Saturday, June 4, 2011

I guess I’ll write about this

Window lickerI don’t know if I’m just tired from the heat and humidity, all laughed out about this, or just so mind-numbingly bored by this tiresome, ignorant, small-minded woman that I want to plunge rusty ice picks into both my eyeballs AND my eardrums, but I really wasn’t in the mood to write about this incident.

However, because the media (mainstream, lamestream, or Dream Team...whatever) continues to fuel speculation that she will run for President, I feel that it is my duty as an American citizen to point out just how moronic this slack-jawed window licker really is.

So Sarah Palin is on some sort of weird family vacation bus tour thing, despite not really spending any amount of time at any of the sites they’re visiting. A half an hour at the National Archives? Three hours at Gettysburg? Really? No wonder she’s stupid. How sad that she’s passing her lack of desire to learn on to her kids. You can’t learn much about our nation’s historic sites if you breeze through for a photo op without bothering to read about it, absorb it, and freakin’ LEARN.

The Quittah from Wasilla really took the cake on Thursday, though, when she stopped at the Old North Church in Boston. When asked about Paul Revere, she went into one of her weird word salad diatribes that has to be seen and heard to be believed.

He who warned the British that they weren't going to be taking away our arms by ringing those bells and, um, making sure as he's riding his horse through town to send those warning shots and bells that, uh, we were going to be secure and we were going to be free.

That’s right. In Palin’s Bizarro World, Paul Revere was defending the Second Amendment, although the Constitution hadn’t been drafted yet, and the Revolutionary War had not even begun. As Bill Maher said, she shouldn’t be on a bus tour. She should be in summer school.

I understand that the media needs and wants to cover this. She is definitely news right now, showing that while she might not have even a tenuous grasp on American history, she certainly knows how to manipulate the media...and of course, here I am writing about her. She truly is a consummate media whore, unwilling and unable to have the narrative shift off of her. When the media spotlight moved off of her and onto other Republican candidates, she made damn sure that the focus returned to her by cooking up this bizarre bus tour. As someone who has been accused of being a narcissist, I think that accuser needs to study a little harder (maybe they can have lunch with Palin at summer school) and understand the true meaning of narcissism. (Of course, it has been proposed that narcissistic personality disorder be removed from the DSM. I eagerly await their revised diagnosis of me.) I think Palin is the walking embodiment of a narcissist, and she shows it in her usurping of the attention placed on actual candidates like Romney, whose official announcement of his run was completely overshadowed by Palin’s “family vacation.” I’m sure that she was quite pleased by that.

Is she going to run? Hell if I know. I’m not sure I even care anymore. My instincts say no. ClusterFox still has her on their roster, I don’t see her wanting to give up her lucrative speaking career, and I certainly don’t see her wanting to bring down the intense media scrutiny of her personal life and business. Nah, she’s just going to milk this for all she can, get all the attention she can, and she’ll just keep raking in the dough from the gullible and misguided. On the other hand, she just might be arrogant enough to think that she has a chance, despite her high negative numbers among everyone other than conservative Christians. In that case, she’s not just ignorant. She’s delusional.


  1. I do not think she will run, but she believes that she can be a king-maker.

  2. Just when you thought she could not be any dumber, she comes out with that lame-ass revisionist history. Who the hell did she f$@k to become Governor of Alaska anyway? Didn't anyone else in the entire state want the job?
    Beth, you might want to try not actually using her name in the post when you write about her. It will reduce the number of times she gets tracked as a topic. We like to call her "Pay Pay" or "The idiot whose initials are the same as Suzy Parker". This way, we can talk about her without feeding her addiction.
    Just saying.... :)

  3. that clip is almost painful to watch if it wasn't for the fact that i am laughing so much. i've watched it at least 4 times now. it's so funny how you can watch her struggling for words and thoughts from inside that vacuous head as she speaks, trying to come up with something intelligent. she fails miserably every time.

  4. I call 'it' Mama Grizzly Bore so I don't have to say her name.

    It's kinda like sayin' Candyman three times in the mirror, you don't know what lame, dumbassed, illiterate, clueless, basically brain dead horror you're going to release.

  5. and heres me thinking,as a Brit,OUR politicians are bad.oh,they are Beth,xx

  6. She's not going to run. I think this whole sillybus* tour is just a publicity stunt for her new, and as yet unannounced, show taking over Glenn Beck's slot on Fox.

    That's my guess at least. I'll be stunned stupid if she runs for president.

    *Sillybus. It's a typo. I accidentally skipped my space bar, but I do think it's kind of fitting.

  7. I had a funny thought. She is getting people and corporations to pay for her family's summer vacation. Maybe she's smarter than I thought (but that's not saying much).

  8. i love you...with every fiber of my being.

    YOU are fucking hilarious!!

    and SO right!

  9. Bill Maher is a damn genius. I love that line.

  10. I don't think they should remove narcissim from the DSM. I do think it is a disorder and to remove it from the manual would be another step in the normalization of destructive behavior. Case in point -

    Palin is so warped that she is attempting to subvert history to support her lack of ignorance. It isn't that the 'lamestream media' is covering her as it is no one is directly challenging her accounts. If she was in school trying to pass her ignorance off as knowledge, she'd be a laughing stock.

    We need to laugh louder at her and her fans. Really.

  11. Beth I believe you are right that she is simply following this trail until the money dries up.

    I take serious issue with her inability to compose herself, her inability to remember basic facts, and her inability to figure our when she is wrong. This is all a game to her. She only cares about the money she can earn. She exemplifies what uneducated, self-focused, xenophobic, exclusionary people become as they make their way into society. She's not a role model, she is a disaster waiting to happen.


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