Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Insult Fail

Rotisserie I was a little curious when someone used the word "Rotisserie!" hurled my way, apparently as some type of insult. I love a good barbecue as much as anyone, but I don't think this broad was wishing me a good meal and good health.

I did a little checking, and enlisted my Facebook friends to see if they might have an idea of what this person was trying to say. My, my, what a shocker! (So to speak...haha!) Here is the Urban Dictionary's explanation for "The Rotisserie." I'll wait while you check it out.

tap tap tap

Welcome back! Well, you can imagine my surprise. I'm assuming there are variations on the theme, because I'm not sure why she was wishing this on me. Or whether she wants to be a participant or merely an observer. My friend Stephen wrote: "A rotisserie? Oh that's easy. You're very petite. You're a "Spinner". She is obviously a butch. Let me know if you have any more questions."

Well, I never. (Really. I never.)

I'm reminded of the teabaggers, who are the ones who began calling themselves that when they were first starting out. It's too bad that they didn't bother doing a little research before they gave themselves a moniker that refers to a sexual practice. (When am I going to stop calling them teabaggers? Nevermore.)

It's probably a good idea to check into things a little bit before you start bandying terms about in an attempt to insult. It didn't insult me. In fact, I got a hearty laugh out of it, and so did several others (even without knowing the circumstances). The Urban Dictionary can be a lifesaver...or at least save you from thoroughly embarrassing yourself.

The next time I have barbecued chicken, I bet I'll laugh as I nom nom nom it!


  1. As soon as I saw the way the word was used I was like, dag! And Steve is dead on about your hater. Man, you attract a most diverse crowd to your blog!

  2. Heh... Just today, I was called a dumbass while also being condemned for my eloquence and vocabulary. By the same person. In the same sentence!

    I blame the chemtrails. Yup. There's got to be something that's getting pumped into the heads of some folks.

    Anyway, is a spinner anything like a wingnut? And no. I don't mean the crazy political loons. I mean.. umm... well... Look it up!

  3. Hmmm, I haven't heard this one in years. Funny when I pointed out what the term Teabagger meant on my blog, I had several who never posted on my blog before imform me I was wrong :)
    Go figure.

  4. The intelligence of Playskool, like in Sit 'n Spin.

  5. i mean really, isn't this what it always comes down to when people can no longer make rational arguments supported by well- substantiated facts?

    this person must be mad 'cause you got more minions then they do!


  6. Never thought of you as a rotisserie- maybe more of ...

    Oh, never mind! I haven't really thought about you that way at all! I'm sure we are both relieved by that!

  7. Was it a teabagger who called you that? What a bunch of mussies.

  8. Rotisseri????????????? Your Blog certainly attracts people who love to play with your head! Ignore the nutcake.

  9. Most people don't bother insulting you(or reading much for that matter) unless they are in some way captured(or obsessed)by your blog. You provoke reaction. I see that as a good thing--ok, most of the time. Rotisserie? Uhm, no. ~Mary

  10. Isn't it amazing how many times people use misnomers without realizing it, sometimes insulting sometimes just funny. I was called out for saying "human being" and told to look up "being" well, it sure shut me up quick! "Being" is a monstrous thing according to the good Dr. Noah W. Life sure gets coo-coo lol.


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