Monday, December 28, 2009

A furry belly and a hollow body

Beth and Baxter My family Christmas was at my niece's, and I got to meet their new dog, a bassett hound named Baxter (the same as Kim and Steve's kitteh...hi Baxter!). He was such a big sweetie, so affectionate and loving! We bonded, and as I rubbed his furry belly, he laid his head down on my foot and seemed very happy and content.

I am definitely a cat person, but I have to say that this dog was a total charmer. He was a tad bit drooly, and sniffed my crotch once, but all in all, just a cool and sweet dog. He let me flop his ears around, and if I stopped petting him, he'd lean his head back and look at me with those big brown eyes, like "Why did you stop, brown-haired lady?" Heehee! Just a wonderful, sweet dog. But shhhh, don't tell Sheeba I said so...he's laying on my lap taking a nap, and I don't want him to read about how I loved on another pet...! Please keep your lips zipped, or he might slash my carotid while I sleep.

I'm not kidding. Do not tell the cat.Divider bar My Colts lost yesterday, after they took out the starters midway into the third quarter. I'm really not all upset about it...they could have gone for the undefeated season, and I suspect that Peyton wanted them to, but it doesn't make sense to risk injuring him or any of the other starters just for an undefeated regular season. They've clinched the home field advantage for the entire playoffs, and what matters now is getting to and winning the Super Bowl. It would have been fun to see an undefeated regular season, but I'd be happier to see them in the Super Bowl.

Jamie and Beth3 I stopped watching part way through the fourth quarter, because my friend Jamie came over and we went out for a little pool, a few drinks, and a lot of talk. It was her birthday! So go on over and wish her a happy one, if you haven't already. I so totally suck at pool, even though we have a table that I could practice on if I got motivated enough. I did okay early on, hitting a couple of shots that I impressed myself with, but as the night wore on and more drinks were consumed, I really got bad. Haha! I actually won a game or two (through no talent of my own, believe me), and once when I broke, the cue ball veered right off into the back corner pocket. I was like, "Fuck, I couldn't do that again if I tried! Can I get a do-over?" Jamie was kind and gave me a do-over. Sure as hell, I did the same thing, cue ball in the same damn pocket. I am the anti-talent when it comes to pool!

The picture is for our friend Darren. His request was for us to each have either a White Russian or a Whiskey Sour for him. The plan was for a White Russian, but the place had no milk, can you believe that? So a Whiskey Sour it was. I really don't do whiskey after a couple of bad--very bad--experiences in college with Jack Daniels, but I was a good sport and a team player, and so was Jamie. It was actually quite tasty, but I'm afraid that it didn't sit well with Jamie...although I think she's feeling better now. It was a lot of fun to get together and have some fun--after a while, there wasn't much pool going on, it was just talk, and it was great. I know it was your birthday, Jamie, but I had fun, too, and I'm glad we went out! Divider bar Finally, since I was watching the Colts yesterday, and then went out, I didn't play any Rock Band. Played some today to make up for lost time and to alleviate withdrawal symptoms. I decided to buy a new guitar (Since I'm making some bucks and gaining a lot of fans you know why? 'Cause I ROCK, that's why!), although I was diggin' my basic Fender Big Block Strat. Since Brian Setzer is my favorite famous guitarist, I thought I'd choose a Gretsch in his honor, and got this awesome hollow body. Check it's pink! That's my cool new outfit, too. I've always loved the leopard print.

Rock on, people.

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  1. Glad you had a good time out with Jamie!! I spent Christmas with my family and my niece's new boxer pup, Roscoe, also.... same thing, he was SO CUTE, and he just loved me!! I'm glad you had a good Christmas!!

  2. Heh... I'd be pretty impressed if you could tote a Gretsch hollow-body. Those things are heavy!

  3. Looking forward to RBII after I finish RBI.

    Glad you two had fun last night.

  4. Hi Beth,
    Bassetts are my favorite breed ... they're not nearly as sad as they look. They're friendly, dopey and maybe just a bit stubborn when they get on a scent!

  5. Bassets are one of the sweetest breeds, but good lord can they stink!

  6. Our friends, the Round The Way Gays, have two loving dogs, so they were all up on us when we celebrated Christmas Eve last week. But when we got home, and our cats got a whiff of new dog on us, they were not amused.
    I slept with one eye open.

  7. If I'm not mistaken, you read The Pioneer Woman's blog, don't you? She periodically has some awesome pictures of her basset hound at They make me fall in love with bassets even though I'm not much of a dog lover.

  8. Oh, I don't know about the Colts. But I don't want to 'salt' anyone. The game with San Diego for the AFC title will be epic!

  9. My sister had bassetts- hilarious mournful droolers of love....

    So how funny is this- I don't think I have ever had whiskey and I was a 'majah' party girl.... guess I was just too Californian with the Tequila, vodka, etc.

    Now I want to try a whiskey sour.

  10. Oh my god! That is the biggest Basset I have ever seen!!!! Good Lord! And I tend to stay away from whiskey, I get a little nasty. I hope you have a wonderful New Year Beth!

  11. Good times Beth. I'm very happy you had such a nice time with your family and friend. I'm not surprised that you fell for Baxter. Bassett Hounds are sweet creatures.


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