Thursday, November 18, 2010

Troll Patrol

Troll face I really wasn't planning on addressing the lovely comment from a new troll, but there are a couple of things that are just too good to let by.

"You're an ignorant dumbass. Shut up and let me school you on this issue, and then retract this false and idiotic post."

I'm not even going to bother mentioning the birther issue raised by "Northeast." I've written about it before, it's a dead issue, and as Marty noted, it's astounding that there are still people so obsessed by this ridiculous rumor that this latest troll actually found my entry by searching for "Obama birth certificate." If all you do is search for blog entries by average bloggers like me, people who have no real influence in the broader sense, you just might have a teensy problem.

Then there is the "shut up and let me school you" remark. Hey, got a tip for you, man. If by some chance you have a wife or a girlfriend (it's hard to tell for certain, but I'm pretty sure that Northeast is male), I hear that using a bag of oranges to beat them doesn't leave marks. That'll keep the little woman quiet, and she won't utter a peep when you "school" her.

I was especially amused by the demand to "retract this false and idiotic post." That's come onto my blog, leave comments that are insulting to both myself and my readers, and you expect me to retract my post. That is simply delightful! I wouldn't be a bit surprised if you're a teabagger, Northeast, and if so, I'm sure you constantly howl about First Amendment rights. Here's a news flash, Skippy: this is my blog, these are my opinions, and there ain't no retracting going on here, other than your testicles retracting into your body cavity.

Finally--and this is what made me decide to write about this...and I am the Decider on my blog, thank you very much--here is the information that I found for that lovely flower of humanity, Northeast. Troll visitThat's right, at around 3:30 this afternoon, Northeast was leaving nasty comments via the computer system of the New York State Unified Court system. I wonder how their employer would feel about that?


  1. Wouldn't it be great if you could turn him in?

  2. Sunlight's a very effective disinfectant, huh?

  3. New York State? Probably a Paladino supporter. Even worse than a teabagger.

  4. Don't fuck with Nutwood..... that's all I'm sayin'!

  5. Oh honey - I'm sure our current Attorney General (and Governor-Elect) Andrew Cuomo would be interested in this little tidbit. Seriously.


  6. Poor Northeast. There must have been some bad tea in that bag.

  7. I'm still amazed that people can still think he wasn't born in the U.S...I THINK someone high up would have made sure of that..And a high five for pure ownage for getting all that info on the troll!

  8. I think we have stumbled onto a new species of troll/teabagger -- trollbagger!

  9. My, my, you're even dumbass-ier than I thought.

    You've defaulted on the question I raised by failing to address it. For all your big talk about pushing back, ultimately you decided to crawl back into your little fact-free hole and hide. And yes, in 1961 Hawaii did issue "certificates" signed by doctors who witnessed the birth, which is precisely what the recent "certification" Obama released would presumably refer to and rely on for its information. But he's never released it, and you can't provide a link to it. I don't what nonsense your past posts spewed, but I know that they didn't link to a copy of the contemporaneous 1961 certificate.

    Of course I didn't expect you to shut up and retract the post. I expected you to react exactly as you did -- with a comment or post further confirming your ignorance. Thank you for complying. It's fun to have a puppet on a string dancing to my teabagger tune. Now immediately apologize for being stupider than I expected. Also, go back and delete all the comments that disagree with me.

    Oh, and nice work, Detective Holmes. You did indeed confirm that like 3 million inhabitants of lower Manhattan, my computer is capable of picking up the free state juror WiFi signal when I'm somewhere in the area. Kinda like yours might pick up Starbucks' WiFi when you're out back rummaging through the dumpster for a free sandwich. Janet Napolitno should put you in charge of Homeland Security.

    By the way, could you give me the login info for your blog's dashboard so I cam start doing rightwing guest posts? This blog needs some balance. I promise I won't abuse the privilege, and will stop calling you dumbass as soon as I find a better word. Thanks.

  10. This ought to be good [grabs popcorn]

  11. *sigh*...It's HER blog-guess what Einstein, it IS the balance to the "lets pick and choose our facts so we can attempt to validate our points/beliefs" views of idiotic teabaggers.....this HAS to be someone trying to yank our chains on purpose..anyone from a family tree of a straight stick nature could not be this damn coherent yet be that damn ignorant ...if the guy(Obama) has the authority to have his finger on the damn big red button if the proverbial shit ever hits the fan, I'm betting that they are damn well going to make sure the guy elected had the right to be elected in the first place. You want to know WHY they refuse to release it? Because it's stupid to validate the hundreds of requests they get day in and day out for copies of the certificate-wastes time and wages for state workers (one of the fifty know, where HE WAS BORN) to try and prove to ignorant closet racists that yes, he is a citizen of this country that includes some amazing people with spirits that do not give up, and also includes those like you..I would suggest going back to planning for, and traveling to, your Westboro baptist church "God Hates Fags" funeral hate protests.
    The only validation I could find to the dispute that he was born a citizen was because while his mother was born in Kansas, his father was born in Kenya-our president was born in Hawaii, but some people believe the right to be considered a naturalized citizen should not happen unless both parents are from the country. Unfortunately, his mother was, his father was not, but IT DOES NOT MATTER-he was born here regardless of his parents nationality, and that gives him the right to be considered to be a citizen - by law, any person born in the U.S. including it's territories, is granted U.S. citizenship. And I'm done..time to go scrub the knuckle marks you and your sibling left in fits of passion with each other in the cats litter box.

  12. Mr. Mischief,

    I wasn't suggesting that Hawaii release it. I was suggesting Obama authorize it release. That's what he did with the 2007 certification, which was just as legal protected from disclosure as the 1961 certificate is. He'd only have to release it once, putting online for examination.

    As to your imputing racism to everyone who disagrees you, it's old. The reason the Democrats got drubbed in the midterms was their incessant repetition if that meme. They insulted the elecorate.

    You catch more flies with honey, you dumbass. So immediately ask the idiotic blog owner, in a nice way, to completely capitulate to my non-negotiable demands for a link, a retraction, guest-posting privileges, an apology. And yes, I'm yanking your chain. Sort of.

  13. I find it humorous that in this day and age of vetting beyond reason that anyone with an IQ of over 75 would think someone who wasn't a natural born citizen could actually "fool" the powers that be and fake their way to the highest office in the land.

    The fact that this idiot would put the onus of "proof of citizenship" on an everyday citizen is laughable as well. No one, including this blogger nor the idiot in question, could provide a link to my birth certificate. Does that mean I'm not eligible for the office of President? What a tool.

    I'm not a violent person by nature, but if I were ever to meet someone of this moron's intellect in public, and they actually had the guts to say stupid shit like this out loud, I would kick their ass just for the satisfaction of it. Anytime, anywhere.

  14. Holy crap, Northeast is in BROOKLYN! Cool! I can motor on over there and unscrew his/her head and drop kick it up and down the street. We'll tawk.

  15. Oh my. So sorry, Mr. Northeast, sir. You are picking on the wrong woman here. This particular blog owner has proven herself time and again to be educated, intelligent, and sensible. Her friends know this, so your rants just make us laugh and sit back to see if she is going to ignore them or give us a good old show. You are so entitled to your opinion. I hope you have a blog somewhere wherein you can share it. I'd say that I respect your opinion, only you chose to begin it by calling Beth names. So I'll say I respect your right to your opinion. I wish you'd professed it in a more gentleman-like (or ladylike, if that's your gender) manner,though. Beth has the right to her opinions, too, and since this is her blog, this is the absolute perfect place for her to put them. I'm a little surprised she has allowed you to go on as long as you have. Because of the way you addressed her, she should have just deleted you -- not because you disagreed with what she wrote. But I guess she decided it would enliven our day to share you with us, boorish manners and all. And it has! (Oh yes, you might want to proof your comments next time. You had a few mistakes in them, and that seems to always detract from the point one is trying to make.)

  16. raquel can we come? i loves me a good road trip!


  17. Hmmm . . . still no link to the document in question. Just incessant excuses for its absence. "The government must have seen it . . . TRUST them." "It's not his burden of proof." Yawn.

    And then, irrelevant comments about the blog owner's rights and intelligence. Well, let's see. She proclaims herself a passionate advocate of peace and harmony, but then spends every other post calling conservatives stupid and evil. Ask her a simple question, and she goes on a hysterical rampage to "out" you while all her friends make threats of violence. But never answer the question, other than to call it ludicrous. Typical liberals.

    I think I'll stick around and help educate you. You're welcome!

  18. Hi Beth -- Looks like you've got a Nor'easter blowing through town. Thanks for the laughs. The one thing I agree with in all this is that it's nice to see opposing views.

  19. miss alaineus - sure! The more the merrier. Northeast is actually in Jamaica? We can take the F train over there. But we must do some more digging and pinpoint the little bugger exactly.

    Stephen is gonna love this. . .

  20. Nice job, Beth. We've tangled with these kiinds of teabagging trolls before, as you know. Their typical MO is to avoid the serious questions you put to them, or discussion points, continue asking the same idiotic question over and over again, trying to get the answer they want. They are not concerned with any answers beyond the one they feel is already correct.
    It's fitting that Northeast works in the judicial system. He's clearly already judged and assesed a case he feels is valid, and then he goes about to try to find the smoking gun.
    Get a clue Northeast, there is no smoking gun. With so many racisits and bigots out there, many of whome are in (or soom will be in) Congress already, don't you think that is the president wasn't legally a citizen, someone would already have proven it? You know your kind doesn't give up, regardless of the lack of evidence, or the amount of proof. We have better things to do that argue with you over a non-issue.
    Lighten up and worry about the real probelms facing this country. Try to be a true American who supports freedom and dignity and all first amendment rights for everyone, not just those who drink the same tea as you do. There are other flavors and drinks out there. Perhaps, you should try one.

  21. Northeaster - Poor Johnny One Note


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