Thursday, July 18, 2013

Now wouldn’t you…Barracuda?

NSBs croppedToday was a carbon copy of yesterday! We might get some rain and cloudy skies tomorrow, but we have had two perfect, sunshiny days, and I will TAKE IT!

We both got up fairly early this morning. Ken was planning on a round of golf, and I just kind of woke up. Good thing, because the maintenance crew was out and about early, and if we were trying to sleep or if we had hangovers, it would have sucked! But it was all okay. Ken headed out, and I hung around here and got some sun and reading time outside. I gave my Mom a call and chatted with her for a while and let her know that we made it here safely and that we’re having a good time.

After Ken got back (he shot an 81...not too shabby!), we hung out for a bit and then went to the fiiiiish shop for our dinners for the rest of the week. Tuna tonight (tasty!), swordfish tomorrow, and mahi mahi Friday.

Then it was a short walk down the beach to oooo...Barracuda’s! We had a couple of beverages, calamari, and a kickass smoked fish dip. When we got back home, we headed out to the beach and did some frolicking in the ocean. It was very pleasant, and I fell asleep on the beach for a while.

My little anole friend.

Our little bungalow…doesn’t it look welcoming?

We got cleaned up, and Ken grilled the oooo...grilled the tuna! It was delicious, and we’ll see what Thursday holds for us. It might be rainy, and if so, we have a contingency plan: “World War Z” at the local theater.

The sunset was beautiful tonight, orangy-pink clouds against an indigo sky, the palms a dark silhouetto of a tree.

I hope your day was as pleasant!


  1. I love your first shot with the palm tree & sky in the background. Nice.

    When I saw the pic of Ken grilling I thought he had a long Look at his middle finger, on the bottle is a tan box, I thought it was his fingernail!! I was thinking WHAT is that!

    I hope today is perfect as well.

  2. Glad you are enjoying your vacation.


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