Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gayroller 2000

Gayroller Hey, before I forget, you might recall that a while back, I wrote about people treating you shabbily and then asking for money. I neglected to mention in my latest entry that the people hating and hoping for a slow, painful death are also some of the people asking for money. That's right: Give me money and then fucking die! Die slowly, painfully, and alone!

Isn't that just dandy? I really can't help but laugh about it. Someone has much to learn about how the real world works, and someone has a hard lesson ahead of them. Someone is seriously lacking in negotiation skills. Someone should never be an ambassador. Hello, World War III! Do you hear that dry, crinkly sound? That's the sound of the money tree slowly and inevitably withering and dying. Reality bites, life's a bitch, and oh yeah, life goes on. Just ask Jack and Diane.

I briefly mentioned the repeal of the discriminatory DADT policy, but it's worth a little more time and space. Obviously, I'm quite happy about this. I feel it is a civil rights issue, and the policy was discriminatory and wrong. It's been amusing to see some of the arguments against it. The usual...disruptive to our troops, especially in life during wartime (I got some groceries...some peanut butter...should last a couple of days. Jeez, everything is reminding me of songs at the moment!), showering with gays, blahbitty blah blay blue. I hear all this stuff and I wonder why those opposed weren't more vocal when we started hearing about the culture of rape and sexual assault against women in the military, and the failure of the military to fully address that issue? I guess if it's women getting raped, it's not that big of a deal, but even the mere thought of gays getting all rapey and junk with *gasp* other men is enough to send them into apoplectic fits and result in a terminal case of the vapors. Give me a break.

Senator John McCrankypants was the biggest foe, getting all thrombo on the Senate floor and on the verge of blowing out a vein. I honestly don't think he realizes what a complete and utter joke he's become with his endless opposition to the repeal. It was initially "Sure, I'll go along with it if the military brass says it's time." The brass said it's time. Then it was "Well, it needs to be studied." Study conducted. Then it was "This study is flawed." Why didn't he just propose something more preposterous, like "I'll support this when the moon turns red."


I even saw someone comment that what really galled them was that the man repealing this was someone who had never served in the military and has no idea of the culture there. Two things: President Obama repeals nothing; Congress does. Also, the man who initially put this flawed and discriminatory law into place also never served in the military. Your argument is invalid, jerkwad.

I'm so tired of hearing the same old argument about how homosexuality is a choice, and that it is morally wrong because the Bible says so. Here is a newsflash: we don't legislate according to your religious text, no matter who you are. You do not get to dictate how the rest of the country behaves, and you do not get to decide what is morally wrong or right based on your religious dogma. Some people just don't seem to get that. This is a civil rights issue, every bit as much as blacks, Jews, and women serving in the military, which also met with opposition before things were set right. (I guarantee that scripture was quoted in the arguments concerning those groups serving.) That's not even an issue here, because the majority of both military and civilians say that it is the right thing to do. I guess McCain only wants to listen to his constituents when it fits with his own prejudices and biases. Man, that guy needs to retire.

The title of this entry and the picture I included comes from one of my favorite online comics, The Oatmeal. The Gayroller appeared in his strip about how to properly use the word 'literally', and it's one of my favorites. I'll wait here while you read it. tap tap tap See, wasn't that funny? I love it. I even ordered a Gayroller T-shirt when The Oatmeal was having a holiday sale. (I also ordered this one. LOL!)

So get used to it, all you haters. The Gayroller 2000 is coming to get you! But they don't want to squish you or even convert you. They just want you to accept them. Heck, I think they wouldn't even care if you don't accept them...just as long as you give them the rights that are afforded to them under the Constitution. It belongs to them, too, you know.


  1. I guess there is always that underlying fear that gays are just horny bastards and want to stick it to straight men/women. Just a bunch of sexual perverts right? Don't drop the soap guys!

  2. i've said it before and i'll say it again. sexuality has no bearing whatsoever on someone's ability to serve their country....


  3. The same study also revealed a deep resentment toward Jews. Most enlisted men said Jews had profited greatly from the war and many doubted that Jews had suffered under Adolf Hitler.

    A little off topic, I know... I think I have already made my feelings known on the subject and have nothing for scorn regarding Sen. McCain and his stnace. But those words really got me because they represented a majority of those serving and the poll of the Armed Forces reflect the sentiment of the country.

    Now, whenever I hear about some neo-Nazi group or one of the underground militia's poke their head up, I won't be as surprised (not that I would be anywho, jus' sayin')

    I think that the illogic behind mythology is insulting to anyone who can process thoughts independent of gossip and rumor.

    For sure, just as a cat did not care about the religion or color of whoever provided covering fire or provied reinforcement support, they won't care about the sexuality of someone who, ironically, is engaged in the same spiritually immoral act of taking the life of another human being...

  4. It's just all so much projection. They can't imagine showering with a woman without jumping her bones, so project such thoughts onto other men.
    What kills me is this nonsensical idea that all the gays will suddenly come out because they can. Military culture is still military culture. Most will maintain a discreet profile just as they would on Wall Street or playing sports. The big difference will be that you won't be able to be outed against your will.

  5. You're right ... McCain sure made a fool of himself on this one. It's getting harder and harder to take him seriously ... and years ago I used to respect him, even if I didn't always agree with him. Oh, well ... it's nice to see this discriminatory policy getting repealed!

  6. Excellent point about the military rape issue and why didn't I think of that?!

    I remember when DADT was proposed: Solomon's baby, halved, quartered, and tarred in oil. Nobody wanted it, nobody thought it could really work, and the military bitched about it eternally. It was ludicrous to watch McCain defend something that was convoluted beyond comprehension, that most patently did NOT work, but...hey! he never said he was a maverick.

    Watch for whining and griping over the next sixty days from the Greatest Generation Throwbacks like McCain as the old rules prevail through a waiting period.

  7. Wonderful comments and thoughts on this topic. Once again, you have written a cohesive piece with many valid points. The issue of "convenience" was brilliant. I agree with Nance. No fuss about all the raping of women. "Boys will be boys" after all. It's OK to force your pee pee when it doesn't belong, but just don't let other guys look at it. It is all about predjudice and bigotry, isn't it?
    Thanks for taking sides, and a special thanks for being on the side of progress! Your voice counts and certainly helps!
    Have a great holiday season.
    Write on!

  8. Thank you for this. Oops -- gotta go --it's my turn to gas up the gayroller!

  9. Great Post! Loved it.

    Well said Beth.

    Hugs, Rose

  10. the military had been chaffing quite a bit at being called on their overt prosthelytizing within broad swaths of military service. The only ones who are more vilified than gays are the non-believers who are singled out for scorn and abuse.

  11. I always wonder how many of the straight men who say they don't want to serve in the military because they don't want to have to shower with gays to to gyms to work out? Those places are CRAWLING with fags, ya know!

  12. "Heck, I think they wouldn't even care if you don't accept them...just as long as you give them the rights that are afforded to them under the Constitution."
    My point exactly.
    You don't have to like me, love me, accept me, for being a man who loves men that love men loving men, but you do NOT get to use YOUR bible, YOUR god, to discriminate against me.
    And, if it is a choice, when did these peopel CHOOSE to be straight?

    But I digress.
    Just wanted to say Marry Christmas Beth. Hope you and Ken have lovely holidays!

  13. Hopefully, we're moving toward that place of acceptance. It is at a snail's place, but that is certainly better than no movement at all.

  14. Love the picture, it is an awesome website.


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