Thursday, August 13, 2009

Introducing the anti-health care SpokesModel

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Katy Abram.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and my opinion is that Ms. Abram is a bobblehead who has no grasp of what is really happening here, and is simply vomiting up whatever limited information she's managed to absorb from those around her, who are simply vomiting up whatever limited information they've managed to absorb from FauxNews.

She's tired of all these programs being funded by her and her family. Which programs, Katy? Things like, you Immunizations? Medicare? Social security? City, state, and national parks? Infrastructure maintenance? Snow removal? County and state health departments? The CDC? The FDA? The NIH? The DOD? Are those the programs you're talking about?

When asked if her family's income is above that $250,000 per year level, the level at which the President says he'll raise taxes, she laughs and says, "I don't even know," that her husband pays all the bills. Ken pays our bills, too, but I still have a pretty good idea of what we're taking in.

She says that their health care plan is their choice, and they have a $5000 deductible. It's really great that you and your family have that choice, Katy, and I'm betting that there are people out there that would dearly love to be able to afford such health care. But they can't. Our friend Raquel had a neat idea: let's limit attendance at these town hall meetings to those who don't have insurance because they can’t afford it. I suspect that would change the game a little, wouldn't it?

When asked if her parents are on Medicare, she says not yet, but they soon will be. She says, "We don't talk politics." That isn't about politics, Katy. That's about the difficult choices that everyone has to make as they get older. I do talk politics with my parents, and we've also talked about health care. I know that they don't have to worry about it, because Dad was in the military for 35 years, and has great coverage because of that. He and Mom get health care via (dare I say it?) TriCare and the Veteran's Administration. Those are programs run by the government, Katy. Would you like my parents to be denied that care? Would you like your parents to be denied Medicare? They are all government programs, after all, ones not laid out by our founding fathers. You seem to be against anything that wasn't specified in the original documents that established our country. I wonder if you or anyone you know might be adversely affected by such actions?

When asked about her lack of interest in politics prior to this, Katy laughs and says, "Honestly, I didn't really care." She then goes on a nonsensical ramble about war, and about how it seems like it's a constant thing, and maybe it was going on before the first Gulf War, but she doesn't really know. Huh?

When faced with hard questions about Medicare and Social Security, and whether or not those should be discontinued because they are socialist in nature (and they are), as well as not in line with what was written in the initial documents that defined our country and set our policy, she is like a deer caught in the headlights.

For anyone who thinks I'm a big meanie for picking on Ms. Abram, or that Lawrence O'Donnell is a big meanie for picking on her, all I can say is that Ms. Abram made a choice to go on the show. If she watched a little more news, she might have realized what a stupid mistake it was to accept an offer to appear on "Hardball." If this is the opposition, I think they need to do some homework. Her arguments are inchoate and obviously not well thought out. She seems to have fallen prey to that “government is bad” mentality, all the while ignoring the numerous taxpayer-funded agencies that defend us, care for us, do their best to keep us healthy, and try to keep us moving, whether we're driving on an interstate highway (preferably a back road) or hiking the Appalachian trail, and I'm not talking about the way Mark Sanford does it!

For the most part, I'm seeing nebulous opposition, a sort of generic I-hate-the-government attitude. I will leave it to others to speculate as to why this is happening, and they already are. In the meantime, if someone like Katy Abram is the voice of those who are "ticked off," as she put it, they need to find a new SpokesModel. This one is not very convincing, and is certainly not eloquent.


  1. She would have done better to let her rant stand on its own instead of seeking her quite less than fifteen minutes.

  2. I haven't watched the clip. (kids are sleeping so no sound on the laptop) I'm still weary of the health care issues. I'm not very informed on them, which is my fault but I think if the government laid it out for us in simple terms as to what they're looking to do, a lot less people would be freaking out. I believe there's a need for it but I don't want them to take it too far. I'm suddenly hearing great things from other coutries who have similar health care in place when a year ago, all I heard was awful things.

  3. Oh my......this dip Abrams has no clue what she is talking about! Ugh! Why did they give her the spotlight on TV if not just for her to make an ass out of herself. Ugh.

  4. Anyone that uneducated and uncomfortable with her own stand on an issue is crazy to go before a camera. "Deer in the headlights" is right. Do your homework, lady!

  5. You go girl. Tell em like it is. You know how I feel about these town hall meetings.

  6. When someone, who is complaining about paying more taxes, is asked if they fall into the category of those upon whom taxes will be raised and mutters "I'd rather not say" followed by "I don't know," it is quite telling.

    Katie, honey, "I'd rather not say" that you are a clueless moron, and "I don't know" if you've lived your whole life with your head up your ass but I get the feeling that you have.

    Crawl back to your tired little existence of "I don't know" and "I'd rather not say" because YOU, Katie dear, are what's wrong with this country.

    Evil Twin =)

  7. there are lots of blow hards in the U.S. who talk out the side of their ass about things they really have no clue about. I really wish those kind of people would shut the hell up because i work with some and GEE, i hate loud mouth dumb ass people. This chick in the video is in that class.

    i do not know a lot about this health care plan but i am going to TRY and learn enough so i can say my piece too and sound like i have some sense. I find it pathetic of Republicans going off on Obama after a few months when they did nothing but defend G.W. Bush, who in my opinion is a war criminal and should have been prosecuted and i stand by that 100% because i DO know about that. They gave Dubya EIGHT years to ruin much more than Obama may ever be able to fix.

  8. Waaaay over her head!!! She really needs to understand both sides of the issue before making a national spectacle.
    BTW, I like how MSNBC is trotting out these faces of opposition. The night before, it was the gun-totting protester from New Hampshire who exposed himself as nothing more than a Tim McVey wannabe.

  9. WTF? Are you kidding me? This was painful, the woman is an idiot and the fact that she actually agreed to an interview is mind boggling.

    sleeping giant....try mental midget.

  10. if she's only for what the founding fathers framed in the constitution, it might be a good thing because then her uninformed ass would never be able to vote.....

    i hear you about the number of gov't programs we already pay into that many people are clueless about but then they start crying about how bad socialism is...ignorance is much worse. i think they dont realize just how much that the federal gov't does, and if they had to depend solely on their state/ local municiplaities, aw hell they would be paying for hookers and a good lawyer like we did with the kwame mess rather than having their roads fixed, being able to go to parks, getting schools funded (some fed programs fund all schools private and public - title 1 and the free reduced lunch program to name the two biggies), getting medicad/ medicare, having head start programs, etc, etc, etc.

    it's always about the big bad socialist wolf at the door until they NEED something from the GOVT when the status quo no longer applies to them....

    i could rant all day on this one but i am on my way to the library to play academic games (which will prolly be funded by a title program this year since no public schools have the money to participate due to the financial mess of dps.


  11. Wow! Five thousand dollar deductible!?!

    Yeah. $5,000 is about my monthly pharmaceutical bill. I'd like this clueless twit, Katy to spend a month in MY health care, and, even better, spend a year in the donut hole which my parents (mom with Lupus and MS) have fallen into. That dumb bitch would most likely eat a bullet in the first week of protracted, untreated suffering since, as her lapdog of a housewife position indicates, she seems wholly unqualified to deal with the realities of life beyond her own front door.

    I hate people like Katy. She's a dim, clueless, entitled parrot who thinks that because she has health care, she can tell people who don't have health care that they can't have it.

    The annoying thing is that these teabaggers are so freakin' dense that, in their zeal to create marginally acceptable euphemisms which condemn the fact that America elected a black man to the Presidency, they've been duped into becoming pawns to protect the shady practices of an immoral, unequal, profit-driven health care system. It's a system that, due to unmitigated greed by insurance and pharmaceutical companies, currently cares nothing for healing or curing or research and development.

    Yesterday, I put $1,800 worth of drugs into my system. That sounds like quite a rock star binge, but it was a shot and four pills. Last weekend, American author Tobias Buckell, while in Canada, was rushed to the Emergency Room with a racing pulse and tachycardia; he underwent a battery of x-rays, MRI, EKGs, blood and other tests and consultations, and was charged a scant $480.

    This country is a lethal place, and smart Americans really should be embarrassed and we need to take the microphones away from the dumb citizens who have no clue or interest in this debate.

  12. I agree... mental midget is right. Duh lady... get a freakin' clue. It's free to educate yourself.

    be well...

  13. We just came from your neck of the woods and loved it. No wonder your sense of humor is so refreshing. It's a wonder this country remains standing with so many idiots spewing their non sense. Take care, have fun and enjoy!

  14. I saw this on your face book page, and still cannot believe how purposely uninformed she is. She only can parrot what someone else told her.

    I think that the Conservative movement is really demonizing the lower classes. The only folks who can really be behind such things are the top 5% of wage earners. So it is all I can do to keep from trying to say it is a secret cabal of people who are funding the ignorance of people like Katy.

  15. Hey Q! I had to weigh in because this has arrested my attention lately. I think you hit it right on the head and it was what I was thinking too: people are scared to death of change. This plays right into the hands of the conservative talk shows... "Look out everyone.. that socialist Obama is going to take your freedom away from you... look out! Standup and fight for your rights!!" So we have large groups of people who are scared out of their minds without actually understanding the situation. I believe that healthcare should be recognized as a basic human right. It will take some time to get people used to the idea. I have no problem at all accepting some socialist programs. My mom would be SOL without Social Security and Medicare. Think also about how freeing it would be to know you wouldn't have to think about healthcare when looking for or changing jobs. Also, I think the benefits would be farther reaching than just health care. A inclusive social attitude of understanding and compassion instead of one of "sucks for you" would do a world of good things for our society. On an interesting note... I picked up a guitar magazine from the U.K. the other day and there was an article about the British government funding practice space for bands! Ha! Hmmm... universal health care, a free space for my band to practice and $4500 off a new car?? SOCIALISM ROCKS!! Go Obama!!

  16. Another excellent post! You're right. They need to do their homework before going off half-cocked spouting off nonsense.

  17. This woman ignores the basic principle of any insurance-a little from the fortunate majority helps the unfortunate few. There have been many reports in the media here in the UK about ill informed comments in the US about the NHS system here. The basic principle here is that treatment is available free of charge at the point of service to everybody regardless of there status. It is even available to visitors from the USA. Sarah Palins comments about Death Panels are beneath contempt. As I know from personal experiance treatment on the NHS is fantastic and is not compromised by any cash limit imposed by any insurance company.

  18. i just thought of something- i would of been responsible for my grandmother's medical care/ nursing home costs had she not been eligible for medicaid even though she had 'good insurance', the amount they paid was close to 3 grand a month and then we paid the rest of the balance based on what she got in social security/ pension with a small stipend left over for incidentals.

    the point is there was no way i, or anyone else in my family, would of been able to afford the cost of her care, nor were any of us equipped to be able to provide her the level of care she needed. had we not had assistance, i dont even want to think what would of happened in the last months of her life.

    milwaukee dan needs to go read his post to one of those conservatives...


  19. Excellent blog...enjoyed browsing your last few posts...
    Something certainly needs to be done and we have to start somewhere. I hope Obama can get this thing going...
    GartenGrl at Planning Plants to Plant


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