Sunday, September 6, 2009

ND Marching Band video

Just a quick entry before I start cookout prep. I didn't get any football action pictures since I was a little too intent on the game, but I did get some of the band. You can see a handful on my YouTube channel.) The Notre Dame band is the oldest college band in continuous existence in the country, with the first reference to the band in 1846 (the university was founded in 1842). They're a lot of fun to watch, and here's a video after the game, when the players go over to the student section, the band plays the alma mater, and the students and players (and the alum in the Stadium) sing along. I'm not an alum, so I don't sing, but everyone yells the last line of the song, "Love you, Notre Dame!" and it chokes me up every time! Then they play the fight song, which is probably the most recognizable in the country.

For any non-Irish fans out there (sorry, David!) I hope I didn't make you throw up or anything.


  1. Great video. I've never been what you call an "athletic supporter" so I don't attend or watch games but I do get excited for friends who are rooting for their favorite team. I know Regis is a huge Notre Dame fan. I hope your team kicks butt!

  2. I'm not that big with any Sports but I do get excited for others that enjoy watching others who do.

    When I was in my 20s I dated a very popular Boston Bruins hockey player!!!!!! So, I went to alot of games. And, yeah...when I'm in Boston.....I try to take in a Red Sox game but for the most part, I don't sit in front of the TV watching sports.

    Hugs, Rose

  3. 164 years strong, the oldest continuous marching band in the nation, right here in our South Bend :o)

  4. Hi Beth,
    Thanks ... your posts about ND make me want to go back to school!

  5. GRUMBLE ... Notre Dame ... GRUMBLE ... Fighting Irish ... GRUMBLE GRUMBLE...


  6. I'm not much of an athletic supporter, so it doesn't matter to me. Cheer away, everyone!

    I went to UT and the Vols have their own opposition.

  7. Love marching bands, hate sports, but love the band.

    Have a great holiday!

  8. I've never really followed college ball ~ I love pro though. Around here it's all Penn State - I root for anyone but them just to get people wound up!! LOL.

  9. I must join the ranks of those who aren't particularly into football, but I do love Notre Dame and enjoy when they win. I liked going to football games when I was in college, but haven't been inspired since, even though I live in a BIG football state now (Oklahoma). Your pics and video made me want to go to a game, however, just for the pomp and pageantry. Nostalgic!


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