Sunday, April 3, 2011

Feral hogs

Immigration2Did you catch the story about the Kansas state representative who had a rather unusual solution to the immigration problem? A discussion came up in a meeting concerning the agricultural problem of feral hogs, and the possibility of shooting them from helicopters. Representative Virgil Peck said, “Looks to me, if shooting these immigrating feral hogs works, maybe we have found a (solution) to our illegal immigration problem.”

Would that be a “final solution,” Mr. Peck?

Well, that was bad enough, but at least there was an immediate backlash, and a petition quickly garnered over 50,000 signatures of those calling for his resignation. I don’t know that anything has been decided, and I’m guessing that the guy will not resign, but he was forced to apologize to “anyone he offended” with his remarks (the usual non-apologetic’s not my fault for saying something so rock-stupid, it’s your fault for being offended), and said that he would be more careful with his words in the future.

Here is what really got to me, though. One of my local news stations posted the story on their Facebook page and wondered what people thought about it. The almost nonstop hateful invective was horrific to see. The majority of commenters thought he was “onto something,” that he had a pretty good idea, and that somebody had to do something about these criminals coming across the border.

When I and a handful of others pointed out that it seemed more than a little extreme to be mowing down people at the border, it didn’t faze them. They continued with their comments about shooting people. I wrote that everyone needed to get a grip...did they understand that they were advocating genocide? Someone wrote that is it genocide if someone breaks into his house and he shoots them for trying to steal from him, because that’s what the illegal immigrants are doing to our country! I didn’t point out that shooting one person wouldn’t be genocide, but that seemed like a minor point considering the over-arching concept of executing people if they tried to step across the border.

I wondered if any of them would be willing to stand at the border and shoot someone in the head if they tried to cross. Would they shoot a pregnant woman in the stomach? Would they shoot a child? The level of bloodlust was astounding, and nothing I or any of the others who seemed to have at least some sort of a grip on reality was able to make any headway. The general attitude seemed to be to shoot ‘em all. Kill them.

I thought I’d reached my limit, but then someone wrote this: ‎"It wouldn't take disposing of that many before they start thinking twice..."

ImmigrationI said that it’s a pretty sad statement when there are those who believe that human beings are the equivalent of garbage that needs to be disposed of. I said that I’m proud to be an American and a Hoosier, but I am not proud to be associated with anyone who feels that way, and that such people should be ashamed of themselves. I said I’d take a decent, hardworking immigrant any day over a bigoted, hateful, xenophobic American. I was this close to asking if the commenter’s plans for “disposal” included ovens, but I didn’t want to Godwin myself.

This happened at least a week ago, and it’s still weighing on my mind. I honestly could not believe the level of bigotry and hatred that was coming from those in my community. How anyone in a supposedly civilized (I’m starting to have my doubts) nation can utter such murderous statements is beyond me. Do they even understand that they are advocating the mass murder of what are largely decent people who are trying to make a better life for themselves and their family? Maybe they do understand that...and I find that even more terrible. They would make themselves judge, jury, and executioner for people committing what is NOT a capital offense.

I honestly don’t know what has become of us. I don’t deny that illegal immigration is a problem, or that we need to address it. I just think that mowing people down in cold blood isn’t the way to go about it. And I have a problem with anyone who thinks that is a reasonable--or final--solution.


  1. pretty ironic since the the majority of us are descended from people that came from somewhere else. how soon we forget.....


  2. I apologize on behalf of the population of Kansas. It's a very red very ass-backwards state.

  3. I sorta feel like people on Facebook respoind as they do to rile others up. But then you do have that small minority of wingnuts who buy into it.
    Killing people? As a solution?
    I think the world has been here before and some of those wingnuts have forgotten about it.

  4. Virgil Peck sounds like a moron extraordinaire. I can't imagine he intended for his remarks to be taken seriously, but just the fact that he would joke like that shows where his mind is at and speaks volumes about his poor judgment.

  5. I did see this Beth. It is hard to get into the heads of the kind of person you describe. My guess is that fear leads most of their thinking and perceived self protection rounds out the rest. As hard as it is to see into the minds, I think it is even harder to get them to see the errors in their thinking. It seems that this mode of thinking expands in the population when times are bad and seems to recede when times are good. That probably doesn't bode well for the foreseeable future.


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