Thursday, November 12, 2009

Candy-coated with an ugly nougat center

I'm sure a lot of you have seen this already. It's all over Facebook, where I posted it earlier today. I believe I saw it first on Bob's blog, so thanks Bob. Oh, and Hi Bob! [sip]

I'm no fan of Larry King. I find his interviews boring and ass-kissing. But I really enjoyed this despite it pissing me off so much, because his fairly innocuous question simply highlighted this woman's idiocy. To briefly summarize the whole thing, Carrie Prejean was Miss California in some beauty pageant--Miss U.S.A? Miss America?--who gives a fuck? Perez Hilton, one of the judges and an incredibly annoying person, asked her how she felt about gay marriage. Her answer was that she feels that marriage should be between a man and a woman, sorry, but that's how she was raised. When she came in runner-up, instead of just keeping her yap shut she decided that she didn't win because of her religious views and went around telling everyone about how poorly she'd been treated, blah di blah blah.

When the California pageant stripped her of her title of Miss California because of breach of contract (she didn't show for appearances, difficult to work with, that sort of thing), she decided to slap them with a libel lawsuit for discrimination over her religious views. That suit came to a screeching halt last week when her solo sex tape surfaced, and she settled out of court.

Carrie PrejeanHer refusal to talk about any of that is ridiculous. King wasn't asking her for details of the settlement, and I'm quite certain that there was nothing to prohibit her from speaking about the situation in general terms. I read somewhere (I don't have the source, so can't verify it) that they played the tape for her in a private meeting. As the camera showed the woman's body, she said, "That's disgusting." As it panned up her body to show her own face, I'm certain she had quite an epiphany. Perhaps something along the lines of "Holy shit, I'm screwed." (I take it back: here is the TMZ bit about Prejean's reaction.)

You see, Carrie, your incredible self-righteous priggishness, which is apparently coupled with feelings of self-loathing for your own body, has been outed. You would deny marriage to people who love each other because of your own narrow-minded prejudicial religion, despite the institute of marriage having absolutely nothing to do with religion. Your religion also says that self-pleasure is a sin, and from what I hear, you were sinnin' pretty good in that video you made for your boyfriend. Gee, I wonder if you had sexual relations with him before marriage? Because your religion also says that is a sin. Wow, you're just full of sin, aren't you, Carrie?

This sort of hypocritical nonsense makes me want to projectile vomit. You live your life parading your body in beauty pageants; in order to do better in them, you have your breasts augmented, paid for by the California pageant; when you are called out because of ugly remarks you made concerning your feelings about matters of love, you bat your eyes and cry that you are being discriminated against because of your religion. No one is doing that, Carrie. You believe whatever the hell you want to believe. It's the hypocrisy that disgusts me. But if you want to talk discrimination, talk to the millions of gays across this country who cannot marry the person they love because people like you aren't enlightened enough to understand that it is not about religion! It is about civil rights and what is so fucking hard to understand about that?!

::pant pant pant::

I find this woman an insult. I believe she is an insult to thinking women everywhere. It's one thing to be pretty. I'm not chopped liver, and I'd be lying if I said it hadn't opened certain doors for me. However, at the end of the day, when the rubber meets the road, when the bullet hits the bone, you'd better have something to back it up. If that door opens for you, you can't just stand there and look pretty, give everyone a wink, and expect them to take you seriously. It's not surprising to me that her hero is Sarah Palin, who tried her best to wink her way to the White House, despite a complete and utter lack of qualifications or even enough intelligence to obtain those qualifications, not to mention lacking enough gumption to stick around and do the work necessary to learn about how things work or how to be diplomatic. What kind of person has Sarah Palin as a hero?

Headless Barbie People like Carrie Prejean, that's who. A vapid bimbette without enough intelligence to successfully promote her book on Larry King Live. Do you think anyone is talking about how much they want to read your book, you silly bitch? No, they're talking about what a douche you are, to take off your microphone and sit there pouting like a whiny brat while you get directions from whatever manager is pulling your strings. I'm surprised you didn't stick your fingers in your ears and shout "Lalalala I can't hear you!" when Larry was trying to talk to you. I'm guessing your manager reminded you that you were there to promote a book (How long did it take "you" to write it, anyway? Four months like it took Palin to write "her" book?), and you continued the interview. Your petulant, whining manner is matched only by your excessive greed and desire to cash in on your 15 minutes no matter how much you have to whore yourself out to do so, although I can't blame you for trying to cash in anymore than I blame Levi Johnston. If you were really that offended by King's question, go. Get the fuck out. Take a stand. No, you just sat there until someone took pity on you and decided to play nice and back away from any questions that might be upsetting to you.

I find you an embarrassment to my gender. You obviously don't value intelligence, you try to use your looks to get your way, and that is offensive to me. I find you inappropriate. For any of us who have tried to be taken seriously for our education or intelligence, who have dealt with harassment issues, who have had to put up with that glimmer in an eye when we're trying to speak seriously about a subject, you are not helping. You seem to believe that a wink and a smile will get you everywhere you need to go. You are the living embodiment of that old joke about a woman being a life support system for a certain body part.

How many times do I have to say it? Smart is the new sexy. You may be pretty on the outside, Carrie, but on the inside, you are one fucking ugly woman.


  1. Couldn't have said it any better. She really ticks me off. Disgusting...

  2. awesome entry. It is always a damn shame when a chick is cute on the outside and that is what most people base their perception of her on when on the inside, she is shit. I like Larry King, i watch him every day. He IS a bit long on the tooth.
    I hope this idiot fades away quickly. Hell, for once, i actually was on Trump's side on this and i can not stand him either. He was interviewed a few days ago about her.

  3. i raise my glass to all of the above!

    fuck all the haters. people should be able to marry whomever they want. bottom line.


  4. Hi Beth,
    I find it difficult to get all that upset over Carrie Prejean ... at the end of the day, who really cares what she says or thinks? I doubt she has the staying power of her role model, Sarah Palin, who at least has the decency to add some entertainment to the political scene.

  5. Well, isn't that an absolutely brilliant post!
    And they--the religious wingnuts and rightwingnuts--wonder why people get the jollies when one of these holier-than-thous is caught with their pants down or skirt up.
    She is just a disgrace to anything and everything.
    I saw her appearance on The View this week and Joy Behar [love me some Joy] said, "But Miss Prejean, you made the tape, you have [nude] photos of yourself, you didn't go along with the morals clause which is in the pageant's rules, and yet you say you're a victim — I don't totally buy it!"
    I'm with Joy.

  6. You crack me up, gf! I couldn't agree w/you more. I saw her "speaking" (and I use the term loosely) on some "news" show the other day and about lost my cookies (and I LOVE cookies!). She's pitiful. Worse than Palin, if that's even possible. I think the two of them should run off together. Maybe lesbian sex would knock some sense into their stupid bimbo brains (doubtful!!). And, uh-oh - if they fell in love, they couldn't get married! Of course, the two of them getting married would actually be THE ONLY reasonable argument against gay marriage!!!

  7. What a post! Brava!(clap, clap, clap) :)

    Though I'm the wrong gender to be offended that she is my gender, my feminine sensibilities are offended.

    Since she doesn't really have any substance, unless we let her have it, let's all just close our eyes, think of glittery, shiny things, and let her slip away.

  8. Nicely said, although I would have to say I would never put you or any woman I respect in the same category as that female, or the other 'rogue' female you mentioned. Neither is a lady.

    What I find truly upsetting is her complete disregard for fact. She wasn't fired for her religious views, she was fired because she was an attention grubbing cow with no desire to work. And her right to free speech has not been violated; she hasn't been arrested. 1st amendment doesn't let you say whatever you want without taking responsibility and answering for those words. Before you claim to be a victim, at least get a clue.

  9. Well, Howard - she IS a Right-Winger. They inherently hate facts because they get in the way of their Christianist, bigoted, deliberately STUPID so-called "worldview"!

    PS: Isn't nougat ALWAYS "ugly"...?

  10. I think that more fallout from the 'ascendency of stupid' that was brough in by W. Bush administration. Somehow, it has become 'cool' to be stupid. Michelle Bachman can't be left out of this equation, either.

    The blind ignorance that 'true believers' spout can be frightening. They live in bubbles, like the three girls mention, where their own flaws and problems are conveniently overlooked.

  11. Is it too much to hope for that she'll just disappear into obscurity -- soon?

  12. Dang, Beth...this is the most riled up I've ever seen you! Yeah, her true colors were showing, and so was her intelligence...or lack thereof!

  13. It was just announced that MORE pics and MORE videotapes have surfaced. Carrie NoJeans is a REAL GEM.


  14. I'm still laughing at how in her initial answer she actually expected us to believe she was "proud that you can choose same-sex or opposite sex marriage in this country." 1) She really seemed to believe that both are legal 2) acted like that was fine with her, until 3) she contradicted herself by saying she thought marriage should be between a man and a woman. It was an artless, wishy-washy answer, whatever its content.
    It doesn't bother me at all if she sincerely believes marriage should be between a man and a woman. What bugs me is that she could have had so many pageant directors, hair stylists and make up men, and have been cooing over them and how close she felt to them all while secretly thinking they were going to hell. That's shows complete lack of integrity. And "free speech?" Since when is what you say to win a beauty pageant a matter of "free" speech? Funny, when whistleblowers try to exercise that very freedom, they get fired all the time. Why aren't you coming to their defense Carrie? Too busy masturbating for your boyfriend?

  15. Hi Beth, I'm just catching up with this. Brilliant post! She is a little girl who has been told all her life that she's beautiful, so in her world brains don't matter.

    What sets her apart from your average bimbo is that the Right Wing Conspiracy bunch have latched onto her and, even with the sex tapes, are having a hard time letting go. They've spent oodles of cash on their girl and they want some return. Suddenly she's a "nice" girl, even finding the old guy Larry "inappropriate".

    Yes, it would be great if we could just relegate her to the "15 minutes of fame" trash pile, but we can't let the Right Wing get away with this. We need to keep exposing the lengths they'll go in order to push their agenda--which, in this case, is "family values" gone awry!

    Good job, Beth. Fury becomes you.

  16. She made herself look like a goof in that video. I don't see how anyone could take her seriously.


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