Thursday, April 7, 2011

Was that a tantrum?

CartmanOh dear, it seems as though I struck a nerve with yesterday’s entry. After lobbing a few softball insults my way (ones that weren’t very firmly grounded in reality), someone picked up their ball and went home. Apparently my life is worthless, insignificant, and fake. I can think of a few people who might disagree with such a statement. You know, I’m really to the point where I don’t care what certain people think of me. If people are stupid enough to be brainwashed by hearing a distorted view of reality and don’t have the balls to ask questions and find out for themselves, that’s not someone I care to have around. I don’t feel one bit diminished, or less fulfilled as a person. In fact, I feel richer every day, and I don’t mean that in a monetary way at all (although I’m sure it will be portrayed that way).

People find fulfillment in different ways; what matters greatly to some is not that big of a deal to others. This seems to go back to the feelings of some that I am less of a person or that I am selfish because I have not had children. What is this, the 1950’s, in which it was expected that a woman get married and have children? I’ve done the marriage part—twice—but the children part never worked out for various reasons, and it was a conscious, logical, and well thought out choice. I find it amusing that someone would think this was an insult. Yeah, I’ve got a uterus and ovaries, but I chose not to use them! I’ve been laughing about it all day. It really is almost incomprehensible to me that there are people that still think in such terms. My uterus is none of your concern. Really.

I also find it kind of sad that someone would be in such denial that they would take the easy path and assume that everything told to them is the truth. I suppose it’s easier to avoid such confrontation, but I see it as simply buying into the delusion and not being curious enough to try to find more of the truth. [shrugs] I can’t control that, but it does tell me a lot about the intellectual level there, and capacity for the pursuit of knowledge, as well as comprehension. Ah well.

Blog Critics logoOn a happier note, I got an invitation from something called BlogCritics about writing political articles for them, and I think I’m going to do it. Has anyone here ever participated in that? It looks to be affiliated with Technorati. Things are really going to start getting exciting with the 2012 campaign soon, so there will be plenty to write about. Then there is that whole looming shutdown thing going on. I think I might like to write a weekly (or thereabouts) thing for them and see how that goes. I keep the rights to whatever I write, but I have to post it there first. Then I can post it here. I think it would be kind of a fun endeavor. They encourage you to let your own voice come out in your writings. I can do that, but I’ll be careful about the swears. I swear promise!

Tonight it’s a lecture at Notre Dame between Sam Harris and William Lane Craig, titled The God Debate II. (The first God Debate was between Christopher Hitchens and Dinesh D’Souza. I missed that one.) I’m really looking forward to this. I’m currently reading Harris’s The Moral Landscape, and it’s excellent. I’m planning on taking notes, so I hope to have a writeup for you about it. Harris’s hypothesis in the book is that morality has scientific properties that can be studied and explored. Apparently Craig will argue that morality must come from religion. You can guess which side I’ll be cheering for! I’ll write more about the debate soon, but it seems obvious to me that religion has fostered and even encouraged many very immoral actions. Perhaps Craig will argue that it’s the Judeo-Christian religion that begets morality. I have two words for him, one of them hyphenated: child-raping priests.

Anyway, should be a good time. More to come!


  1. I got an invitation from BlogCritics also - but haven't had a chance to investigate yet. I'm curious to see if anyone else knows the scoop.


  2. I adore you. BlogCritics will be lucky to have you. And, re: you're choice NOT to have kids? Brilliant. I have two kids that I love with all my heart and soul, but this is a step that should be taken VERY seriously. And, for those of you who believe every conception is "god's will," bite me. Or better yet, go adopt a few kids who were born and abandoned and are in the foster care system.

  3. Regarding the whole subject of women finding their fulfillment in way other than bearing and rearing children... I see it as the patriachial social system applying its pressure and shaping women and their identity. Women have been instructed on who they are and what they should be, denying whatever internal dialouge that they have with themselves. That is where the breeders begin to boil.

    I see it all the time. Mother's whose resentment of being born at the wrong time or jealous of the opportunities available to their daughters or of their contemporaries (hint, hint) who have the lives that they wish that their life could have been like...

    So what do they do..? Their anger and rage errupts and boils in a cauldron of projection, each bubble that explodes on the surface splashing over its target. Smug, self-righteous, because of course since they had to endure their 'enslavement', not any different from the one that their Mother and prolly Mee Maw too endured, they seek to tear down any woman who did not toe the perscribed dogma...

    Yay to you... now, let me go back to my Lilith bash on my blog..! :0)

  4. i've got your back and a big softball bat in my trunk.

    i hear a lot of that at work, people ask me when mr. m and i are having children. never doesn't seem like the best because let's face it, it will be never because there's no god that's gonna intervene on behalf of my uterus or his swimmers.

    that's cool about the blog- i can't wait to read it and will interject mental swears where appropriate.


  5. I got the BlogCritics e-vite, too.
    Hmmm, something fishy? You, me, and the Duchess de Dust?
    I'm gonna look into it, though. see what's up.

  6. I think you will be great at BlogCritics! You know how to stand up and tell it like it is!

    You go girl!

    Hugs, Rose

  7. Perhaps this will finally be the end of the stalkers <> :o)

  8. Sorry Beth, I've read things from BlogCritis before, but don't know much about them.


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