Thursday, May 10, 2012

Getting my mind right

Nutwood Early June3As expected, President Obama’s remarks yesterday in support of marriage equality caused a bunch of people to just totally lose their shit. Mostly from the right, which was no surprise, but there was some of it from the left because he didn’t say it “soon enough.” ::sigh:: I swear, the guy is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.

After reading some pretty nasty comments last night, I’d had enough. I made myself a White Russian, closed up the computer, and read my book. After I finished my drink, I moved my party of one into the bedroom, read some more, and watched Howard Stern on Jimmy Fallon’s show. At some point during the night (probably after the sleep timer turned off the TV), Sheeba came in and curled up with me, and we were off to Snoozeville. I woke up feeling great, and the forecast was for a beautiful sunny day. I got a really good workout done (you ARE my bitch, Elliptical!), chatted with Mom (she’s doing well and now on another medication for her blood pressure), then suited up and spent about an hour basking in the sun and reading some more. It couldn’t have been a prettier day, with a gorgeous blue sky, a hint of a breeze, and Nutwood close to its full foliage. Oh, and several birds visited the feeder while I was out there, showing no fear of my presence.

Man, I needed that. It might all sound terribly mundane to many of you, but it was a necessity for me today. Although I read a lot of news stories today, I mostly stayed off of Facebook, and I was happy to do so. It disturbs my sensibilities and harshes my mellow to see such vociferous discord, and I wanted no more of it on such a gorgeous day. I can always tell when I reach my limit, because it’s not only easy for me to walk away, it’s enjoyable. Tomorrow promises to be a little warmer, so I’m anticipating a re-run of today. A day so nice, I’m going to do it twice! No matter what gets thrown at me, Nutwood is always my sanctuary. I turn off and tune out all the chatter and just listen to the quiet. It gets me back to where I need to be and restores my equanimity. I hate drama, so if you try to draw me into it, you can expect my withdrawal. That’s a game I won’t play.


  1. I'm not sure what impact Obama's announcement is going to have ... some say positive for him, others say negative. I hope the issue of gay marriage doesn't become a distraction from jobs creation and the economy, which should still be the country's focus. That said, it's nice to have a president with a the courage of his convictions. Compare that with Mitt who "can't recall" his high school "prank" of pinning a gay teen to the ground and cutting his hair off. I think if I did that to someone, I'd remember. Then, again, maybe the whole incident has been etch-a-sketched away. "Shaka-shaka-shaka ... I saved the auto industry folks ...!" Does he think we don't keep track of what he says from one week to the next? I'd trust him more if he didn't go back-and-forth on the issues to suit each audience.

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  3. You probably read the comments I read. I was gratified by many, disturbed by many more, if not most of them. You're right. the President can do no right for everyone. Remember this line? "You can't please everyone, so you got to please yourself." That sound about right, huh?

  4. It was gorgeous here too Beth... I just wished my energy levels hadn't dropped so... as to Facebook, I think that a lot of people get no more enjoyment out of their lives other than seeing what they can do to rile someone up... sad... and pathetic too...

  5. "A day so nice, I’m going to do it twice!...It gets me back to where I need to be and restores my equanimity."

    Waxing quite poetic, aren't we? Nice cadence there!

    Glad you had a nice, tuned-out day. We all need those once in a while.

  6. I was one of those "Evolve already" folks but i was not one of those "What took so long" people.
    I was too busy grinning from ear-to-ear.


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