Thursday, July 2, 2009

Soulmate, party of one

Sanford I know this story is getting tiresome, but Governor Mark Sanford can't seem to keep his mouth shut, so it's still got some legs. With the recent happenings in my family, I also find myself pondering this even as I'm chuckling at Sanford's florid prose.

It seems that in his initial confession-booth press conference, he didn't quite tell everything. There were more meetings with the Argentine babe than he admitted to at first, and in a case of verbal diarrhea, he went on to talk about other women in his past--women that he hadn't "crossed the line" with (i.e., they didn't hike the Appalachian Trail, which I think is one of the finest new catchphrases in recent history), but he did things that a married man shouldn't be doing. These encounters (maybe they just talked about hiking the Appalachian Trail) took place on trips out of the country with male friends, trips that were just to "blow off steam." [insert your own joke here]

Aren't his handlers telling him to shut the hell up already? It's like he can't stop himself! He tells his interviewers that his affair wasn't just about sex, that when he dies, he can say that he met his soulmate. He says their story is a love story--a forbidden, tragic love story, but a love story nonetheless. I'm surprised he didn't say, "She makes me feel like a teenager again!"

And oh yeah, he's trying to "fall back in love" with his wife, Jenny. Glad you added that on there after you got done talking about your soulmate of a mistress, Governor.

I just don't get this guy, and part of it is because he's got that weird moral code that condemns others for things that he finds immoral, but allows him to be off the hook with a mere apology. A long, meandering apology that apparently takes several days and multiple interviews. He does seem genuinely distraught at his own moral failings, but he seems even more distraught over the loss of his paramour, his soulmate, his yeah, yeah, yeah, brown sugar! (Couldn't resist the Stones reference there.) There is only one word for the guy: pussy-whipped. The guy's got PW written all over him.

But he wants to fall back in love with his wife? You can guess my reaction if I were in Jenny Sanford's shoes. Piss off, foo'. Why on earth would any woman want to take a guy back who speaks so lovingly about his mistress and then as an afterthought says that he wants to reconcile with his wife because of their kids? Well, I guess Hillary did, but I sure don't get it. (I'd be kind of surprised if Jenny Sanford does decide to reconcile--she strikes me as a very tough cookie.) The affair would be bad enough, but then the humiliation of being a virtual addendum in a press conference about his amazing, magical, "sparking" love story would be more than I could handle. Blood would be shed, Jerry, blood would be shed. (I recently watched "Fargo" again.)

I haven't done a poll in a while, so I thought I'd put one up about this and see what you all think. If you have further remarks rather than just voting, feel free to put them in the comments section. Maybe there are some really forgiving souls out there, but I sure don't think there would be any going back for me after reading those emails the guy wrote to his mistress. If nothing else, I think I'd be like, "God, you write like a teenage GIRL! Get out of my sight!" After the poll, perhaps you'd like to watch a video from one of my all-time favorite bands. I loved the Beatles, too, but I was definitely more of a Stones girl, which should come as no surprise to anyone here. Ha!


  1. The question always begs to be asked...And they voted him in office? I've seen people reconcile after affairs(never understood it). However for most the indiscretions were more private, not exactly out there for public consumption. And the cheating party most certainly had enough common sense NOT to bring up his mistress/lover ever again. The guy does remind me of a love sick teenager. Maybe he's using the publicity to remedy his mid-life crisis. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. Hi Beth,
    I usually say "to each their own." But in this case, Gov. Sanford couldn't have been more outspoken about other people's infidelities. Of Bill Clinton, he said: This is "very damaging stuff" and "It would be much better for the country and for him personally to resign" and "If you had a chairman or a president in the business world facing these allegations, he'd be gone." Bye Bye, Governor Sanford. You dug your own grave, now go sleep in it (unless, of course, you're a necrophiliac, to boot ...).

  3. There's no way I would take the slim bag back! Good riddance!

  4. this dude sounds a bit whacko to me. I wish he would shut up!

  5. Love Ken's remark! And, um, yeah, kick the bastard to the curb. For the record, I do believe there are times when a couple can recommit after an affair. But this ain't one of 'em.

  6. As a South Carolinian, I voted the "I don't care" vote, which says a lot about politics in our little Red State of Scarlet Letters.
    I think Jenny will get back with Marky, because she's a political wife and knew what she was getting into; it's all for the campaign, for the office, for the election, for the party. But don't get me wrong, Marky's gonna pay for his South of the Border Booty calls; he's gonna pay all right.

    Sidenote: I believe Steam is what friends call Marky, so "blowing off Steam" makes perfect sense.

    I jest!

  7. I know how his wife must feel, as in been through it. She is a very smart woman, and he just isn't worth it. How could she possibly go back with him as he still proclaims he has met the love of his life. She'd be much better off without his sorry ass!

  8. I can't bring myself to vote on this one. It hits too close to home. I think there's a fourth possible choice, but I can't quite articulate what it is. Maybe later, after I think about it.

  9. He couldn't have found a soul first need to have a soul and any man who leaves his children on Father's Day to screw around with his Argentine side dish doesn't lay claim to that.

    You nailed it with your entry.


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