Thursday, July 9, 2009

Loaded and ready for bear!

Stuff Don't worry, that's just a figure of speech.

One of my sisters and my folks came over this afternoon, and Mom had a whole bunch more stuff to set up. MAN, we've got a lot of stuff out there! Here's some of it...and I couldn't fit all the tables into one picture. I can't say I'm looking forward to this tomorrow, but the sooner we get going, the sooner it will be over! We'll be leaving for Florida in a week, so we're hoping for some good vacation money!

It also looks as if the weather is going to cooperate. Hot and humid tomorrow, but no rain until late afternoon, and then rain ending Saturday morning. We might get sprinkled on a little bit, but the bulk of the days should be clear. I put the signs up late this afternoon, so now it's just a matter of getting up at an ungodly hour for me: 7 AM. Arghhhh! If people show up before 8, I'll be pissed, but it seems like there's always someone who believes that their time is more valuable than yours and shows up before you're open.

Stuff2 Ken and I are hoping that we'll get a wireless signal in the garage, so you might be subjected to get to enjoy some live garage sale coverage tomorrow. Try to contain your excitement! Actually, I would probably do that on Facebook or Twitter rather than here.

For two days, the peace and quiet at Nutwood will be shattered, but I think I'll survive, as will the birds and other critters. Stay tuned for pictures of our newest residents, who I just saw this morning: twin fawns! All together now...Awwwww! (They really are adorable!)


  1. I think you're dreaming if you think you'll have time to Twitter or post anything on Facebook during the sale. Looks like you have a TON of stuff, and I'll bet you're busy every single minute. Be strong! You go, Girl!

  2. Living in a secluded country setting is great, except when we want people to know where we are. It will be interesting to see if the newspaper and craigslist ads bring us some business.

  3. Oh man !! I want to come look at your stuff. WOnder if I can get a quickie seat on a plane heading east? Good luck~hope you get tons of cash out of your stuff. Linda in Washington

  4. You guys are so flipping organized! I hope you make a million dollars, I could use a loan.;-)

  5. what's the price for the widget on table 3 back row left...HUmm??? ew, what about the thermos...oh, maybe I luck...looks like you're ready for BEAR!!!!

  6. I hope you make tons and tons of money - you've already earned it.

    And I guarantee you that people will be there before 7:00 am ... the cheap weirdos who like to get "the good stuff" early.

    Have fun!!


  7. I resemble David's remark... I'm one of those people who get there early to see all the good stuff!! LOL!!! Good thing I'm WAY OVER HERE, huh!??!

    It all looks VERY organized, Beth.... I think you'll do VERY well, especially with the advertising!

  8. Wow, Beth, that's an incredible amount of stuff. Hope you will sell all of it or at least most of it!!! Keep us posted! Ciao. A.

  9. There's way too much organization going on in that garage!
    I'd pile everything up in the middle of the room and make 'em dig through it.
    Prolly why I don't have garage sales.

  10. you two have the cleanest looking garage big and looking organized! I am excited to hear all about the sale and how it goes.....i will watch your video if you make any.

  11. Hope your garage sale is a success.


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