to them, and even with the umbrella up and a fan going, it just felt a little too sticky and oppressive to sit outside. My Dad said he'd rather sit inside, so that's what we did. We have a stand-alone air conditioner in the living area, and just to give you an idea of how humid it was today, it shut down about every hour because the water reservoir was full. We've never had that happen before, and anyone who lives in a humid area knows exactly how miserable such mugginess can be. It was so bad that after everyone left, Ken went up to Lowe's and got another unit for the bedroom (it's a pain to put in the window unit) so we can sleep comfortably tonight! It's cooled off enough here in the living room that we have the windows open, but it's so hard to sleep in such humidity.

Anyhoo, everything turned out well! We had way too much food, which seems to run in my family. In retrospect, I wouldn't have needed to make the cucumbers and onions (I didn't even have room myself to eat them today, but we'll eat all week on them, so no worries), and do you think five pounds of potatoes for the potato salad was too much? I was able to send some home with both sets of folks, so that was okay. No one said it was the best they ever had, but everyone ate it and said it was good. Works for me! Also, two packages of brats was a little excessive. Ten brats, and there are nine left. I couldn't eat more than my one hamburger! Anyone want to come over and help us eat leftovers? There's plenty!

Sanford I still have more to write about our Detroit trip, and I've got another idea rolling around for an upcoming entry about dysfunction, but I just have to quickly mention South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford. When we got off of the computer a little before 2 PM, the talk was about how his hiking vacation on the Appalachian Trail was not the truth, and he'd actually been in Argentina. Huh? Oh, and his wife had said earlier that she didn't know where he was. Red flag, red flag! As I wrote on my pal Mark O's Facebook page, if Ken took off for a week and didn't tell me where he was going, and I later found out that he'd been in Argentina, he'd have some major 'splainin' to do! (And vice versa, of course. Who does that? You don't just take off for Argentina and not tell your partner unless something is seriously wrong in your relationship.) When I heard this, I figured something was rotten in Denmark, and thought there might be some sort of affair going on. I figured it was 50/50 whether it was a man or a woman.

After the folks left and I got back online, the headline was that Sanford had admitted an affair, and had resigned his chairmanship of the Republican Governor's Association. He has yet to resign as Governor, and maybe he'll try to limp along for the remaining year of his term. I can't imagine how he can possibly govern effectively after this. I think the most amazing part of this, and the part that you have to laugh at--even though he has hurt his family and betrayed his constituents with his complete absence and unavailability, and that’s far from laughable--is the few emails that have been released. Good grief, the guy's purple prose is just embarrassing, and I believe he has a future as a Harlequin romance writer: "The erotic beauty of you holding...two magnificent parts of yourself." We've been giggling about it all night, and Ken has been demonstrating. Haha!

I'm not going to make this about party politics, because I don't think it is. It's about some yahoo who is either arrogant or ignorant, or both, and thinks that he won't get caught. Republicans don't have the corner on this market, by any means. What is especially egregious about Sanford's screw-up (pun intended) is that he has been so moralistic in his attitudes concerning gay marriage and sex education. Apparently, the affair has been known of for five months, and he's been spending that time with a prayer group. How's that working for you, Governor? Not too well, I guess, since you made this recent trip. I don't care what party someone belongs to, this sort of sanctimonious posturing makes me sick. Freakin’ hypocrite. In SanfordWorld, it's okay to tell gay couples that they can't marry or adopt or have equal rights that are afforded to every other person in this country, or that kids can't learn about contraception and STD prevention in school because of your religious views...but the Grand High Poobah of SanfordWorld can violate his marriage vows and take off for South America for a week, leaving his state without an executive in charge. That is okay.

Crackuh, PLEASE.


  1. It was a great day today. Thanks for all your hard work, and your Potatoe Salad was awesome :o)

  2. So glad that everything went well. You are a one for making way to much food...did you think you were feeding an army LOL.. Only wish I had been there....on second thoughts no I would not have like to be there when the weather is humid I die !! and as for your hight temp's well that is just tooooooooo much. Over here we ave had a great week temps. been around 75 and althoug it was humid on Mon. it was better yesterday. 75 is claasified as a HOT day over here !!
    Lots of Love Sybil x
    PS. Heard that President Obama was on TV over your way almost all day might have missed it with your visitors being there with you. (I heard about it overnight last night)

  3. My mom has one of those units as well and it has been filling up like that for days on end. It turned off the other day and we were like that's great, wtf is wrong with it. We had to read the manual. *snicker* My house has central air but that doesn't mean all runs smoothly when it's this hot for this long. Last year, the thing froze and we had to turn it off for several days while it thawed. (I shit you not, in 90 degree weather it FROZE and took days to melt)
    Thanks to you, I will have those images of Ken stuck in my head for days... lol magnificent parts of you... just wow.

  4. Anyone who would make 5 lbs. of potato salad for a small family party is a soul sister of mine. And I always thought I was the queen of excessive over-cooking!

    Mark Sanford is an ass. That's all I can say on that subject without making my blood boil, and it's too hot for that today.

  5. sanford's wife will soon be holding two of his significant parts: his wallet and his checkbook because this will COST him.

    what a buffoon to think he was above the very same morals he felt necessary to preach to the rest of us.

  6. "It's about some yahoo who is either arrogant or ignorant, or both, and thinks that he won't get caught. Republicans don't have the corner on this market, by any means."

    This is what I've been saying. We cannot ask him to resign because he had an affair when we didn't ask Clinton to resign for his.
    Asshattery is party neutral.
    Still, there is word that Sanford, after fighting vehemently not to take the stimulus money may have used tazpayer money to see his cha cha mama in Argentina.
    If that's true, then out he goes.

    Sidenote: all the news channels here are saying that his absence wasn't really an issue until the Missus released a second statement saying, "I don't know where he is. Right now I am being a mother to MY children."

    MY children. Big. Red. Flag.

  7. I'm sure his precious marriage was destroyed by all those dirty Homersexticals getting married in New England...


  8. I agree with all. Sanford and all these stupid politicians think they are above getting caught. I would like to see every wife divorce them and take every penny have and keep on taking and then turn the kids against them. I would be out for revenge and then the stupid asanine republican went into detail about the woman.

  9. my favorite line "i figured it was 50/50 whether it was a man or woman".

    you just never know nowadays....

    i am tickled you all had a great get together. It is hot as hell here too....i hope you are able to stay cool!

  10. Beth, Is there no end to this? Never mind the "morality" issue, but doesn't marriage mean anything anymore? I know it's hard to steer away from hot Latino (or Asian, or American, or Martian...) women or men that are coming (pun intended) on to you, but Jesus Christ (that is who these guys are praying too, right?) can't they keep their Toy Soldiers in their holsters and avoid the temptation? Obviously not. And, I love the part about Sanford voting to impeach Clinton for his immoral activities. Can you say, hypocrite? Stepping off soapbox now...

  11. Glad to hear the BBQ went well! Too much food? You are indeed your mother's daughter :-)

    I love the phrase "asshat" but had never heard "asshattery." I am soooo stealing that!

    For some strange reason, the image of Ken demonstrating holding his two magnificent parts has combined in my brain with my standard image of Ken in full clown regalia. Needless to say, this is NOT helping my coulrophobia.

    Love you guys!

  12. Isn't it great when you know you have too much food lol? Glad your BBQ made it thru this rotten heat, it's thick enough you can SEE the darn heavy air. And that Sanford, does it ever end with these guys? Yeesch.

  13. How many politicians could pass a morality test?
    Not many, would be my guess. If one was stupid enough to do it AND get caught, then one should have at least a)left someone in charge and b)not
    have voted for impeachment of another for the same offence.

  14. I always make way too much food, too. I figure it is better to have leftovers than anyone to "want" more...doesn't it seem when you eat at someone else's house you tend to eat more? I do. I am just so sick and tired of all these politicians affairs, lies, illegitimate kids, mistresses, etc. No wonder the country is where it is.


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