Friday, July 3, 2009

Well, cut off my legs and call me Shorty….

Palin wink Sarah Palin is stepping down as Governor of Alaska. Not only will she not run for a second term in 2010, she won't even finish out her current term.

The general consensus is that she is putting herself into position for a 2012 Presidential bid. Many people also seem to feel that this is a mistake, that she would have been much better off hunkering down in Alaska and governing that state, but more importantly, taking the time to learn about domestic and foreign policy. Or just taking the time to learn...period. Haha!

Hot diggety dog, I'm just delighted at the prospect of her running for President. My head swims with the thought of comedic material; my heart soars at the satiric possibilities; my soul sings at the prospect of an endless supply of Palinisms! (The first link is actual quotes. Create your own here.) I'm doing the Nutwood Happy Dance! Yes, I really just did the dance. It's not just the comedy prospects (Tina Fey might have to take a hiatus from "30 Rock"). You know how they always said that Palin energized the conservative base? If she ends up being the Republican nominee--hell, even during the primaries--you haven't seen anything yet. Of all people to energize the liberal base...well, you couldn't ask for anyone better. Not even Huckabee and his sidekick Chuck Norris.

I guarantee that late night talk show hosts are as delighted as I am. And not because of that wink!


  1. Wait, let me get my machete shorty :o)

    I think she is cashing in, and will end up not even running in 2012.

  2. Hi Beth,
    I hear that as part of her statement she said that with her resignation she is doing what is best for the people of Alaska. That is the first accurate thing I think I've ever heard her say!
    Wink, Wink,

  3. I'm a Republican. But I believe Sarah Palin is a big part of why the Republicans lost the recent election. My husband, for instance, didn't plan to vote for Obama until Palin came on the scene.

    "They took the most brainless twit they could find and put her running for vice-president," said Cliff. "What is it, do they WANT to lose the election?"

    I don't think she'll run for pres, and I don't think the Republicans would let her. If they're that stupid, I'll have to change my party.

  4. Even if she were to run, I don't think she stands a chance to win the Republican nomination. So I think she might be getting out while the gittin' is good, and before the police show up with handcuffs, and will be out making money to cover future legal costs.

  5. I don't think Palin caused the Republican party to lose the last election. I think Palin was entirely symptomatic of massive inherent troubles within the Republican party. No excuses, the Republican party had no answer for Obama's message of change. The change Obama was referring to was very clearly and specifically a rejection of the Republican party, its policies and its ideals - policies and ideals which were wholly out of step with The People.

    Republicans can't blame Palin. Palin didn't lose the election, insanity lost and common sense won.

    I'm predicting new Palin revelations in coming days and weeks. It's not in Palin's character to just back off or step down, even when reason seems absolutely to require it. Something is pushing her out. I haven't a clue what it is yet.. I can barely WAIT to find out!

  6. She won't have a shot in 2012, like she ever had one before.
    Her rambling doesn't-make-sense speech was a joke. Her excuses seemed to suggest it was just too hard for her to be governor. Does she think being president will be easier.
    The Dems will have a field day with Quitter Palin if she chooses to run.

  7. I just could not wait to see what you wrote . As I expected you lived up to it. I never heard so much rambling as since I heard her last. Kudos to you for the truth.

  8. Here's the scary part she's getting a reputed six figures for her memoir. It seems foolish for Harper/Collins to put that kind of moola into a book unless they knew they could get that back plus. So that leads me to believe there are a lot of Palin supporters out there. Brainless has it's allure apparently.

    The way I look at it is matter the reasoning, the woman couldn't/didn't finish the full term for Alaska. It would be foolish to actually believe she could do the whole 4 for president. What's she going to do? Pout and step down when the criticism gets to be too much? I think she's worried something is coming to the surface she doesn't want the spotlight on.

    By the way as soon as I saw the announcement, the first words out of my mouth were Beth's going to blog this (winks). (Hugs)Indigo


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