Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hold the lime

Tequila Hang on tight, folks. Guess what today is?

It’s National Tequila Day.

Uh oh.

I find tequila to be one of those insidious drinks. So tasty, especially in margaritas, but oh, so very, very dangerous!

I’ve learned that my limit is two. Two margaritas, two shots (although that’s venturing into a dangerous area), or two whatevers. Any more than two, and I’m in trouble. Oh, I don’t mean out of control, or projectile vomiting, or dancing on the tables, or anything like that. (I do recall falling asleep in Chi Chi’s bathroom in Grand Forks, North Dakota, but that was years ago and long before I learned my limit.)

I’ve also learned about the difference between good and bad tequila, and that genuine tequila is only made in certain areas of Mexico, primarily the state of Jalisco. True tequila is made from the blue agave plant, and must be made that way in ordered to be called tequila.

Primo tequilas carry none of the burn of cheaper brands, and are best sipped like brandy. When in Mexico, forget the lime and salt. Such shots are called “training wheels,” and although the lime and salt helps cut the burn when it comes to crappy tequila, you’ll find it’s not necessary with good tequilas. They’re smooooooth.

I’ve got a bottle of Cabo Wabo Blanco that I might have to crack open to celebrate National Tequila Day. It would be a shame not to, wouldn’t it?

If you prefer your tequila in margarita form (I love margaritas!), have you ever tried making a real one, not using a mix? Sometimes simple is best, and the basic margarita is simple indeed.

3 parts tequila
2 parts triple sec
1 part lime juice
Combine in a cocktail shaker with ice and strain into a salt-rimmed glass. Tasty!

If you like frozen margaritas, try them on the rocks instead. I can’t remember the last time a frozen margarita passed my lips. On the rocks, with salt. It’s the only way to fly.

If you choose to indulge, be safe. If you need some extra inspiration to get you going, watch this. Mas tequila!Tequila shots


  1. dag!! I stayed up thinking this was a take off of Toto's 'Hold The Line'! I loved that song!!

    In fact, I drink my own version of the margarita, known in one of the local Smallville spots, as the Bob-a-rita.

    2 parts Cabo Wabo Reposado
    1 part Grand Marnier
    1 part lime juice.
    Pour over ice, shake it like mad, and then serve it straight up with as wedge of lime.

    The Bob-a-rita!
    And I may have one tonight in celebration of this holiday!

  3. Tequila is a licensed name like champagne. The alcohol can only be called tequila if it is made in Jalisco. Anything else is simply an agave based alcohol. The crappy tequilas are such because they are usually not 100% blue agave. It's the other stuff mixed in them that causes the burn.

    I wish someone had explained all this to me in my college days. While I can now have the occasional drink of tequila, often just the sight of the bottle makes me queasy.

  4. I discovered Tequila shots at a fighter pilot party in Arizona in 1981. Thank goodness I had my own pighter filot with me that night! I'm a real fast learner; margaritas tempt me not. Ya'll be careful out there on the roads!

  5. tequila makes 'em feel ya!


  6. Tequila makes you do crazy things. I can';t say I am a fan. I can say I have imbibed to excess at more than one occasion. But that was years ago...when I used to do crazy things....because of the tequila. Or was that just my excuse? Hard to say, really.

  7. Crazy Kyle comes out with Tequila. I think it is better for the world if he stays bottled up. :)

  8. Happy Tequila day Beth!!! If I was still slammin' down the booze I would be more than happy to belt a few shots indeed.


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