Friday, December 18, 2009

Idiocy Ad-visor-y

Palin's visor You know, I wasn't planning on writing about this, because I'm getting a little tired of wasting my time on this silly bitch.

That's right. You heard me. The previously entertaining sport of picking on Palin grows tiresome to me. ::yawn:: I mean, it's just so easy. It's a constant parade of ignorance, arrogance, and just plain bat shit craziness, and it's all so...yesterday. [flapping hand] The ennui is stultifying, darling. I need more of a challenge.

I couldn't let this one pass by, though. The Palins are vacationing in Hawaii, and photographers got a shot of her wearing a visor. Not just any was a McCain for President visor. But she had taken a Sharpie or something and scribbled out the logo! [photo from TMZ]

The woman got a multi-million dollar book deal for a book she didn't write, she's vacationing in Hawaii, and she can't spring for ten bucks for a new fucking visor? She takes a Sharpie to a campaign leftover?!

Crackuh, please. The trailer park is calling and it wants its white trash ho back!

I’m no fashion maven, but even I know that it’s not cool to color your clothes with a marker. Jeez, she didn’t even stay in the lines.

Oh, and the former First Dude of Alaska was spotted wearing a T-shirt that said on the front, "If you don't love America" and on the back, "...why don't you get the hell out?"

And there are people who think that these window-licking Deliverance rejects would be good representatives of the United States of America. Who think that it would be just dandy to have her at the helm. If you think we were hated under the Bush Realm, just vote Palin into office and see how seriously the rest of the world takes us. I'll move to Canada, I swear. Good beer, good health care, good times. A Palin-free Zone.


  1. Beth, calling her "cracker" is an insult to...well, most of my in-laws! :D

  2. I'll be glad to join you in Canada if that happens. But I guess that means I'd have to cross out the logo on my "America: Love It or Leave It" visor.

  3. Just when it seems she couldn't be more of a backwoods-illiterate-moose-eating-blame-spreading-no-readin'-no-writin'-America-Love-It-Or-Leave-It-right-wing-nut-lunatic-pinhead-Barbie, she opens a whole new door to WackyTown.
    And her lttle husband, too.

    SSIS >:]

  4. I am totally stealing the phrase: "Crackuh, please!"

  5. Beth -

    I agree with Timothy. By using the phrase "Crackuh, please" you are insulting hard-working Saltine-Americans :)


  6. She is rather classless... and unlike Stuart, Palin IS like most of the people in the trailer park!!

  7. I you end up moving to Canada, save a place for me, and don't give up the blog, please....

  8. And this is supposed to be the "hot" savior of the party, pa-lease.

  9. I'll be joining you in Canada!

    I can't believe people are buying her book????

    She is truly a dumb bitch.....I agree.

    Hugs, Rose

  10. Didn't she need some advisor to "dress" her when she was on the campaign? It caused such a stink, and didn't she have to give it all back? I can't believe you called her a silly bitch?? That is so funny!!

  11. Hi Beth,
    I think the visor stunt was just that, a stunt. I'm sure she knew it would attract attention. It's almost like she's the Paris Hilton of politicians.


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