Sunday, July 14, 2013

Back to the Beach

NSBbJust so you know, I won’t be commenting on the Zimmerman verdict, other than to say that “disappointment” doesn’t even begin to cover how I’m feeling. “Disgust” is probably a better word for it. I just don’t have it in me right now to go to such a dark place. If my writing about our trip seems shallow or uncaring, please know that that is not the case at all. It is a choice I am consciously making, because it is one I need to make for myself. I am privileged to have the ability to make that choice; far too many have that choice taken away from them...permanently.

So after a Friday with quite a few traffic woes, Saturday turned out to be pretty darn good. We zipped through downtown Atlanta—very little traffic early on a Saturday morning—and once we got south of the city, we just tore through Georgia like Sherman’s Army. Inappropriate analogy? Sorry, but that’s payback for the huge Confederate flag we saw flying on a tall flagpole right by the highway. If you fly flags like that, I feel perfectly fine with referencing Sherman’s Army. So there. Actions have consequences, people.

We stopped for lunch in Valdosta at a place called Bad Habitz Saloon & Grub. The food was good and the beer selection was fantastic, but they need to work a little on bathroom cleanliness, and I know it’s the South, but could you please play something besides country music? I know, I know, when in Rome, blah blah blah. But seriously...UGH.

We ran into some torrential rains as we headed east towards Jacksonville, bad enough that Ken pulled over for a couple of minutes, and he never pulls over! As we got closer to the coast, we ran out of it and finally saw some sunshine as we headed south towards New Smyrna Beach. We made great time and got to the timeshare around 5 PM. We got checked in and found our bungalow, the one closest to the beach.

This is our first time staying in one of the bungalows, and I have to say that I really like it. I miss the large overhang on the balcony of the two-story building which allows us to sit outside while it’s raining, especially because it is sprinkling right now (thus this blog entry on a Sunday afternoon)! I think we’ll continue to try for the two-story building, but this is a very comfortable and reasonable backup. I especially love the six large windows that wrap around the front of the bungalow...I love opening the blinds and looking out on the ocean! I’m looking at you right now, Atlantic Ocean, and I see you waving at me!

NSBaAfter we got unpacked and relaxed a bit, we headed to the liquor store and grocery store and got stocked up for the week. We like to have lunches out, but we usually get some fresh fish at Ocean’s fish market and restaurant for Ken to grill for our dinners. We were in the mood for steak, so we got some T-bones for tonight. (I hope the weather will cooperate!) Once we got everything unloaded and put away, we were off to our Saturday night tradition, PJ’s Sea Shack. I had grilled Mahi Mahi and Ken had Chilean Sea Bass. It was the best meal I’ve had there, and when I mentioned it to our server, she said that was good to hear, and that they are under new management and have a new menu. I always like it when I see a favorite place make positive changes!

We slept in today, and I did my weights and then sat outside to read. (I am setting From Here to Eternity aside for the moment and rereading The Shining...I wanted a more fun read for the beach.) Ken went for a run, and we’ll be heading out to Ocean’s in a moment to pick up some fish. Today started out overcast, and somewhat cooler than normal, and we’re getting some rain now. A chance we take coming down here when we do, and I suspect that this is the tattered remnants of that tropical storm that came up through the Caribbean and along Florida’s Atlantic coast this week. I’m hoping it will clear out considerably this week and we’ll get some good beach time in. We shall see!

It’s good to be back. It’s great to hear and smell the ocean, and to feel that breeze. Tomorrow I’m hoping for some sand between my toes!


  1. I didn't realize "The Shining" was a "light read". I still want to know what happened to Old Smyrna Beach!

  2. It all sounds great to me, regardless of a little rain.

    Oooh, "The Shining" still gives me nightmares, I don't think I would read it on vacation.



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