Sunday, April 15, 2012

3000 words

We’ll be heading down to visit my Mom in a little bit, so just a quick entry, with three photos.

But before that, I was sad to hear last night of the passing of a kind and wonderful man. He was such a good friend of the family that he was essentially a part of the family, even though our connection was by marriage. He was my sister Diana’s father-in-law, but since I consider her husband Tom my brother, he was kind of my father-in-law, too. Just a sweet, super cool guy, who loved to tell stories about his time in the Navy during WWII and about being a drummer for a Navy band and then later a local band. You will be missed, Ben, and my thoughts are with his entire family. It will be my honor to attend his service.

Now to the pictures.

Indignant starfish
This one is just for fun. A friend on Facebook posted it, and it made me giggle so much I had to share it there, too, and now on here. I captioned it with “Well, I never!” I laughed about it for pretty much an entire day, and I hope it makes you grin, too!

Josh Agle The Angry Ex
A while back, Cousin Matt posted a really cool pic as his Facebook timeline photo. I loved the retro look of it, and went looking for similar photos. I found that it was done by an artist named Josh Agle, AKA Shag (JoSH AGle). It seems like Matt might have told me about this artist before, because his name did sound vaguely familiar, but I didn’t recall ever looking him up before. I LOVE this stuff! I think this would be considered sort of Tiki Retro, and he does seem to do several Tiki themes. I would love to have one of his original paintings, but they’re a little too rich for my blood, at least for now. Even the prints aren’t cheap, but that would be more realistic. I might explore him a little bit further, and he might get a Retro Reflections entry. One of these would look pretty nifty hanging in the Retro Lounge!

This particular one is called “The Angry Ex.” heh

Finally, here is a painting that we DO own, and it just arrived yesterday! When we took our Philadelphia/New York City trip last fall, one of the highlights was meeting our long-time blogger friend, Dana. Dana is a retired actor, a writer, and an artist. He showed us his paintings, and we loved them so much we wanted one. He was kind enough to send photos of all of them, and we chose this one, called “Landscape.” I love the colors of it, and it reminds me of the pilings of a dock. (I’m also intrigued by that one little red slash in the lower right quadrant. What could that be? Must ponder.) I tend to gravitate towards the abstract, and this pleases me very much. I believe I have the right spot for it in our living room, although it will displace the “Creole Cat - Cat O’Brien’s” print that we got in New Orleans. I’ll find a spot for him, too, but Dana’s painting and the colors in it will fit perfectly where Cat is currently hanging.
Hope you enjoyed the photos!


  1. I love the indignant starfish. I laughed at for at least a whole day after you posted it. And your caption for it was perfect!

  2. Wow... I mean wow, Dana really is talented! That is a great painting!!

    Yup... Josh is sharp but he is pricey... maybe that means I am among the great unwashed who definitely can't afford his work...

    About your Father-in-Law... anyone who did any kind of service during that era gets not only my gratitude but considerable respect... I am glad for his service and I am saddened by your and his families loss...

  3. All three photos made me happy this morning.

    I am especially impressed with Dana's work. I know his blog, but I never realized he was so stupendously talented. I covet this piece, myself.

  4. P.S. That red spot looks like a idea that changes the entire picture for me.

  5. Beth, thank you for posting my picture and thank you for the comments.


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