Thursday, August 29, 2013

A gazillion thanks

Thank youToday was my 51st birthday, and I can’t begin to thank my family and friends enough for all the kind words and good wishes. I had a low-key day, which was probably a good thing after last night’s Dropkick Murphys concert! (Pictures and more info coming soon...I just didn’t have it in me to mess with it today!)

I got some great cards, a couple of phone calls, and Ken gave me a super cool book about Johnny Cash, and a Johnny CD with a couple of previously-unreleased tracks. I also got a package from Bill and Libby in Las Vegas: a nice card and a cool black Route 66/Las Vegas t-shirt! What a nice thing for them to do! I even got a present from Sheeba: a dead mouse on the basement stairs. Awww! Best kitty!

We’re actually not doing anything tonight, and that is fine by me! I got my ya-yas out last night, and we’ve got a busy weekend ahead, with a comedy show Friday night, a tour of the State Theater with Drew on Sunday, and of course…

The Notre Dame football opener on Saturday! Woohoo! I’ll be picking up sandwiches and stuff tomorrow for tailgating, and I am super excited to cheer on the Irish! It’s going to be a hot and steamy day in the Stadium...thank goodness I bought that ND tank top a while back, because even a t-shirt will be hot that day!

Thanks again, you guys. All the nice comments really made my day special, and it meant a lot to me. I’ve known many of my online friends for quite a few years, and after getting to know you over a period of time, I’ve even met many of you and look forward to more meetings in the future! I don’t automatically takes a bit for that, but when that happens, it’s been a pleasure to meet you on our various travels. We’ve never had a bad experience, but after you’ve been friends online for a while, you really get to know people, at least in my opinion.

Anyway, cheers to you all!


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