Friday, December 17, 2010

Bitter living through chemistry

Bitter fruit No political stuff today. It's a holiday miracle!

Frankly, I'm more than a little burned out on politics. It's a temporary setback. I suppose if I'm going to go through this, now is the time to do it. I'm still following things, but I'm just worn out. I'm tired of debating, I'm tired of the partisan fighting and lately, the infighting. I need a break, and I am happy to take one before things start heating up in the spring. A handful of GOP debates have already been set, and I'll admit to having a little sunshiney thought that Sarah Palin might be taking part in those debates. That should be some major entertainment! I think I'm just going to sit back and watch things develop, and then enjoy the circus. [rubbing my hands together with glee] I've got all winter to formulate my master plan. Bahahahaha!

Instead, I'm thinking tonight about those who let their own anger and bitterness get in the way of the right thing to do. As I watch my friend dealing with her kids' school district because she feels that her kids are being taught some very disastrous and wrong thinking about sexuality and sexual mores, I wonder about the difference between defending your kids or loved ones based on protecting them from a genuine threat versus one that you have raised to threatening status in your own mind. I wonder what is wrong with anyone who would ignore the best interests of their own family because they are unable to let go of their own notions and perceived hurts.

I've seen it in my own family. The bitterness and anger is passed on to those who are innocent, the acerbic commentary is shared both in the written and spoken word, and it's made very clear that one party is the enemy and to be hated. I'll never fathom how anyone can so blatantly pass on their anger to those who it is their duty to protect and keep from harm—that includes both physically and mentally. Passing on the baton of your own bitterness due to perceived slights is so unhealthy, especially when you are clinging to incidents that happened years before. If you want to continue to hang onto what has hurt you in the past, I suppose you have that right (although it really isn't very healthy); spreading your misery and misconceptions to others is dangerous and simply not right. 

When the recipients of your bitterness are subjected to a constant barrage of negativity and erratic behavior, they have no exposure to a healthy perspective or chance at discussion and resolution. When other family members support such behavior and enable the hater to keep on hating, what chance at a normal life do the recipients have? When much of your life and your personal interactions consist of nothing but chaos, disorder, and dysfunction, how can other family members thrive and be healthy in such an atmosphere? I find that really sad. I suppose that seeing your own negativity reflected in those around you is satisfying for some. I see it as mentally unhealthy and a very unsound state of mind. Especially when you put the future of your loved ones in jeopardy.

All because of your own bitterness.


  1. That is why the term 'institutional' gets attached things... it gets handed down and becomes so prevelent that it is validated as a way of thinking. Ignorance gets reinforced because all the primary source for either information or confirmation is from the same poisioned well of thought.

    People are into more than recycling plastic. Bile, hate and resentment gets passed around and down like genetic traits, too. It helps keeps people insulated when the winds of self-responsiblity and personal acconutability begin to blow.

  2. It is unfortunate, especially when reaching out has been attempted and swatted away like an insect.

    Bed. Made.

  3. Well said! Wish all could be in a better state of mind.

    Hugs, Rose

  4. i think most bitterness comes from the inability of people to accept the truth and move on. in my line of work this is pretty common, it breeds the 'blame the teacher' mentality when you have parents that can't accept that their kid has special needs that cannot be fully addressed within the general classroom population.


  5. I had to disengage all contact with my sister because of negative attitude toward me; the relationship was becoming toxic and it had to end. The trade-off was between loyalty to one's own relatives and the harm it was doing to me to maintain that relationship. It was a difficult choice.

  6. Hi Beth,
    Seems like a good time of year to set the politics aside for a while!


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