Friday, January 15, 2010

Poll dancing

Brian Williams Over on Facebook, I mentioned that it was just announced that Brian Williams would be Notre Dame's commencement speaker this spring. I wrote that I really like him, and it's true. He's my favorite news anchor, and just seems to have that likability and trustworthiness factor that successful anchors have. He also seems to be a fairly cool guy, really into music, and uses his notoriety to bring attention to new bands and artists. You have to admire him for that. I was a little surprised at the response in comments, everything from "he's my news anchor crush" to someone saying he's just plain hot. (Not to mention any names...DAWN! haha)

Some of you may remember my Rahm Emanuel poll (86% think he is a hottie, giving Rahm a definite swoon factor). Let's do the same with Brian Williams.

You will notice that my poll questions are not leading at all. [grin] I take all polls with a grain of salt, especially if I don’t see the questions that were asked. Polls can be easily manipulated, and whenever I see questions that are too constricting, or try to pigeon-hole my feelings too narrowly, I automatically distrust those results. I’ve gotten several mailings from the RNC that are written that way, although I know it’s not confined just to them. My point is to be wary of poll results. But not mine. These babies are 110% accurate! (Using 110% is a pet peeve of mine, by the way. There is no such thing. Stop using it.)

I often say that smart is sexy, and in Brian’s case, a lot of people seem to feel that way. What do you think? Is he a hottie?


  1. Being a heterosexual male I feel that I am sadly underqualified to express my opinion on this obviously very important topic.

    I don't have one anyway.


  2. Dan just asked me if I'd dump him for Brian. I had to be honest.

  3. He is a hottie and I am sure that has helped him even though most will not accept that claim.

    Who wouldn't like a cute guy reading serious news.

  4. I admit to having had a crush on Brian for years. My favorite of Brian's traits is his sense of humor. He could be a stand-up comedian (albeit a gorgeous one) if he wanted to. Plus, he lives in the town I used to live in in Connecticut! Sigh. . . Here's one of many of his humorous interviews.

  5. Hmmm ... no opinion on this one ... but I'm very curious regarding what Domonique was trying to say. Whatever it is, it's a mighty long answer to a "yes" or "no" question.

  6. You know he has his own section of where he discusses music?
    It's calle bri-tunes.
    I kid you not.
    google: britunes

  7. I like the hottie! Because he is smart and sexy!

  8. Being secure in my own sexuality, yes, Brian is hot and all the things that most guys wish they were!

  9. I think he is smart, funny, handsome...& HOT!

  10. I'm once again in a minority on the hottness meter. I'm not seeing any hotness on this one!

    I'll go with the fact he is smart but that's where I draw the line. LOL.

  11. No, he doesn't trip my trigger...but I do find him a competent and interesting news anchor.

  12. He's got my vote, but only because so intelligent. (of course)


  13. dear Beth,
    please come by and make some comments on my blog about the New Year, about Haiti, the victims and the Marines and about Martin Luther King Day and how it went..Yes I think he is so cute and very smart!


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