Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fangirl unleashed

This week in the Twitterverse, I had two fun things happen.

First, on the night of the horrible tornado in Oklahoma, I was feeling pretty bleak and angry and just generally mad at the world. I know my limits and broke away from the news reports to get myself together. I follow several of the actors and crew from “The Walking Dead,” and David Morrissey, who plays the Governor, tweeted a video of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash singing “Jackson.” It was such a welcome diversion, so I responded to it. And he responded back!

David Morrissey tweet

Dudes! The Governor tweeted back at me! I did my best to be cool, but decided to tweet back once more. When I got up the next morning, I had another response from him and I was like “WHOA!”

David Morrissey tweet2

I loved it that he was “soooo” jealous! Well, I mean I never intend to make anyone was just so cool to me that here I am a fan and follower of his, and he’s got people that he is also a fan of. Know what I mean? Of course, who doesn’t love Johnny Cash? If you don’t, show yourself so I can punch you in the face! haha Not really. But I will lecture you on why he is one of the greatest artists EVER. Anyway, it was so cool that he responded and in such a nice way. He seems like a very cool and fun guy, the polar opposite of his psychotic character.

My niece Jen commented almost exactly what I was thinking...that sure, he’s all charming on the surface, but don’t fall for it because he’s crazy on the inside, and did I learn NOTHING from Andrea?? (Fans of the show know what we’re talking about!) The Twitter exchange itself made me happy, and then Jen’s comment made me even happier. Great minds, I’m tellin’ ya!”

The second fun thing happened when Ron Wood, the Rolling Stones guitarist, posted a picture of himself in a suit he’d just gotten. Black cashmere. Sharp. I thought, “Why not?” and responded.

Ronnie Wood tweet

And he favorited it! AGH! Ronnie Wood, man! Not quite as exciting as a tweet back, but damn, if it didn’t totally send this fangirl trippin’.

I suppose some would say, “Aren’t you getting a little too old to be acting like this?” Screw that. I’ll never get too old to be a fangirl. I’ve never gotten as involved in a show as I have “The Walking Dead,” and I’ve loved the Stones for years. Those who know me know how much music has meant to me for almost my entire life. When Ron Freakin’ Wood favorites one of your tweets, it is a BIG DEAL.

These are some of the things that make life fun and exciting for me, and I will always be an unapologetic fangirl. Thanks, David and Ronnie, for making me smile!


  1. Nice. Now you know how I feel when I get followed by people like that. ;)

  2. I think that this was super neat... social media allows for stars and fans interact in a way that they never were inclined to before... It really is a treat to have your fandom appreciated in this way... it reminds me of when Thomas Hearns recognized me shortly before I left Detroit for the last time... rock on, Beth..!


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