Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A woman gets weary

Apparently, so does a man, because Ken is napping on the couch!

All of Ken's Mom's stuff is priced, and tomorrow my folks will come over to put up their stuff. Four more tables. Gahhhh. Mom said, "We'll be there in the morning." I said, "No no no. Afternoon. Around one." No morning! No! Holy moley, what am I going to do Friday and Saturday?!

Part of my fatigue comes from hearing last night that FM was going to let CH move back in. Not as a reconciliation, but because he said it was half his house, too, and he was tired of living in another family member's basement, and he was moving back. I don't THINK SO!

My head didn't explode, but it was a close thing.

I called FM pronto, and both Ken and I had some very earnest discussions with her, mostly consisting of "Do not let him back in the house!" I said that I had a very bad feeling about it, I don't trust him, and I am concerned about her safety. If he tries to pull this "It's half my house, too," let him cry to his lawyer and file something. We both asked her, "Do you feel safe about having him there?" When she answered no, it was like, well, there you go. Do not let him back in the house. I'm happy to report that she took our concerns to heart, and called him and said she'd changed her mind.

The guy is such a dumbass that after 31 years, he hasn't figured out that you don't fuck with our family. We're an easygoing bunch, we're kind and affable...some might even say somewhat lovable. But I will eat your soul before I let you hurt my family. If he'd been paying attention for the past three decades, he would know this. I guess when you're so enamored of yourself, you don't have a lot of time to spare to get to know your in-laws. I suspect he might come to regret that. [evil grin]

Hey, happier subject! I got a notice from our fabulous St. Joseph County Public Library that the book I'd requested as a transfer was in. I also read online today that our library ranked seventh in the nation in libraries serving communities of 100,000-249,999. How cool is that? Of course, the rankings are lagging behind a little bit, and budget cuts have resulted in cuts in library programs and hours, so in a couple of years, our ranking might not be as high. I'll enjoy it for now, though, and I have to say that I really do love our library! Anyhoo, I stopped in to pick up the book that was patiently waiting for me, and made the mistake of stopping to look at the two shelves of books for sale. I checked out one book and bought three! It's hard to go wrong with $1 hardback and trade paperback books, though. The one I was most pleased about was a copy of The Robe from the 40's. I love antique books, and was very happy to find one at our library!


  1. That is the highest ranking I ever got in my career ... so that is cool to have your library rated so high for the community it serves. Shows that someone is doing something right!!

    Glad FM was open to advice. It is so hard to interfer in the marriages of people, but I get the feeling that she was not only hurt, but unhappy. And if she no longer felt safe around him, who knows where things could end up?

    Good call, all the way around.

  2. You should have told me you were interested in a copy of The Robe (yeah, like that would ever come in conversation :) For some reason I bump into a copy at just about every rummage and estate sale I visit.

  3. A good day today, more relaxing than work.

    It was great that FM called us back last night with the news that she had taken care of business.

  4. You're also a kind family...but not so kind that you'd let a jerk back in and risk who knows what because "its half his house"...he should have thought about that before!

  5. It's his half? Are you freaking kidding me? Sorry, but unless she chooses to exonerate him, he gave up rights to every square inch of that house the minute he decided to f*ck around outside of the marriage. So, do you want to know how I feel about it?

  6. Hi Beth,
    Yikes ... I'm glad you straightened your relative out. Why can't that idiot just find himself a Soul Mate in Argentina and go there, instead?

  7. Hi Beth. I am glad that your relative took some notice of what ou and Ken said .... but it is a strange thing about some women who although they know situations a wrong they seem helpless to say a big loud NO...just hope she can keep up her resolve. Glad the yard sale things are piling up !! I am looking forward to seeing some photo's ?? We have never had yard sales here however I have to say that I think recently I did see a couple advertised as I drove maybe it is coming over here as well.
    I am glad that you got the book "the Robe" it is funny that only yesterday at our bible study I was asking one of the group if they had read it as I have a copy !! isn't that strange..
    Much Love Sybil xx

  8. I have never had a gaRage saLE and never will but people do make money on them. A lot of work though plus we have never had a GARAGE. I think FM nay go through many swings and mind playing things. As you know or maybe not cause everyone had different experiences, but because of my kids I teetered so many times on "should we try again". Hope things work well for her.


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