Thursday, September 10, 2009

Two little words

Obama health care speech So did everyone play like a good citizen and a Do-Bee last night and watch the President's health care address? I thought it was fantastic, but of course, I'm biased. I wasn't the person he was trying to reach, anyway. He was trying to get the moderate Democrats firmly on board, and the moderate Republicans (is that an oxymoron?) leaning towards his side. From everything I've read, there were mixed reactions in both of those camps. Some thought that it was a game-changer...others weren't so sure.

What puzzles me is how they're going to reconcile those who are majorly hung up on the public option. Republicans are saying they won't vote for the bill if it includes a public option; some Democrats are saying they won't vote for it if it doesn't include a public option. Sounds like a stand-off to me, but I'm sure a lot of it is posturing. I remain confident that some sort of compromise will be reached, and we'll see a health care reform bill passed, maybe before the end of the year. I'm not sure what the final bill will look like, but I think this is going to get done.

Today Sarah Palin was all boohoo and junk because the President called out those people who spread lies (not mentioning her by name, of course), saying that it would be "laughable if it weren't so cynical and irresponsible. It is a lie, plain and simple." She wrote something on her Facebook page like "So much for civility." Yeah. The same woman who accused him of "pallin' around with terrorists" and stood there grinning while her supporters shouted out "Kill him!" is lecturing him on civility. Blah di blah blah, Palin. The woman grows tiresome.

Wilson Speaking of lying, the big story is obviously Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina, who, when the President said that this bill does not and will not pay for health insurance for illegal immigrants, shouted out, "You lie!" The look on Speaker Pelosi's face was priceless. He was immediately and roundly condemned for it, from both sides of the aisle, and issued a quick apology. Apparently, the rules of conduct issued by the Republicans specifically say that although disagreement is part of the process, it is unacceptable to call any President something like a 'hypocrite' or a 'liar.' We'll see if he's formally censured for it. I believe he should be, and have signed a petition. (For the record, I would be as equally appalled if it had been done to a Republican President. Like him or not, I believe it's a matter of respect for the office.) He apologized for his behavior, but he didn't apologize for being wrong. There is absolutely nothing in any of the bills' iterations that provide health insurance for illegal aliens. If you're going to call the President a liar, I would think that at least you'd want to have your facts straight. What a maroon!

I also have to wonder about his self-control issues. He said in his apology that he let his "emotions get the best of" him. Well, you need to work on that, dude. It's one thing for rednecks all over the country to put up idiotic, juvenile photos and videos mocking the President; you have to love a country where you're free to be as ignorant and as childish as you want to be. But for a member of Congress to show such disrespect is way out of line, and if you continue to act out, Congressman, you've got a problem you need to work on. Perhaps therapy can help.

Here's what really cracked me up about it, though. Right after the speech, he tried to speak to the President directly. Instead, he got this guy.

Rahm in the carThat's right, he talked to my pal Rahm. Oh, what I wouldn't give to know how that conversation went! I'm surprised Wilson didn't just burst into flames.

Well, he kind of did burst into flames with his spontaneous, Tourette-like least politically. No, he's not going to be impeached or anything, and he shouldn't be. However, he's got an election coming up in 2010, and his challenger is Democrat Rob Miller, who was narrowly defeated by Wilson in the last election. Miller is a retired Marine and an Iraq war veteran. Oh, and because of Wilson's outburst last night, Miller's campaign has received over $200,000 in contributions already.

And who says politics isn't fun?!

In honor of the occasion, I made a LOLdemz. The picture was taken as Wilson shouted at the President.

Democrats(This is in reference to the first Austin Powers movie, in which Dr. Evil wants "sharks with freakin' laser beams attached to their foreheads!" Instead, he has to settle for ill-tempered sea bass.)

Come to find out, my friend Milwaukee Dan #2 also made a LOLObama right around the same time!

LOLObamaWhew, I've been laughing about this all day. Hard to believe that two, tiny little words can generate such good times!


  1. Don't get me started on that asshat.
    Or Palin, either. Whiny ass quittin' crybaby!
    Eric Cantor? Put down the phone and LISTEN when someone is speaking, you moron, or maroon!
    Michelle Bachmann? Go home and be quiet.
    The Republicans are acting more and more like idiotic spoiled children.
    I'd like it if it didn't annoy me so.

  2. I come from a long line of Republicans. I broke that mold some time ago, but still had some respect for the party. Not any more. I've officially had it.

  3. Now we know what Nancy Pelosi's grandchildren have to deal with if they misbehave at Thanksgiving. Madam Speaker was NOT happy!! You just know she wanted to stand up and yell "Not in MY House ... of Representatives!". :)

    BTW - the amount raised for Rob Miller is now approaching $500,000. Good times indeed!


  4. Now how did I know you wouldn't pass this up (winks). Love the one about using your inside voice. Reprimands him like the disrespectful child he was. (Hugs)Indigo

  5. Started watching then my eyes went crossed, kept listening but my ears started buzzing. I'm hopeless, can't be pleased I guess. Let's impeach the whole darn beltway.

  6. It would seem that if our politicians would discuss the facts, and not use sound bites, that we would get true reform and progress. Everyone agrees reform is needed, but there is such division, I am not sure we will get much done.

  7. More stuff to fan the flames of all sorts of things. I think that the history of South Carolina makes me think that racism plays a part in his disrespect for the President. It wasn't necessarily the office holder Rep. Wilson was dissing, but when you are a minority, sometimes you can't help but wonder ...

  8. I knew you would come through Beth. Way to go!!!

  9. I'm with Laurel- family shoved being a Republican and conservative down my throat- God bless America I am Free At Last

  10. blogger continuously tells me that i have no blogs i am reading so i am missing lots of entries. Really pisses me off.

    i like your two pics with captions. Cute. I did not hear the President's speech...had to work. I hope it passes. I support Obama and believe in this reform.

  11. It is not that you are bias it is that you have to reiterate the fact that Repugs are fucking up big time. I love this post.

  12. Beth, Once again, you've hit the nail on the Republican's idiotic head. The GOP continues to self-destruct at breakneck speed. It's breathtaking to watch. And how about the hypocrite Michael Duvall - the conservative married Congressman from CA who is staunchly against gay marriage and is pro "Family Values," and who has not one, but two girlfriends? That guy takes the cake. Toss him in with the two assclowns from SC (yes, I'm referring to "You Lie!" and the esteemed cheating Gov. who likes to "take hikes on the Appalachian Trail" - a great catch phrase for elicit sex, btw), and you've got a pretty good picture of what the GOP and their Family Values are all about - pure BS.

    But, hey, at least they're not socialists!!!!

  13. interesting entry
    thank you
    please come by and leave comments

  14. Pelosi's face was perfect! I loved both loldems!

    be well...

  15. There was nothing spontaneous about Wilson's comment.

  16. Excellent post (again and again)!!!

    You know I agree with every word and illustration!


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