Monday, March 8, 2010

Baby, you can drive my car

Slick4 But only if I love you.

Things are getting spring-like around here, with warmer temperatures and a fair amount of sunshine. I've noticed a few sprouts springing up in the woods, crocuses and miniature daffodils. (I only remember what they are because I remember where I planted them. They're only about an inch high right now, popping up through the layer of leaves.)

When the weather breaks, a young Beth's fancy turns to...getting in my car and hitting the road, baby!

No, I didn't do a road trip or anything, but one of the things I wanted to do on Sunday was get my car washed, to get all the salt and winter grime off of it. Instead of heading right over to the car wash, I drove downtown and up by Notre Dame...just happy to be out in my car, out in the sunshine, listening to some good music. I was even able to roll the window down a little bit, and that made me even happier. Since it was a Sunday, I suppose I was technically a Sunday driver, although I didn't behave that way. In fact, I got a little frustrated with people doing 30 in a 35 zone and started zipping around a bit...but that's what makes driving my car so much fun. It goes. There was also a little bit of language, mostly consisting of "WTF, people?!" I didn't use the acronym, though.

After the car wash, my car just looked so handsome that I had to take some pictures. I love my Pony. Got a little dirty again coming up the driveway (things are melting and mushy), but it's important to get the salt off of it.

Does anyone else find those big whirling dervish brushes in the car wash a little creepy? It seems like they sort of loom and then lunge at you. They don't send me into a panic attack or anything, but I do find them a little unsettling. Has anyone ever written a horror story about a car wash gone bad? If Stephen King can write about a haunted laundry press, I would think a car wash could work. Think of one of those dangly, fleshy blue strips slithering in through a space between the window and door frame, touching you on the cheek, running down your neck, all cold and slimy and soapy...hey, that's got possibilities!

Pardon my disjointedness. I'm actually tired and need to sleep soon. Too much excitement and fresh air today. Ha!

Watched the Academy Awards tonight...don't always do that, but there was nothing else on and didn't feel like watching a movie. I look forward to seeing more of these movies, especially "Precious"...I think the only one nominated for best picture that I've seen so far was "District 9." (Loved it.) I was happy to see that Jeff Bridges won for best actor, because I've liked him for years. I cracked up at his acceptance speech, because he frequently punctuated sentences with "man." As in "thank you, man" and "I love you, man." I found it charming and retro. Uh that I think about it, sometimes I say "man" at the end of my sentences. Oh well, I suppose there are worse things to be than retro.

Seeing him made me want to watch "The Big Lebowski" again, and I went looking for it. I could have sworn that I had a copy of that, but I couldn't find it anywhere! Augh! I looked twice, and it's nowhere to be found. I'll have to remedy that, because I love that movie. The Dude abides.


  1. Your post really tied this blog together.

  2. we might have our vows renewed by a dudist priest this summer!


  3. Ah ha, I finally found an issue on which we differ! When Spring Fever hits me, I find myself driving a lot slower, not faster. I guess I just spend more time looking around at the beauty of warm and happy cows and the little green tinge on the fields that have been brown for so long. Happy Spring! I like your car, but I suggest a brushless car wash. They're easier on the car.

  4. I took Veronique for a bath Sunday as well!!! It has been so rainy and wet here, but Sunday was nice enough that I got her washed and put her top down for a bit!
    Now it's rainy and yucky again, so I think I'll let her sleep in the garage and take her sister, Sally Silverado to work today. She's an outdoorsy kind of gurl and "the rain don't bother her"!!

  5. I didn't watch the Oscars... wasn't feeling well enough. In fact, last year was one of my worst movie years.

  6. My baby only goes into the touchless car wash. None of those crazy brushes that could hurt her. And speaking of hurt, Hurt Locker? Let's talk about the power of women.

  7. Very interesting post about the car wash! Go ahead and write it!

    I understand about "zipping around a bit" when the weather warms up some. I have a '68 Ford Galaxie 500 myself. As the saying goes, if we have to explain it, they won't understand!


  8. We Americans love to wash our cars on the weekends! Why is that? I get some strange, unnatural high from driving away in a spotless car. But why??

  9. I can hardly wait for the first day I can put the top down and crank the tunes :o)

  10. What a great feeling. I have had the same feelings all week as we have had lovely sunshine and I just don't want to stay in and watch it go by...mind you it is still very cold and frosty in the mornings...
    I will never go into a car wash again without thinking about them there whirling brushes coming to get me !! Thank goodness for my kind neighbour who still uses a bucket and sponge !!
    Love Sybil x

  11. I was glad that Jeff Bridges won an Oscar ~ It was long overdo ~
    I took my car through a car wash once but never again :o) I didn't like those big brushes either :o) I take her to a hand car wash now and they do a really good job ~ Your car looks great ~ Ally x

  12. For a total crack-up and big dose of Jeff Bridges, rent "The Amateurs." My favorite feature was the character named "Some Idiot," fondly known by his friends as "Some."

  13. Good Lord, the next time I go through a car wash I'm going to make sure that the doors are sealed shut!

    There's an episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" where Larry David's wife has to take some pills to prepare for a colonoscopy the next day. Just before the pills "kick in" they get stuck in a car wash. She panics and tries to get out. That's the closest thing I've seen/heard to car wash horror.

    Full blown spring cannot come fats enough.

  14. Fats? I'm sure there's a pun there somewhere, but I meant "fast."

  15. Dear Hell-On-Wheels, never mind the car. What if you went in on horseback not realizing what you were doing, the door closes, the machine starts up and you and the horse are attackked by the brushes?

    What will happen? What will you do?

  16. Beth,

    Heard from Lori (Dusty Pages) that your father has suffered a severe stroke and that the outlook is bleak. I hope he can be made as comfortable as possible, and that you be given strength to deal with the times that come.


  17. Like ADB, I read on a couple of blogs about your father's stroke. My thoughts are with you and your family.

  18. Sweetie, I just heard about your dad having a stroke. You and your family are in my prayers on the smoke. Sending all my love sweet friend. (Hugs)Indigo


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