Sunday, July 21, 2013

Welcome to Woodbury

I have a lot to write about this visit—and we’re going back tomorrow—but I wanted to get a short entry up tonight. Suffice it to say that Fangirl is tickled pink and still quite beside herself!

Above is the town of Senoia, Georgia, which was the fictional town of Woodbury in “The Walking Dead.” Any fan of the show will recognize the layout! (Click on pics to embiggenate.)

Me by one of the town signs.

The “zombie arena” in Woodbury, where Daryl and Merle were supposed to fight to the death.

The campsite at the end of Season 2, after they fled Hershel’s overrun farm.

Lots more to come, but I’m a little worn out and melty. I’d forgotten how brutal a Georgia town can be in mid-summer. I was a hot mess! But I got my Georgia zombie-hunting permit, and Ken found a SUPER COOL artifact that I’ll write about soon. (Our Facebook friends already know what it is!)

I was seriously thrilled with today, and I’m looking forward to a little more tomorrow—and a picture of Barbie Beach! Totally unrelated to “The Walking Dead,” but also totally cool!

More soon!


  1. Sounds like Ken summed things up perfectly..! Man, you guys have the BEST trips.!!

  2. Very cool, you know I would love to have taken that tour.


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