Sunday, December 13, 2009

Look out…I’m back!

Poolside After a week of warmth and sunshine, it's back to the cold weather. Ah well, it's always good to get back home. At least there were no delays coming back, but it made for a long day of travel. Going through Customs, Immigration, and two more bag screenings was time-consuming, but relatively painless and uncomplicated. Oh, and my ankle held up okay with all the walking. Those of you who are friends on Facebook saw that I twisted the hell out of my ankle one evening because I was looking around instead of down, and tripped on a big gap in the sidewalk. Ohhh, it hurt so bad, but I could walk on it and it didn't swell, so I knew I didn't have a fracture or a sprain. Probably just a badly pulled muscle. You should see my bruise. It is quite breathtaking.

I'm also probably a little rusty with writing--I didn't bother much while I was gone since I couldn't get a good connection on my computer, which has all my programs and pictures. I got a lot of reading done, too, finishing Ground Zero (the latest Repairman Jack novel, by F. Paul Wilson), and Pirate Latitudes by Michael Crichton. I'm more than halfway through Ford County, John Cabo Wabo tequila shotGrisham's collection of short stories (fantastic!). I'll get back into the swing of things this week as I try to come back to reality. No more dinners out, so it's back to cooking, and tomorrow I begin my ascent on Laundry Mountain. I might have to fit a little Rock Band in there somewhere, too! Today, it will be just a few pictures and a little commentary.

I previously mentioned the smooth tequila at Cabo Wabo. I had no idea tequila could be that smooth! Usually, when you think of doing a shot of tequila, you think of downing it, choking a little, maybe making that little wheezing cough...this was just warm and smooth, and went down as easy as can be, with a bite on a lime slice afterwards. (I don't think the natives do salt at all, just bite on a lime or lemon afterwards, if even that.) Oh, and in the U.S., National Tequila Day is July 24, but I see no reason why I shouldn't extend the shot glass of fellowship, good cheer, and drunken revelry to our global neighbors. I hope everyone will mark it on their calendar, and maybe we can Wrestling maskall do a shot that day! I want to get a bottle of Cabo Wabo, but I checked the price up here, and it's $47! I could have gotten it for $38 down there, but didn't feel like messing with bringing it back in the suitcase. I still think I'll get a bottle, though. That was just too tasty to pass up.

While watching some people do shots of tequila in the hot tub, I saw an older guy do the choke and the cough, and thought, "Pussy. You need to man up." hahaha Or at least drink some better tequila.

Above is a picture of me with my Cabo Wabo shot. I noticed that because it was a hot walk downtown and I worked up a bit of a sweat, I developed a devil horn in my bangs! This cracked me up, so I knew I wanted a Mexican wrestling mask with horns. This is the one and only souvenir I got. Isn't it awesome?! It was kind of funny when they were showing me all the masks they had, and I was mimicking devil horns on my head. Heehee! They probably thought, "Loco gringa." Now that I think about it, I could have made the horns sign and said, "Diablo!" but that might not have gone across well.

No KittyThere was a cat that hung around by the pool and patrolled the restaurant for treats from the diners. Turns out they call him Banjo, and he was a sweet little guy. Surprisingly svelte for all the food he was being fed! I know when we saw him at dinner, he dined on shrimp and sea bass. When he was checking out the bucket of beer during the day, he made me think of Cartman and his pot pie. He just wandered all over the place, and it was kind of funny to see various women try to pet him. Not that I did that. Okay, a couple of times.

Oh, and the place was rife with Canadians. Everywhere I turned, it was all "oot" and "aboot" and "eh?" What's up with that? Darren? Ziggy? Ted? Do you guys migrate? Well, if you pass through on your way to warmer climes, stop by and we'll have a shot of Cabo Wabo! Okay, I'm totally kidding about the oot and aboot stuff. But not about the eh. Or the tequila shot. :)

And here's a picture for David. The waiter at a place called Los Ajos was such an adorable little guy! I had to get a picture for DD! Again, he was probably thinking, "Loco gringa." All in all, I found everyone so warm and friendly, and most were really, really pretty! I've got a couple more pictures, David, so stay tuned. As a loyal Dust Bunny, I was on the case! Los Ajos I'll end with a video of one of my favorite bands, Los Straitjackets. They do surf music, and they always wear Mexican wrestling masks. One of my favorite songs is "Sleepwalk," and although I prefer Brian Setzer's version, these guys do a fine job. Whammy!


  1. Heavy Sigh...

    It is nice to be home, but the fun and sun of vacation was awesome.

    We absolutely need to get a bottle of Cabo Wabo, but not for Margaritas, it needs to be reserved for shots :o)

  2. LOL, your bangs did a devil horn. You are scary in that mask...wah, take it off please!!! You could be a pro wrestler with that on. Mmmmm...I could use a bottle, err..shot of tequila about now. Love the cat & your cute waiter too.

  3. looks like a fabulous time!!!! i've missed your posts (and ken's too).

    welcome back!


  4. Good tequila makes allll the difference, doesn't it?!

  5. HOLA PAPI!!!!!!!


  6. Omigod. The waiter. Omigod. You couldn't bring him home as a souvenir for me?! I would've fed him and taken him to the potty and cleaned up after him! Just wowowowow. :D

  7. Aw, come on. Show us your bruise.

  8. Sounds like it was a very nice trip. Yea it is nice to return home, but all the getting caught up on things just sucks! But that's what the house boys are for right? Can't wait to see some more of the trip.

  9. Welcome back, hope you had a great time. And when does David's "package" arrive?

  10. So glad you guys had such an awesome time. That waiter's a cutie, and the tequila sounds great!!

    Hope your ankle is feeling MUCH better, glad it wasn't a hinder on your vacation.

  11. Hahaha. I should have told you about the Canadians. Mexico is very popular with them. It's one of the few places where they get a favorable exchange rate and as such is a popular vacation/retirement spot. The Canadian expatriate population in Puerto Vallarta easily rivals the American one.

    And yeah, most Americans associate tequila with that rotgut stuff that must be chugged. A really good tequila is meant to be sipped just like a good single malt. Next time y'all should head into the fine state of Jalisco where tequila is made. (Because yes, it cannot be called tequila unless it is made in this region.)

    And please feel free to slap me when I am boring y'all to death with all things Mexico related. As the daughter of an ex-pat who has been residing there for nearly 15 years, I have loads of info stored away.

  12. Welcome home -- looking forward to more pics!

  13. Like you, Beth, I have never met a tequila shot I didn't call "friend".
    Glad you're back and happy you had a good time, except for that one twisted turn.

  14. Good that y'all enjoyed your time ... and that you made it home safely!

  15. Glad you made it back here safe and sound. I missed you.. well, your writing anyway... BTW, I should've asked you to bring me back a waiter (LOL). I won't be so remiss the next time! :-D

    How is your ankle feeling now?

    What was it like where you were? I've only been to Tijuana in Mexico so my experience there is pretty limited.

  16. BTW, where do you get the books you read? Just asking... you should visit me at Barnes & Noble sometime.

  17. Glad you ar eback...missed you...What a fantastic time you seem to have back to "auld claes and cauld porridge" as we would say in Scotland...(old clothes and cold porridge!!)
    Love Sybil xx

  18. Beth, a horned wrestler mask? LOL. Be careful or you'll start a new fad here. Glad you are back and safe.

  19. You look marvelous, horn and all! That waiter is great eye candy! Welcome back!

  20. Glad you both had a blast! Love the mask. I don't think I've ever tried Tequila! I'm a scotch drinker when I'm out in the evenings and a wine drinker at home with my dinners.

    I just may give it a try!


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