Saturday, November 21, 2009

The SarahBus is coming

This made me laugh. I enjoyed them all, but my favorites have to be from Jimmy Fallon: “Going Rogue is going rogue!” (RIP Rachel) and “ucking funqualified.” That’s some good writin’, doncha know!

In other news, Palin pissed off some Hoosiers in Noblesville today (that’s near Indianapolis) when she left a book-signing before everyone got their books signed:

(Thanks for the link, Darren.) I enjoyed hearing the guy shouting about how she was “quitting on the job.” And this is a surprise…? We haven’t seen this before…? Apparently some supporters decided that they were no longer going to back her because of this. I have to wonder if people who have become fans of hers on Facebook really believe that they’re friends, and that she really cares about them? And do the guys who leave salivating comments about how her beauty is exceeded only by her brains really think that they have a shot with her? Perhaps Todd will meet with an unfortunate hunting accident, or be skewered by a fishing spear, and that will be their chance to move. Any guy who thinks that her beauty is exceeded only by her brians brains isn’t thinking with his large one.

I look forward to seeing the next stop in the Clusterfuck Parade that is her book tour. This video is for Raquel. :)

The SarahBus is coming
And everybody's humping
New York to San Francisco
Don’t want no nasty homos
The wheels of God are turning
And prayer lights are burning
So if you like to party
Get on and eat the body


  1. I, too, loved the "quitting on the job" shouter, but it begs the question: if people are basing their political choices on a book tour to promote a book she really didn't "write" then aren't they are ucking funqualified to be a voter?
    if she comes anywhere near Smallville, I may gtaher all my friends with brains and make the trek. I need to think up a cheer with the words quitter, liar, blame game and complete and utter asshat.

  2. Love the blog today. SP makes me sick.

  3. Not to sound too misogynistc, but Sarah Palin is nothing more than a pair of nice tits and a nice ass in a room full of superficial, window-licking hillbillies who are distracted by shiny things like that. Toss an Elmo doll into a day care, and you'll see what I mean.

  4. That's just what I needed to make my morning great! Thanks for posting that.
    Priceless. Just priceless. Not, not priceless, it was ucking funbelievable! :)

  5. Awesome post. One more thing to add to Palin's tell-tale traits. She seems to be avoiding the press along her book tour. Boy, does that sound familiar. I think she's afraid they might ask a logical, intelligent question. Wouldn't be a problem except she's without her index "clue" cards. (Yes, I do know the proper term is cue, but Palin doesn't have a clue.) (Hugs)Indigo

  6. Loved the montage of late night Palin jabs! All were perfect. If she weren't such a dangerous doofus I'd be glad she's out there presenting herself to be kicked around so humorously.

  7. Have you noticed that Palin spells Nilap backwards? Yeah, I know that Nilap doesn't mean anything; neither does Palin.

    You inspire me.

  8. I can't believe people are wasting their money and time to read her book? Ugh! She creeps me out.

    Jimmy Fallon's show was great!

    Hugs, Rose

  9. Yep, Fallon had the best two on there!

  10. This woman just needs to go away! Her credibility has gone from zero to minus xxxxxxx!

  11. Hmmmm, let's make fun of Christian's. That's way cool to discriminate like that. They're a group that are cool to bash, huh? Just wondering, bc you did it in your "poem." :(

    krissy knox


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