Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This is my Congressman

I got this email tonight.

Hello Friends,

On Saturday night, I joined the House in passing America’s Affordable Health Choices Act. This bill will not only make health care more affordable for those who already have it, but it will also ensure that those who cannot afford health insurance are able to obtain it. It also will not add to the national debt, a factor that played a large role in my vote.

As you may know, the road to passing this bill was long and at times contentious. For the past several months, I have traveled the district hearing from and listening to the people I represent. I have encountered many who either cannot afford health insurance or were denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions.

After many discussions and debates, I voted for what I believed would be most beneficial to the people of north central Indiana. However, as soon as my vote was made, the attacks began. They attacked with gusto, but failed to provide any positive answers: nothing about care for pre-existing conditions, no suggestions for more affordable or available care, and no plan to significantly reduce the deficit. Additionally, my potential opponent, State Rep. Jackie Walorski, simply parroted these same worn-out attacks as loudly as she could.

Even though I knew these attacks would occur, I also knew I had to do what’s right for families here in Indiana and across the country. And though the bill is not perfect, I promise to keep working hard to make it better.

Please help by making a contribution of $25, $50, $100 or any other amount to my campaign right now.

Thank you for all of your hard work, your time, and your support. I look forward to continuing my work as your Representative.


Congressman Joe Donnelly



I'm telling you, I love this guy.

Not only did he do what he felt was right, he mentioned the nutball Jackie Walorski that I have written about before! I laughed out loud when I saw that! I have a note to myself to write him a thank you note, and you can bet I will be doing that. I also love his point about how although people started attacking him, they had no real solutions of their own. That certainly seems to be par for the course lately. And Joe, I can't contribute a lot to your campaign, but you can bet I'll be contributing something. You are doing a great job, and I want you to keep on doing it. I foresee some volunteering in my future, too, because I feel very fortunate to have what seems to be a really decent guy as my representative. I don't take that for granted, believe me.

I was having a good day, anyway. This sealed the deal. Tomorrow is lunch with Cousin Shane, and I anticipate another fun day!


  1. Hi Beth,
    Good for Donnelly. Who knows, if the Health Bill passes through the Senate, perhaps Jackie Walorski can finally have her head examined. Even though I don't live in Indiana, thanks to your blog I've come to realize that she's completely out of touch with reality.

  2. I have Congressman envy and would love to have one like Donnelly. John Tanner, Congressman from my district, is a Blue-Dog Democrat and against the bill. I blogged about him and our Senators today. I wish I had Jim Cooper, the Congressman in another district in TN.

    I'm glad about yours and wish we had more like him in Congress!

  3. Connelly sounds like a real representative of the people. I have thank you notes to write to my state congress people as well. Enjoy lunch with cousin Shane!

  4. Joe Rocks, it was so great to shake his hand at his health care public forum in August :o)

  5. I am so lucky to be represented by one of the most progressive members of the House - Jerry Nadler.

    Seems like your guy is pretty good also. Can you imagine what it must feel like to live in Michelle Bachman's district?!? I would go NUTS.


  6. Isn't it refreshing when politicians sound, oh, I don't know, reasonable? Like they actually know what they're talking about and give a damn? Then again, there's that pesky GOP...

  7. Politicians like him give me hope that some of them are doing the job for which we elected them, and doing so without games and lies and trickery and nutjobbery.

  8. I am so pleased to see an honest politician Beth. It gives us hope for the future.we have many over here who ar ethe good guys as well and we thank God for them. Only wish they got the publicity that the others seem to get...
    love Sybil x

  9. Honest politician for bright future....

  10. This is just excellent, Beth. A real prospect of a bright sun on the horizon. I think you would make an excellent campaigner!! From Karo xx

  11. An intelligent realistic reasonable politician..I knew it had to happen someday...lol

  12. I think that it is so cool that you got a response from him. That is what impresses me the most of all. And it seems so well thought out that I can picture him considering his words as he wrote you.

    Effective representation in action!

  13. You have a good, thinking man as your Congressman. I'm jealous! I live in Oklahoma. :-)


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