Sunday, February 7, 2010

Congratulations, New Orleans!

I was very disappointed to see my Colts lose, but it was a great game, it was a clean game, and the Saints won fair and square. Although it hurts, it doesn’t hurt as bad since it was New Orleans. :)

Now I’ll look forward to snapping up some great deals on Colts AFC Championship shirts in the next couple of weeks. [grin] There is a silver lining to every cloud, and my cloud is lined with awesome, cute, and adorable little Colts shirts.

Here’s to ya, NOLA! Cheers!



  1. They played an inspired game, and believed in themselves. The spirit of lives on.

  2. Hi Beth, I am just about to leave for a 4 day break with Mary to the East Coast....but before I go just had to say that I was listning to the game in bed last night/this morning !!3AM !!! and was thinking about was almost like being with you. Afterwards I decided I was MAD lying there at 3AM listing to a game I had no idea about and rooting for the colts....just for you, you realise !! However on the day the best team won and it is great after all the disasters they have come through in last few years.
    Love Sybil x

  3. I am not a big football fan, but the girls and I were in NO for one of the games leading up to the superbowl. All that excitement rubbed off and I watched the superbowl. I thought for sure the Colts were going to win. They have a very strong defensive line. But I am glad the Saints won. :) At least the after sales will work for you, eh?

  4. what?!?! They LOST? =o( That is so sad.

  5. That win will be a huge boost for NOLA's economy, ego, and recovery. Plus, they have a new mayor...
    things are looking up for the Big Easy!

  6. I'd heard over and over what a wonderful game it was. Me? Pizza, Coke and Star Trek the Next Gen :)


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