Thursday, July 22, 2010

An unwelcome solicitation

Walorski I’ve made it quite clear that I am no supporter of Jackie Walorski (that’s her over there… gahhhh!), the Republican nominee for my Congressional district seat. I couldn’t stand her when she was a state legislator, and I dislike her even more now that she is running against my Congressman, Joe Donnelly. I would like Joe to be a little more liberal, but all in all, he’s a good guy who his working hard for his constituents. He has helped bring jobs to our area, and has done plenty to help Indiana’s veterans.

Walorski, on the other hand, is all about bombast and talking points. She is antagonistic rather than problem-solving, and during the primaries, spewed nonsense about how she, personally, was going to make sure that Nancy Pelosi was sent home to California. One of her opponents dryly (and correctly) pointed out that only the people in Speaker Pelosi’s district can do that. Walorski is playing to the teabaggers, trying to build upon their irrational fears of government takeover and the “loss of their country and their freedoms,” although they can’t quite seem to articulate just how that is taking place.

In short, I am against everything she stands for. I abhor her personality and tactics and do not subscribe to her religion (she’s very vocal about that, too). So it was quite a surprise to find a letter from the Walorski campaign in the mailbox yesterday. She was asking for support and money. Talk about barking up the wrong tree! The contents of that letter don’t really matter. It was the usual talking points blather about vague fears and big spending and blahbitty blah blah. I did not react well (in fact, I was quite offended to have my mailbox sullied with her name), and I wrote this letter, which I will enclose when I return the pledge form with big fat zeros all over it. That will be worth the price of a stamp. Walorski needs to get the fuck out of my face, and if her campaign ever calls here, they’re in for an earful.

To the Walorski Campaign:

I received your mailing dated July 16th, a letter opening with the line “The liberals just don’t get it!”

As one of those liberals, I can tell you that I do get it. I get that you’re a reactionary fundamentalist who would have everyone believe exactly as you do. I haven’t forgotten that you attempted (and failed) to shut down the entire state’s Planned Parenthood clinics because of the transgressions of one clinic.

I do not support your agenda; I believe it is the same ludicrous behavior that got us into trouble under eight years of President Bush. I am a proud supporter of President Obama, I believe that the richest among us should be taxed more, and I am certainly willing to pay a little more in taxes in order to benefit my fellow human beings who are less well off. I am also a proud supporter of Congressman Donnelly, including his vote for health care reform, and will be doing what I can in order to help him get re-elected—and to defeat you and your corporate ideals.

Great job on the endorsements from National Right to Life (I support a woman’s right to choose), Gun Owners of America (I support gun ownership, but feel that our regulations are far too lax...when someone can buy a gun at a garage sale, we’ve got a major problem), Mitt Romney (a belief in magic underwear sort of spoils a candidate’s rationality in my book), and Mike Huckabee (a rejection of evolution makes me question a candidate’s intelligence). None of these endorsements make me want to support you. Quite the opposite.

In your letter, you mention the liberals’ “liberty-robbing policies.” I am really curious as to what you mean by that. Which liberties have been taken away from you by any “liberal” policies? I would love a reply detailing the liberties of which you have been robbed.

Congressman Donnelly is listening to me. I have sent him several emails, and he has responded to all my concerns. I have found him to be incredibly responsive and a member of Congress who represents me quite well. On the other hand, I sent you an email some time ago to ask you to stop your attack on Planned Parenthood in Indiana; you responded that you had forwarded my email to my representative, Joe Niezgodski. Interestingly enough, Mr. Niezgodski’s office checked and they never received any forwarded email. I have no reason to trust you as my Congresswoman.

I suggest that you save your precious campaign funds and not send any further solicitations to my address. I will not be contributing one cent to your campaign. One “red” cent, I could say. However, I would be quite interested to get an answer to my question about exactly which freedoms have been taken away from you. It’s easy to spew talking points; quite another to say something of substance. I’m still waiting to hear anything of substance from you.


  1. Whooooooohooooooooo, You go girl!

    Great letter. Proud of you!


  2. I wish I had your ability to get your points across so eloquently...and you are spot on for every point you make.

  3. Reactionary talking points are all these idiots have to offer. Oh, and the occasional racist gaffe.

  4. We don't get to have this kind of fun in NYC - everyone is a Democrat. It's both a blessing and a curse.


  5. I look forward to reading her reply........if we live long enough !!

  6. These idiots are shameless. They don't even bother to check to see if they really are preaching to the crowd. They don;t care if they offend you with their rhetoric. They just send stuff out there and hope they can attract some support. That's now the way we do business in this country. Last week, I got a solicitation from a roofing company saying, "Hey, I was passing by your house and I noticed your roof is in need of repair. I can help....". Of course, our roof is brand spanking new. How insulting was that. These freaks are just plain idiots.Jackie Walorski look ssooooooooo much like one of those closed minded hate-freak, right wingnuts, it's scary. They must only have a limited catalogue of clothing, hairstyle, and facial expressions that they are allowed to wear. I guess it helps them identify each other in crowds.

  7. She is shameless. More like barfing up the wrong tree.


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