Saturday, August 15, 2009


I have to admit that we've been a couple of lazy bums today. Ken headed out to fill the gas cans, and I filled all the bird feeders.

Aaaaand...that was about it.

Balloonflower water colorTomorrow will be yard work. Lawn mowing for Ken, and flower planting for me. For the past few years, I've been trying to get perennials on sale in the summer, and Meijer has always had the best sale around this time. I haven't seen anything in their ads, so I popped over there yesterday. SCORE! In the past, I've gotten perennials four for ten dollars, and sometimes five for ten dollars. Yesterday they were $1.75! I got creeping phlox (I'll have to get a salve for that), coreopsis, dianthus, balloon flower (that's one in the picture, and it's done pretty well out front—that’s a water color effect), asters, and a hen and chicks, AKA Sempervivum, twelve plants in all. (Interesting note: the name Sempervivum means "live forever," and they used to be planted on rooftops to ward off lightning...and witches. I'll let you know if it works.)

We've been watching Tiger play in the PGA championship (still in the lead...Go Tiger!), and I took the opportunity earlier to finish my book club book, The Death of the Heart. Not bad, but not one of my favorites...I guess I just didn't see much point to it. A young girl in London learns what it's like to get her heart broken and is forced to learn some hard truths about growing up. I just didn't see much beyond that. Next up is A Bend in the River by V. S. Naipaul. It is set in Africa, and looks intriguing. It won the 2001 Pulitzer prize, so I'm hoping it will be a good one.

We also planned our December vacation! We were pretty certain that we wanted to go to Mexico. We loved stopping at Cozumel when we were on the cruise (and going to the Mayan ruins), and they're really hurting in Mexico when it comes to tourism (as well as other things). We thought about Cancun, but decided we wanted to do the Pacific coast, so we thought about Puerto Vallarta, but that was about twelve hours of we went with our original idea of Cabo San Lucas. It was a matter of using our extra timeshare week or losing it, and we weren't about to lose it! We booked at a place called Villa del Palmar, right on the beach, then booked our flights. We're both excited to be going somewhere new, and it looks like Cabo is a relatively safe resort town. We're already thinking about horseback rides, or maybe a three-hour boat tour along the coast. And what trip to Cabo would be complete without a visit to Cabo Wabo, Sammy Hagar's joint? Tequila, anyone?

I'm excited, and looking forward to doing a little research on our visit to a new place. Lots of cool-looking restaurants, and there's apparently a huge spa at this resort, but massages and manis aren't really my style. We'll do our usual vegecation thing, and I think horseback riding sounds like a cool outing. We'll do some planning in the coming months, but fun to have this booked and to have a new--and not unknown--destination!


  1. Gosh, I hope your creeping phlox clears up before you go to Mexico! ;-)

  2. Cabo might not be as safe as you might like to think, but if you do not do anything stupid or illegal, then you should be fine. Friends who were down there a few months ago said that Cabo Wabo place is very, very expensive. Not sure if it was the drinks, cover charge or what.

  3. The place looks fantastic - browsed the site a little and can't wait to hear what you think of it. Horseback riding would be awesome. Sounds like something awesome to look forward to.

  4. I've never been to Cabo but the best vacation that I've ever had was in Mexico in a coastal city called Mazatlan--wonderful people, great food, and the bluest water that I've ever seen (the Atlantic on my home coast is mostly sort of a grayish blue). I was there in November and the weather was divine. I'm certain that you will have a wonderful time!

    The picture of the balloon flower is lovely; I esecially like the watercolor effect.

  5. Hi Beth,
    Hmmm ... so that's a balloon flower. I can see where it gets its name.

  6. Toby Keith wrote a song with Cabo Wabo in it. Great song. He has a new song out that TOTALLY says so much about todays politics, BS and economy.

    i am so jealous of you and your green thumb and LOVE seeing the pics and hearing about your plants.

    Tiger lost to a total unknown. WOW. Bad day for him. A few of my coworkers and family members are probably still crying.

  7. I liked the video ... didn't they have a couple of other songs that charted? I keep thinking a song called 'Words', but IDK if that was Missing Persons or the Tom Tom Club ... I will have to clear that up.

    Your vacay plans sound fabulous! Got to be looking forward to that!


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