Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Stop it, South Bend!

State Theater Rocky HorrorSeriously...just stop being so fun already! Stop tickling me! hahahaha

Not one, but TWO more things to add to the calendar. I mentioned “Ghost Brothers of Darkland County” coming in November. I was able to obtain some VERY IMPORTANT insider information (okay, it’s available to anyone who is paying attention to this), and I will be getting tickets in the presale tomorrow morning. In fact, I need to get to bed soon so I can get up and get the password and get the tickets.

I also learned tonight that the fabulous State Theater in downtown South Bend will be showing “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” on June 8th, doing an earlier show for teens and young adults, and then a midnight showing for the rest of us depraved individuals. We had heard rumors of this, and we (Ken, Shane, Matt, and I) agreed that we wanted to go. To give a little background, the State was built in 1919. It was the premiere theater in downtown South Bend, and when downtown sort of dried up and died, it entered a period of decline. It operated as a nightclub for a while, then was sold to some religious group who didn’t have the funds to rehabilitate it, and...finally! A Notre Dame graduate, Andrew Elegante, saw the potential there, and has been working like a bastard to develop it, renovate it, and once again make it a happening place.

Downtown has been experiencing a bit of a renaissance lately, with lots of great restaurants and nightspots opening. The Morris is doing great business, and people seem really interested in seeing the State once again being a downtown destination. We are proud supporters!

I haven’t seen Rocky Horror since college, and Ken has never seen it, so this should be a blast.

Look out...I’m breaking out the fishnets!


  1. I hope it is as raucous a viewing as I have experience in my life..! Take plenty of toast.!!


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