Friday, May 11, 2012

Déjà vu

Retro clockToday was pretty much a carbon copy of yesterday, although a little bit warmer. Just beautiful, and after another good workout, I finished switching out my summer and winter clothes, and I was happy to get that done. Now I’m anxious for really hot weather so I can start wearing my tank tops and shorts and junk like that!

I was able to soak up some more vitamin D (but didn’t overdo it) and then enjoyed a visit with Cousin Shane. He stopped by to drop off a key for kitty care, and we spent some time out on the deck just chatting and relaxing. I burned him a Grafton Primary CD, and he messaged me a little bit ago to tell me he loves it! I thought he might. We talked some politics, family, other stuff, watched some birds, and I got a demonstration of Siri. Wow. Pretty amazing stuff. But I’m still waiting for my hover car, dammit! And a jet pack! Where’s my freakin’ jet pack?!

Ken gets back late tonight, and tomorrow morning, we’ll pick up our side o’ beef. I’ll try to remember to take a picture of the freezer when we get it loaded. If it’s anything like previous years, it will be crammed full. In fact, that reminds me...I should move a few things out of there into the garage freezer, so we can defrost the basement one. Thinking out loud...sorry! Tomorrow evening, it’s dinner with Ken’s Mom, and that will be fun.

I’ve got a countdown clock going on up there on the right. It’s amazing how quickly it’s gone down since I first posted it! Just a little over a month to go. I’ll be writing about it after the countdown is done, and after we get back from our trip. I’m looking forward to it, actually! Both the trip and writing about the meaning behind the countdown. Heh.

I’m three-quarters of the way done with my latest book (The House of Mirth
), so I’m off to work on that. I hope your weather was as pleasant as it was here at Nutwood!


  1. your countdown coincides with my last day with the students. roughly, 834 hours left until break- this summer i'll be a nanny part time- summer school is being contracted out and i am really looking forward to a break!

    glad you got to enjoy the day


  2. Beautiful day here in SE Texas once the rain moved out. And you do have my couriosity peaked with the countdown clock. - Barbara
    Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  3. Hmmm ... that countdown clock has me curious. Am trying to imagine what would free you of negativity. An industrial-sized spray-can of Troll Repellent?

  4. Tell me about your "side of' beef". We use t get a quarter once or twice a year and pop would butcher in up and mom would put it in freezer paper. We also did pork and chickens by the crate. That is how i learned to cut my own meat. It has been years since I even thought of that. Hah, nice memories you evoked for me today.
    Hope your weekend is a fine one. Hello and welcome home to ken.
    PS: Libby's friend chicken is fantastic. Yes, i think i like it cold better.

  5. Great to be home and side-o-beef is chilling :o)

  6. Are you enjoying the House of Mirth? I have a love/hate relationship with Edith Wharton. There are things about her writing style that I really like, but I don't really like her or her books, and I've never been able to pinpoint why exactly. And if I'm talking about her with a real Edith Wharton fan I start getting apologetic for my opinions because I can't explain them. All I know is that the first book I ever read that I absolutely hated (subject material/story line, not writing style) was Ethan Frome. I recently listened to it on audio, hoping I'd like it better 30 years later. I didn't! I read House of Mirth once, and that was enough for me, although I didn't dislike it.


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