Wednesday, April 11, 2012


New shoesI love it when I’m on the ball and can get dinner together early and ready to pop into the oven. I can’t do that with every meal, but when I do some sort of casserole I can, and that Mexican casserole is all done and waiting to be baked! Just need to make guacamole and chop up some green onions.

I’ve been noticing when working out that my feet are starting to hurt a bit. I rotate between about three pairs of shoes, but a couple of the pairs are older, and I’m sure the support is breaking down. When I was working, I’d go through about two pairs of shoes per year, because I spent so much time on my feet. I’m up to twenty minutes on the elliptical, and I’m starting to feel it in my feet. So I got these new shoes on order, and I am not-so-patiently waiting for them to arrive. Hurry up, shoes!

But this is all trivial stuff. I’m trying not to dwell on some things that aren’t so great, and I’m feeling very antsy about it. My Mom is having some tests done to try and figure out why she’s experiencing so much dizziness lately; my mother-in-law is in Missouri, and although she’s having fun, she also went to her husband’s grave and saw the headstone for the first time...that was tough on her, I know; and a very close friend of my family, almost more of a relative, is not doing well tonight. One of my best friends recently had to say goodbye to his Mom. I’m also concerned about some online friends who are going through some tough times.

It’s never easy to deal with such things, whether you’re going through them or friends and family are going through them. All I can do is try to provide as much support and love as possible and let them know that I’m thinking of them and will do what I can to help. In order to not let myself get too caught up in the bad stuff, I tend to think about other things to distract myself. This is not ignoring things or being’s just gathering my strength in case I need it to give to others.
I understand putting things into perspective. I know what is important and what is not. Self-preservation dictates that I balance the bad with the good and sometimes even the mundane. I feel sad for anyone who seeks out the bad and constantly focuses on that. I really can’t imagine going through life that way.


  1. Glad we were able to have some laughs tonight...

  2. can you email me the recipe? i love a good casserole!



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