Saturday, November 20, 2010

Troll frag

Trollz cat Northeast has left a new comment on your post "Troll Patrol":

Hmmm . . . still no link to the document in question. Just incessant excuses for its absence. "The government must have seen it . . . TRUST them." "It's not his burden of proof." Yawn.

And then, irrelevant comments about the blog owner's rights and intelligence. Well, let's see. She proclaims herself a passionate advocate of peace and harmony, but then spends every other post calling conservatives stupid and evil. Ask her a simple question, and she goes on a hysterical rampage to "out" you while all her friends make threats of violence. But never answer the question, other than to call it ludicrous. Typical liberals.

I think I'll stick around and help educate you. You're welcome!

Well, this has all been an amusing diversion, but ultimately a waste of everyone's time. We all got a little outraged, and I'd like to thank my friends who had such nice things to say about me. I appreciate it very much. But we all have better things to do than spend time in engaging someone like this. Heck, even Northeast, who has spent the past two days obsessively checking this blog and its comments section (thanks for sending my stats up, though!) must have better things to do than waste his time with a group of people he obviously feels are "dumbasses." (As an aside, I see that my previous troll and her sister have also been checking obsessively over the past couple of days. I'm sure they had a good little chuckle over Northeast and his comments about me and my friends, which tells us everything we need to know about them. Perhaps the three of them can get together for a potluck, although I'm sure all the food and drink would taste decidedly bitter.)

A few things here. Northeast's continued harping on the birther "controversy" is fairly indicative of his mindset. It's old news, Skippy, thoroughly debunked. I haven't written anything about it for over a year (you can read my birther entry here, if you so choose) because it is a non-issue. His continued demands for me to produce the document are just...well, they're just silly. His patron saint, the lunatic Orly Taitz, has had numerous lawsuits thrown out of court, and has even been fined for frivolously wasting the court's time. If you're on the same team as Orly Taitz, Northeast, you might want to rethink your position. After all, bat-shit crazy can rub off on a person.

Yes, I do have strong opinions about some of the conservatives in the government and in the news, and what they are doing to my country. Yes, I think some of them are stupid (Christine O'Donnell), and I think some of them are evil (Sharron Angle). I think some of them are stupid and evil (Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, et al). I'm not the first to state these opinions, and I certainly hope I won't be the last. Everyone has the right to their own opinions, and since this is my blog, I choose to express them here. Northeast obviously has differing opinions; perhaps he will start his own blog, where he can express his own opinions. I'm sure he'll understand if I don't stop by to read it.

And if you think my previous entry was a "hysterical rampage," you really don't know me very well. And you don't want to. I'm fine with that, believe me.

NetTroll I do appreciate his kind offer to stick around and help educate us, but I think he'll also understand if I don't take him up on it. I enjoy other viewpoints, and I have had several people express them here over the years. However, Northeast doesn't want a discussion; he wants merely to belittle and insult. You don't start an intelligent conversation or even a lively debate with someone by starting off with calling them an "ignorant dumbass." And you don't subsequently insult their friends by continuing to call them names. These are not the signs of someone who has any desire to engage in any sort of real discussion.

Since that is the case, as owner and proprietor of this blog, I have made an executive decision. I don't like to do this, because I loathe censorship, and I let 99% of comments that are left here stand. It's a rarity for me to do so, but I will be deleting all further comments from Northeast, or any other nom de plume he decides to use. His goal is not to further any dialogue; his goal is to kill it, and beat those who disagree with him into submission. (Remember my tip, Northeast...bag o' oranges!)

I'm not going to moderate comments, but I get emails for them all, and I will be deleting his as soon as I see them. You may still see them if you get here before I do, and I apologize for that. I'll see them all, but I'm cool with that.

You're welcome.


  1. They may be lost, little bottom-dwellers, but Birfers are always good for a laugh. I'd almost admire their tenacity if they weren't so screechingly insane.

  2. Oh well, he really didn't seem to be much of a "Northeast," anyhow. Your Detective Skills revealed him to be more of a "Mid-Atlantic." Maybe someone should check his Birth Certificate ...

  3. Can't change his mind, only the way we react to him. Though just once I'd like to have some sort of D&D type dice rolling power to rid the world of the trollish sort.

    Delete Northeast and Carry On!

    On an aside, I have never watched Glenn Beck but the other day at work, he was on tv and no one changed it. I just have to ask... is that dude for REAL? Really?? Is he serious about the stuff he spouts in his show? And how did he get a show? I was astounded.

    Sorry for the aberrant comment but the mention of his name made me think of it. (oh and by the way, I doubt a dumbass would use the word aberrant. Just sayin') :0)

  4. wnd = "Wing Nut Daily". Just sayin'.

  5. Hey, I heard it on good authority that John McCain was born in- gasp- Panama! Can you believe it? Where's the outrage? And how do we know he wasn't born in some bordello outside the Canal Zone and his "birth certificate" forged to make it look like he was born on US territory? Occam's Razor be damned!

    Oh wait, sorry, I forgot McCain's a white dude with an Irish name. My bad.

  6. Whoops, sorry guys. I was out this evening and wasn't able to edit comments as soon as I wished. But they're gone now.

  7. Good riddance. Did you block that simple-minded prick?

  8. Beth, I'm glad we won't be seeing him or her. Under different circumstances he or she might actually be an interesting/fascinating person to talk to. I enjoy reading ultra-consevative viewpoints(especially ones expressed by non-media whores)with substance behind them; it helps to keep me on my toes.

    I wouldn't even consider addressing a person like this, unless I actually knew something about him or her. I've find it helpful to know how a person feels about other related social or political issues to help give me perspective. After all, if I read a single blog post by a libertarian I might incorrectly assume they were an ultra-conservative. You were more than generous in giving him or her some time.

    Hiding behind a disposable, anonymous profile, with no blog attached at all, is an immediate turn off for me. It's the online equivalent of a person leaving a nasty note on your front door, saying horrible things about you, with no return contact information. Acting like that is childish and cowardly and undermines all credibility the person had.

  9. I love Marty's comment! Well, it was nice of you to give him his time and his chance to air his views. He's emptied his bag now, so no reason to let him go on and on and on with the same drivel.

  10. It's fun to laugh at them, isn't it? But ultimately they're annoying - like a back zit.

  11. I will kind of miss Northeast, though. It's fun to see how many silly and ridiculous things can be packed into a single comment. Just how incoherent can an argument be? Now, we'll never know.
    ...just saying...

  12. You have so many 'biggest fans' on the netwaves, Beth... I would look out lest someone tries to take a hammer to your ankles to keep you in one place forever!

  13. Good for you! I had to do that, too, and it feels good.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Ken! I'm thankful I met you both and enjoy your blogs and FB comments! Carry on!! xoxoxoxox

  14. First time visitor, here. Thanks! I've never had a troll on my site, but I made the mistake of venturing into a seedy neighborhood in the blogosphere, and I came to the same conclusions you did. That is, engaging these people is bad for the digestion.


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