Saturday, July 13, 2013

Whoaaa, we’re halfway there!

Colonel Meow2Go on, finish know you want to!

I don’t have a picture for you, so here is a picture of Colonel Meow. After a long day on the road, it’s a wonder that I don’t look like that!

Things went fairly smoothly until we hit Nashville. I don’t know if traffic is always like that going into the weekend, but it seemed like there was an exodus of biblical proportions going on both north and south of town. This is the second time we’ve run into crazy traffic in Nashville, so we’re thinking of taking a different route next time. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

After we finally got out of that bottleneck, we were rollin’ along pretty well, then managed to just hit the 8 pm closure of part of I-24 through Chattanooga. Dang it! It was looking kind of bad for a while there, and we were thinking we might not make our destination of Kennesaw...but then the detour was minor, we were right back on I-24, and we were MOTORIN’!

Go on, finish know you want to!

Then it was smooth sailing, and we managed to hit Kennesaw at about 10. Apparently, there is some sort of baseball tournament going on, so our Springhill Suites was all booked up, but she said that Comfort Suites had some kings left. We booked it on over to Comfort Suites, and as Ken was inside getting a room, I was waiting in the car and looking at my phone. All of a sudden....*CRUNCH* and the car moved.

I looked up and the guy in front of us had backed into our Mustang! AGHHHHH! I’m like, “Holy shit!” and I get out of the car. He started driving off, and I was going, “Hey! HEY, MAN! You HIT OUR CAR!” and I was jumping up and down and yelling. was probably pretty funny, now that I think about it, but I was PISSED. I’m not sure if he was really driving off, or if he just didn’t realize what he had done, and I finally got his attention by yelling at him. He stopped and got out, and I said, “You hit our CAR, man!” He was very apologetic, said that he just did not see us behind him. Weird, because I saw him walk out of the hotel, and there’s no way you would not see us parked there unless you were completely oblivious.

Anyway, I look at the bumper, and everything seems intact. A little scraped, but I think a lot of it will buff out, and none of the lights were broken. I said, “It looks okay, but you need to wait for my husband...I want him to look at it.” Ken thought everything seemed okay, too, but we had the guy write down his address and phone number, and Ken gave him his business card. We’ll have it checked out when we get back, and just in case there is any unseen problem, we thought it would be better to have his info. Turned out that he is from Illinois, and they’re on their way back from Florida. We actually had a bit of a laugh about that, when we said, “We’re from Indiana, and we’re on our way TO Florida!”

Can you imagine what a disaster that could have been?! Thank goodness it happened at a very low speed. Pay attention, people! How do you not see a car parked behind you, especially when you just walked out of a building, and the car was RIGHT THERE?

So then we went and had pizza and calzones and beer, and put the road behind us for the day. Now we’re at the hotel, it’s a comfy room, and I have my phone set for a 6 AM alarm. Gahhh! So I am going to end this and get it posted and then try to quiet down my brain enough to get some sleep. Till tomorrow!


  1. glad the damage appears minimal! hope the weekend traffic through GA and FL isn't as bad at the TN traffic was!

  2. Nobody I would rather be stuck in traffic with :o)

  3. getting there is half the fun! enjoy the r n r.


  4. You are a good sport, nothing ticks me off more than sitting in traffic. I am imagining you hopping mad and yelling at that guy. What a jerk off. Glad it wasn't anything serious though.


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