Thursday, July 11, 2013

Florida, we’re coming!

Jul 11, '13bProbably more information than Florida wanted to have, but oh well! Ha!

Crazy, productive day today! I was crossing things off of my list at a rapid pace, and got most of it done in the morning so that I was able to enjoy some time on the deck in the afternoon, just relaxing and reading. After a few days of very hot and humid weather, today was absolutely gorgeous. Mostly sunny, high 70s, lower humidity. I was happy to get done with the majority of my vacation preparations, so I felt good about spending some time on the deck!

Laundry is all caught up, the hummingbird feeders are clean and filled, and I’ll run the dishwasher tonight. I’m sure I’m not the only one who likes having stuff like that all caught up before going on vacation. We’re taking a box with a few food items, stuff that we are well-stocked on here, so that we don’t have to buy them there. We’ll do several lunches and dinners out, but we also try to cook a few nights in the condo to save a little money. Besides, we can get fresh fish there, and Ken has gotten really good at grilling fish! We’re taking a couple of bottles of wine, too. We have plenty downstairs, so no reason not to, since we’re driving instead of flying!
Jul 11, '13
Sheeba always senses when we’re going on vacation. He sees the packing activity, and he was all riled up this morning, running around like a little crazy man. It should be cool enough tonight that he’ll come in and curl up with us. I’ll miss our small furry black child, but I know Uncle Shane and Uncle Matt will take good care of him!

I’ll also miss Nutwood, because it really is beautiful right now. But we’ll have a great time in our home away from home, and we’ll be back before too long! There will be more summer and more good times when we get back! I took a couple of pictures out back today so that I won’t feel homesick or anything like that. We’ll both be taking our laptops, and of course, we’ll have our phones, so you can expect frequent updates. Florida will be relaxing, but you can expect to see me in Rabid Fangirl mode when we stop in Senoia! Lots of pictures of “Woodbury!”

See you on the road!

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