Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Home and wiped out

MinionThis won’t be a long entry, because I am rather mentally exhausted. It was a long day on the road, since we were leaving from south of Atlanta, and I’m that weird and annoying mixture of exhausted and wired. I wanted to write a bit, though, because I’ve missed a couple of days and I miss writing!

We made fairly good time today, with slowdowns in only a couple of places, and we got through those without too much frustration. I can’t say the same for the poor people heading southbound on I-75 south of Lexington. We saw police and emergency vehicles blocking all the lanes, and the line of cars backed up was a good couple of miles. You could tell they had been there for a while, because a lot of people were out of their vehicles and meandering around. (Naturally, it made me think of the Zombie Apocalypse! haha) We heard later on the Lexington NPR station that southbound I-75 was expected to be closed for most of the afternoon. How awful would that have been? I think I’d be breakin’ that bottle of vodka out of the trunk!

But we had better luck than those unfortunates going south. I hope they were able to clear it sooner than expected!

We didn’t have any major problems like was just a long ways to travel in one day. We are both very happy to be home, and I can tell you that Sheeba is a very happy kitty! Uncle Shane and Uncle Matt took good care of their nephew, but he’s always happy when we get home and he follows us around for a while. It might even be cool enough that he decides to sleep with us tonight!

Speaking of cool, what a nice break to feel the cooler weather up here after the humidity of the south! I hear that wasn’t the case here last week, but the worst of it broke Friday. Sheeba survived it, and Shane wrote that he seemed fine when they were over, he was active, and he was drinking plenty of water. He knows to hang out in the basement when it gets that warm! He’s a good kitty!

I had to laugh when we walked in, because atop several packages on the table, Shane and Matt had left me a present: my very own Minion! It’s a bit of a joke between some of us, because someone has said that I have “minions” who follow me like I’m some kind of “guru.” I have my own word for them. Friends. But hey, tomato, tomahto, right? Anyway, it made me laugh and was a nice welcome home, along with a purring Sheeba. My nephew Rey informed me that his son, my great-nephew Liam, says this minion’s name is Phil. I like Phil the Minion!

Now I think it’s time for this alleged guru to haul her butt off to bed and read a little more in World War Z (which I am absolutely loving) before heading off to Snoozeville. I’m looking forward to our very own hard bed and my very own squishy feather pillow!


  1. ... if I find an outfit like that for my trip to the Junction by next summer, I am going to have to take a picture taken of Beth and one of her legion of minions..!

  2. Phil is adorable..your minions are cute :)


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