Sunday, February 7, 2010

A while to wait

Colts vs Saints It’s Super Bowl Sunday! I’ve been trying not to think about it too much, and the teabaggers have kept me occupied for the past few days (one more entry about it coming), so I’ve been keeping my nerves in check. But now it’s here, and the next few hours are going to go soooo sloooow!

The Colts are still the favorites, by 5 points, but I take nothing for granted. I do think they’re the better team, and will win by a larger margin. A Facebook friend is predicting an offensive blowout, with the Colts winning by something like 41-20. I don’t think it will be quite that lopsided. I’ll go with…Colts 35-17. Okay, that’s still pretty lopsided, but I think the Colts defense is going to stifle the Saints offense fairly well.

You know, I realize that most people are pulling for the underdog Saints. I don’t hate on the Saints at all, in fact, have been cheering for their success ever since Katrina. I know they mean a lot to New Orleans (a city which I love), and I know this is really a great story. (One of the side bets you can take is how many times Hurricane Katrina will be mentioned by the announcers. I think the over-under was 3.5. But it has to be the full phrase. Yes, people bet on stuff like this!)

If it were any other team playing them, I’d be Saints all the way. But it’s my Colts, so I’ve gotta go with them! They have their own heart-wrenching story (every team has to have at least one) in receiver Pierre Garcon whose family is from Haiti (all his relatives who remain there are okay), and who has been raising money for relief efforts. I hope he has a great game—he’s one of my favorites to watch.

Anyway, I’ll be working a little extra mojo today, and instead of wearing my usual—a Colts sweatshirt or T-shirt—I’ll be sporting my Peyton Manning jersey. Yeah, I’ve got one. Don’t you judge me! I look good in it, too, so there. I’m sure there will be frequent updates on Facebook, so maybe I’ll see you there. GO COLTS!

My friend Mark made this for me, an answer to the “Who Dat?” question. How cool is this? Thank you, Mark!

Who dat Hoosier2


  1. I think the Peyton experience factor will be the deciding factor.

  2. i want the saints to win....i love an underdog

  3. They barely scanned the fans, so I never saw if my poster caught on!
    Maybe next season.


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