Friday, May 17, 2013

Weekend plans…and beyond!

More ticketsI got a couple of pairs of tickets today, for the Dropkick Murphys and Ghost Brothers. It’s shaping up to be a really fun summer and fall! This should do it for concerts for a bit...unless something really good comes up, and I’m talking to you, David Bowie! I think it’s unlikely that he will tour, although he might do a show or two in New York or something. Based on what I’ve been reading, I’d be very surprised if he takes on a full tour, but if he comes to Chicago, we’ll be there!

It will be a low-key weekend for us, mostly involved in doing some outside work and taking care of Nutwood. However, Saturday evening is spoken for: a bite to eat and a cool beverage at BW3 and then the new Star Trek movie! I’m excited...I’ve been hearing pretty good things about it, and I loved the previous Abrams’ movie.

There will probably be some grilling involved on Sunday. It will be nice to have a weekend spent mostly at home, because the following two Fridays are concerts and hotel stays. Smash Mouth at a local casino, and then a Chicago trip to see The Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World! I am beyond excited for that, as you can probably imagine! Gonna be craaaaaazy!


  1. Is it a Clash reunion..? Joe Strummer is returning from beyond.?? No WONDER your tickets were so hard to get!!! :0)

    Really, I am so glad that you and Ken go out and do things like this, the National Championship Game and a host of other activities that you do. YOLO isn't meant as a justification as it is a course of action... and you two are exemplars of the idea...

    ...especially that you get to create and share these moments with the person you love the most..!

  2. Nice quiet weekend before the run-up to a crazy two months...


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